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hii everyone!! I am here with one more os from the painting track… Mostly after Vansh burnt Riddhima’s belonging

(Vansh burnt Riddhima’s stuff)

Vansh was holding Riddhima while she was crying and pushing him to save her stuff but it was late. Everything was burnt.

“Why!?” Riddhima screamed in pain.

“Why? You deserve this. You burnt my mother’s painting! My every single memory was realted to it! And you destroyed it!” Vansh shouted.

Riddhima stood up from her place and holds him by his collar pulling him.

“It was a mistake. And you have many memories right? Isn’t this whole house a memory of you and your mother? Isn’t your family your biggest support when you were alone? Say? Say something! But whom did I have? I had no one with me! No one! Since I was born I was totally alone. I got Sejal as god’s grace. The only memory I had with her. YOU BURNT THEM!!! Didn’t Dadi console you when you were sad? But when I cry, who is there to stand for me? No one! Not even you!”
Riddhima stopped in between because of coughing. Her voice was enough to tell how badly she was hurt. Vansh was standing numb realising what he did.

“These pictures were my family, my only memories of my home. You burnt them. And I very well know you will never let me go out of this golden cage.” Riddhima finished sipping water and left the room.
Vansh was standing at the same position. Riddhima’s words were ringing in his mind.
“I had no one with me”
“Not even you”

Vansh took the glass and it reached the floor in thousand pieces. He destroyed the whole room and left from there too.

Riddhima was sitting on the dining table stirring her soup in circles when she heard Anupriya’s voice.

“You know that Riddhima is a fool. She still didn’t tell Vansh that I was the one who burnt the painting. Infact, Vansh burnt all her stuff and her hand too.” Anupriya was telling someone happily while Riddhima looked at her hand, it was totally burnt and red. She didn’t even put anything in it. To listen further, she peeked from behind.

“Oh Kabir, that Riddhima really thinks you love her. That stupid pawn of ours. As our work is done we will tell it to Vansh and she will not even take your name for the namesake love and die.” Anupriya giggled while Riddhima was left in tears. She was not able to believe that Kabir, her love, has cheated her so bad. She is stuck in a trap.

All of a sudden, a pain arises in her burnt hand and Riddhima moved to see Ishani pressing the burnt area due to which blood was coming out. She pulled her in the hall where Vansh was sitting and pushed her. But before she could fall, two strong arms catched her, it was Vansh.

“What the hell Ishani!” Vansh scolded her.
“Not this time Bhai, she was hearing mom’s talk while hiding.” Ishani blurted out out.
Vansh was staring at Riddhima who was busy blowing her hands which were full of blood now.
“Not just the hand bhai, she needs to be burnt fully” Ishani said in over confidence.
“Ishani!!!!” Vansh’s raging voice was enough to make her shiver top to toe. He pulled Riddhima with him to the room while she tried to stop him. The family was very horrified thinking what is happening in there.

Vansh was cleaning the blood dripping from her hand while she was blankly watching the blood. Vansh applied the ointment on which she backed off her hand but was still expressionless.

“You don’t need to do. Give that gun you gave me on our first night. I want to kill myself.” Riddhima finished with tears in the corner of her eyes.

” This means you are here to betray me.” Vansh asked.

Riddhima chuckled sarcastically.
” I am myself betrayed.” She replied and took the gun.
Taking the gun in her shaking hands, she went out of the Mansion.

” Whatsoever happened. I am betrayed and a betrayal. I was sent here by my love to spy Vansh. And I know today that Vansh is innocent and my love is a cheater. I am just his pawn. His name is Kabir. And her mother has a big role in it. She is Anupriya. I know anyone will not believe me. So to make you all believe, I am killing myself.”

Vansh went to Riddhima but it was late, she shot herself. She was lying on the floor in her own blood pool. Eyes half open, she wanted to see the whole world. Which she couldn’t.

Since Vansh had no affection to her, he was just blank. What happened in these days was a shocker for him. He punished Kabir and Anupriya for their sins, moving ahead in his life…… Burning the painting of HIS loved ones, he burnt the painting of Riddhima…. And kept Riddhima’s ashes next to Uma’s. Playing the piano every night…

Hope you all liked it and I reached the expectation. Well I preferred this from starting but if this happened on the show it would have ended or plot would have been destroyed.ย 
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