The Sisters’ Tale – Chapter 2

Shivangi keeps souting baani baani. Sarvajeet and gayatri come to her and hug her. She asks them is baani ok. Where is she. Where are nimrit and jojo. They tell her that baani is alright. Shivangi says she wants to meet her. Gayatri says she can’t meet her now. Shivangi asks is she ok. Sarvajeet tells her that baani is ok but we are in US. Shivangi asks what? They tell her everything. Shivangi is shocked. Doctor comes and tells them that shivangi is perfectly allright. They can take her to india.

Agam flirts with nimrit. Baani and jojo come there and say they will sleep here. Nimrit asks them to come. Baani and jojo sleep between them.

Tej is seeing shivangi’s photo and says come back shivangi. Yeh raatein ab nahi dhadakti…..tere bin nahi laage jiya plays……

Shivangi is in flight with sarvajeet, gayatri and their daughter. She sees family’s photos in mobile and sees tej’s photo and says i am coming back tej ji. They simultaneously remember their old moments and cry.

Its morning. Nimrit makes Baani and jojo ready for school. They say they do not want to go. They want to spend time with agam. Nimrit sends them and asks agam to come and see the dhaba. Agam remembers the old moments and says come.

Tomorrow- Amrit and yug come to Mallik Mansion

Credit to: Dia

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