The Serial 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Serial 21st February 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 21st February 2013 Written Update

The episodes starts continuing yesterday’s episode revealing that the dead body found isn’t of raj and all leave a huge sigh of relief. vikrant comes out and informs the rest the same. vikrant and sara console pooja and vrikant asks sara to take pooja home but she denies it stating that raj is still missing and she won’t go home unless and until raj is found. after a lot of consoling she agrees and heads home. vikrant informs everyone that he has to head to the police station as he had been called and promises to inform karan too. after pooja and sara leaves he consoles billu and sends him and rohan home too.

rohan is then shown shopping with his mom where he seems lost and out of place. on being asked, he informs his mom about raj. she consoles him and says him that life has to move on and assures him that raj will be back. she then shows him the clothes she has chosen and states that he will anyway not wear them since he has grown old. the back ground commenter hear states that yes he is growing old but nothing great is happening. its just a change in the numbers.

here poja is still trying to prove her point that they should have informed raj before hand itself. at this sara states that whatever happened, happened fr good. and that if it had been said earlier, pooja would have been blamed for raj’s breakup. and that she didn’t dislike raj. yes she was wrong at some points. she has said and heard many things about everybody, and that she has no one in her life to share her feelings with except pooja. she states that she feels that you can loose anything at any moment in your life and nothing is permanent. on being asked by pooja, sara confesses paras’s and her relationship with him to pooja. pooja consoles her.

rohan is found searching for an add location where he meets paras who is shooting for a reality show. rohan asks can he too audition. paras says him that he is a bit young and must wait for 2 – 3 years. he den adds dat he has to anyway win this shw as he has to prove someone.

rohan misses ayesha and tries to talk to her. he apologies and tels her that he is comfortable only with her. ayesha simply declines his apologies and walks away. he later calls her his best friend. he is found confronting his own feelings and says he is sorry.

a flashback is shown of pooja and raj at a badminton stadium and they are shown having a talk on age, love and raj’s love story. pooja wakes from this flashback on vikrant’s call. he simply wants to talk with her and says her that he never knew how attached pooja was with raj. he reminds her that it is always effortless to share your feelings with a stranger. she opens up that she knew about this and she should have said raj about it. he aszks her not to blame herself and have faith that raj will be found sooner or later. she thanks him for the conversation and he says that heis always available for such conversations 24*7.

karan is shown rewinding his and raj’s conversation in his v.v. and his phne beeps a call from raj’s friend (am sorry, don’t know her name) and she states that raj has been found.



Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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