The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 8 – Her new style!

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Previously on The Reason Of My Life…

Sanchi stood up and walked to him taking slow steps. She stopped right in front of him. “If you put it that way Dr. Malhotra, yes. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. ??? I will snatch this hospital from you and you will be left with nothing! But don’t worry!! The bars in the jail is waving at you ???. You’ll soon get a boarding pass for there ???.”

Veer stood there shocked at the way she was behaving. But on the other hand Dr. Malhotra wasn’t quiet. He yelled at her. “YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THAT? ??? YOU’RE JUST AN INTERN!! OK THEN LET’S SEE HOW YOU DO ALL THAT, SANCHI MISHRA!!” ???

Sanchi laughed loudly??? and kept a finger over her lips. “Sshhh Dr. Malhotra… lower your voice! this is a hospital!!” She whispered quietly as if he’s an idiot ???. She didn’t stop there and continued with a playful smirk. “Besides, I’m not just the intern now. I’m the Dean of Savitri Devi College and Hospital… ??? Dr. Sanchi Mishra Kapoor…!”


Kabir came back from his conference in Switzerland. He was pleasantly welcomed by his mother, as usual and a cheerful Sanchi. When he asked her about the reason behind her cheerfulness, she replied that she went back to the hospital.

“What did our dean do when he saw you there?” He asked over dinner.

She grinned remembering Malhotra’s reaction ???. “Dean huh? ??? What do you think?”

Her expression tells him that she definitely did something to make Dr. Malhotra angry. But he’s unable to fathom what exactly is that.

Next morning, when he came down for breakfast, his mother informed him that Sanchi went early today. He sat for breakfast thinking why she went without even saying anything.

“Maa, what did you add to food today?”

“Why? Is it bad?” Kusum came alarmed ???.

“No… food is very tasty. But something’s different ???. What did you do?”

“Nothing. ??? Today Sanchi made breakfast ???”

“Sanchi? But she went early today right?”

“Yeah. Before she went. I told her Malthi and I’ll manage but she insisted.”

“Hmm… ??? wonder how early did she wake up today to do all this and go before me ???.”

Kusum suddenly got excited. “Go now beta, there’s a surprise awaiting for you!!”

“A surprise? What surprise?”

“Oh ho baba! Go and see na!” She didn’t stop till he get in to his car.

**Kamaal hai ??? today maa was very happy to send me to hospital…**

When he reached the hospital, the first thing he did was to go to Malhotra’s cabin. He had to tell him about the conference. The cleaning crew was cleaning the cabin when he entered. It surprised him that everything inside was cleared. **Seems like Dr. Malhotra changed his cabin. ???**

He called a peon coming out. “Where’s the dean’s new cabin?”

“There’s no cabin Dr. Kabir. New dean’s desk is over there ???”

The peon’s words confused him. **New dean? Since when?** He walked to where he was pointed and saw a girl standing there talking with a nurse. He went closer and waited expecting Dr. Malhotra to come. In his wait, his eyes landed on the nameplate on the desk.

(Made it for fun but didnt turn out the way I wanted ???)

“Sanchi?” He said out aloud in shock. The girl who was talking with a nurse turned around hearing him. “Dr. Kabir… good morning ???!” She greeted with a smile.

(Couldn’t fine one matches to the description)

He stood there stunned unable to believe what he’s seeing. There she was standing in front of him wearing a saree with sindoor on her forehead, mangalsutra adorning her neck, red bangles on her hands which she was holding her doctors coat. She looked completely different. Everything about her tells that she’s a girl who got married recently.

Many emotions were running inside his head. He don’t know what he should feel seeing her like this. Earlier when she was just wearing what she used to, it was fine. But now she looks like his wife.

He broke his silence coming out of his trance. “What’s this?”

“I’m the new dean ???” she started to tell him about how she became dean but was abruptly cut off.

“Yeah that’s great. I’m happy for you. That’s not what I asked. Why are you dressed like this?”

She looked down at herself and smiled. “Changed my style”

“What’s the need to do all this? This mangalsutra and sindoor?”

She didn’t how to answer him. The morning she was dressing to come to the hospital after her long leave, her eyes came across these resting on a side of her dressing table. She wore them yes but she doesn’t know how to answer his question. To both of them it’s not a normal marriage. Non of them take it as real. Then why did she?

His next words washed her with some unknown anger. “You don’t have to do all these. Just remove it and stay as normal”

“You’re not the one wearing these are you? Just mind your own business!!” She snapped and went towards the general ward leaving him there. **I thought he’d like this change! ??? but no! He has to ruin my mood! Yaar… how happy I was to tell him about how Malhotra reacted that day. ???** She didn’t even realize that deep in her heart, she was hoping he’d be happy with her change.

**What did I say to make her angry? ??? I just told her what’s better. There’s no need to do all these drama** he went to call his mother.

……….on call……….

“How was your surprise? ???” Kusum’s happy voice came through the line.

“What was the need to tell her to do all this? Yeh sindoor, mangalsutra aur sub?” He sounded annoyed.

“Arre chup kar meri baap! I didn’t tell her to do anything! She did all that on her own free will. The day she first decided to go back to the hospital, she came all dressed like that. I almost dropped my pooja thaali because of the shock!”

“Hmm… if you didn’t tell her to, then why she’s doing all this drama? ???”

“Look Golu, she did it coz she’s trying to give a chance to your marriage. Can’t you see it?”

“No maa, there’s nothing like that. Please don’t get any hopes. You know how-“

“Yes I know. But if she’s giving you guys a chance, you should too”

He got lost in his thoughts after ending the call. **maa loves her daughter in law too much. It’ll be hard for her when Sanchi leave**

Later that day, Sanchi came by his cabin to drop off some files. She just gave him a fake smile as if she hadn’t been angry with him at all. It annoyed him.

“??? Stop twisting your face in weird ways. I know you’re still upset with me. Don’t give me those fake smiles you give others.” He said in his typical khadoos way. Sanchi dropped her fake smile immediately. “Now you and your new style… do whatever you want I don’t care”

Sanchi grinned. “??? you could’ve say that earlier too na!”

He rolled her eyes at her ???. “I had a nice convo with Dr. Malhotra about you” his mood suddenly turned playful ???. She took a seat in from of him leaning forward to listen to him eagerly. He started his talk playing with the pen on his hand.


“KABIR..!! Do you have any idea what this girl had done? She took my position as the Dean of this hospital! How dare she!! ???” Anand Malhotra yelled at poor Kabir.

“Now it seems like you’re on her side too! You can’t possibly tell me you knew nothing about any of this!! ???”

“I really didn’t know anything sir. I was surprised myself when I knew Sanchi’s the new Dean” Kabir spoke calmly trying not to laugh at the hilarious expression Dr. Malhotra was giving. He looked like his head will catch on fire next second ???.

He looked suspicious. “How could you not know? She’s your wife for God’s sake!”

“She knows I would never go against you sir. She’ll never tell me anything” Kabir shrugged innocently.

Dr. Malhotra got in to thinking ???. “I’m proud of you my son!” He patted Kabir on his back. “You have shown me the true meaning of loyalty. Just like you always took my side, do me one more favour?”

Kabir didn’t like the way he was buttering him. He know that this guy is up to no good. “What sir?” He asked cautiously.

“Find whatever Sanchi’s planning and tell me?”

“I’ll try sir, but I can’t promise. That girl can be very secretive” he tried to get away from making any promises.

“Fine. But don’t forget what I have done for you. You won’t be here if it wasn’t for me!” Malhotra warned before Kabir leave. “And try to control your wife. Don’t give her freedom to go against you!”

Closing the door to Dr. Malhotra’s new cabin, Kabir glared at his door ???. Mind you, he would’ve glared at him directly, but then he’ll get suspicious on him. So the door is enough ???. **What does he expect me to do? Put her in a cage and keep her as a pet bird ???? She’ll do what’s right and she’ll get justice for her parents. And I won’t do anything to stop her from doing that**

……….end of flashback……….


“Stop laughing Sanchi”

“??? can’t help it! ??? it’s funny ??? he complained to you like ??? a principle complain about a student to their parents ???”

He too couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “???”

After few minutes both controlled their fit of laughter to talk about the situation at hand.

“So… are you going to control your wife now?” Sanchi asked first.

“Wife? What wife?” He asked her dumbly. “Oh! You. Sorry I forgot” he ran his hand over his neck a bit uncomfortable.

Sanchi’s face turned expressionless at his comment. **So he forgets I’m his wife huh?**

“You know I don’t interfere with your work Sanchi… you can do whatever you want” he continued.

**Just say you don’t care whatever the hell I do ??? (She mentally slapped herself) What on earth is wrong with me? Why I’m miffed with every word he’s saying?**

“Sanchi? Sanchi, are you listening?”

His voice brought her back to the reality.

“Yeah Kabir I get it.” She saw him stating at her. “Why are you looking at me like that? ???”

“You called me Kabir”

“Isn’t that’s what I always call you?”

“No. Not like that. Just Kabir.”

She started to panic. “??? I-I’m sorry I didn’t notice sir. I’ll make sure I won’t call you like that again!!”

He laughed at her antics ???. “It’s alright. You can call me Kabir. It’s not that much of a big deal. But not on duty till your internship is finished. After that no problem.” he said with shrug.

**If it’s not a big deal, what was the need to point it out? Khadoos! ???**

“So… as I was saying, I won’t stop you from doing anything against Dr. Malhotra, unless it would get you in trouble. And I can’t help you against him openly. Neither can I do anything against him at all. But I’ll promise you one thing, I won’t come in your way”

“Thats enough for me sir… um… Kabir… no we’re still on duty! Dr. Kabir!”

She took her leave and wondered her way back to her desk. **You don’t have to help me. Your words are enough for me sir… Kabir… why does it suddenly feel so different to say his name? ??? maybe coz I always called him sir!! Silly me!!** She shook her head smiling to herself ???.

“Madhu, look na how happy she is!!”

“Haa Bala, she came out from Dr. Kabir’s cabin. Now she’s smiling to herself. Something’s fishy ???”

“Let’s go and tell Riya!!”

Both Madhu and Bala who were spying on Sanchi, ran to find their beloved queen Riya ???.

“Just shut up alright!!” Riya snapped at her two friends. “There’s nothing between Sanchi and my Kabir!!”

“We told you what we saw Riya.”

“Yeah! Believe it or not, it’s your task but I think there’s some truth about what everyone’s talking. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi went on hon-


“But Riya we-


It’s a good thing they were outside the hospital. Otherwise patients will get more ill hearing Riya’s screams.

……….Staff lounge in SDCH……….

Cafeteria is the place interns use to gossip and chill out in their free time. No other doctor, senior was seen there except interns. The senior doctors have a place called “The Staff Lounge aka TSL”. It is a comfortably designed place for them to relax and gossip. They go there on their break time.

Kabir was there reading a medical journal when Dr. Saxena joined him.

“Hey Kabir! Haw was the conference?”

“It went fine…” blah blah blah they talk about the conference.

Dr. Awasti joined them in the middle. “Hello Kabir! What a surprise? We don’t see you here often”

“I came after more than a week na sir. It’s a bit tiring today”

“Hahaha of course! After all you mist be sad that your honeymoon trip got over!”

Kabir choked on the orange juice ??? he was drinking. “Honeymoon trip?”

“Isn’t that’s why you two took leave?”

“Yeah everyone know you and Sanchi went for your honeymoon no need to hide.”

“Sir, her leg was broken”

“Oh please Kabir… don’t lie to us. Tell that to someone else. You just used that excuse coz Sanchi’s an intern right? Otherwise she won’t get leave easily! ???”

**Did this duo lost their minds? I should ask them to take an appointment with a neurologist. No wait, I’m a neurologist! I should send them to a mental asylum!!**

“You two went Darjeeling right? Nice place. I have fans there with my wife. Love is in the air ???”

Dr. Awasti looked thoughtful ???. “You know what son? Married life suits you”

“You’re right Dr. Awasti, he looks happier than usual ???”

“Doctors, I’m how I used to be. Nothing have changed. Now if you don’t mind, my break time is over and I’m going back.” Kabir stood up to leave annoyed with the both of them.

“Haye haye!! Looks like our Kabir got a little shy ???” they teased him till he disappears from the door.

Kabir came out thinking ways to prove them mentally ill. “What’s with them? And who spread this rumour about honeymoon?” He went wandering. He was passing by a corridor when he heard his name being mentioned. He got curious like any of us would when we hear someone talking about us. So he listened what they’ll say. It was Pragya and Isha. They were talking about him and Sanchi.

“Yaar kasam se!! It was so entertaining to see that Veer’s face when he heard Sanchi went honeymoon with Dr. Kabir ???”

“Know right! ??? he looked like he’d smash the whole cafeteria!!”

It was all he needed to find who spread the rumour. His face twisted in extreme hurt.

Throughout the drive back home, Sanchi noticed Kabir was lost somewhere. When she asked him of she can come with him earlier, his face said he doesn’t like it. But kept quiet. **But why? I always went home with him. Why now?** She stole few glances from him thinking of ways to start a conversation but his troubled expression didn’t let her.

He went out of the car without a word. She followed him to his room. “You forgot your phone in the car”

He took it silently without even looking at her.

“Why are you upset?” She finally asked.

“I’m not”

“You are. I can see it”

He let out a somewhat sarcastic laugh. “You can see it? ??? now that’s surprising”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Without answering her, he went closer leaving 1 feet gap between them. His hand went to her neck and ran his fingers over her mangalsutra. Then he touched her hairline filled with sindoor, all the while she stood there confused at what he was doing.

Then he cupped her cheek looking in to her eyes. “Don’t use me to make Veer jealous…” in an instant he turned around and went inside the bathroom.

Sanchi went to her room like a zombie. Both his eyes and voice held sadness that went piercing her heart. **Am I really trying to make Veer jealous by doing all this?** Sitting on the floor leaning on her bed, she thought for hours. **No… now I don’t have anything to do with Veer. True I loved him but he lost it all when he decided to cheat me. If not Veer then Kabir is not my theory!! ??? I’m not trying to settle with Kabir now that I’m married to him. I have hurt him a lot despite being married to him. Even then he helped me a lot. Now I just want to repay him by being a dutiful wife. Till the day we walk away from each other’s lives, I will be Sanchi Mishra Kapoor and I would never let any insult come to this house because of me or any other thing!!**


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