The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 28

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Vyom raised Sharanya in his arms and took her to her room.

Everyone goes to the room behind them.Maharaj Giriraj asked Samadhi to call the doctor.

After some time,

A doctor came and examined her.

Doctor: There is nothing to worry about. Everything is under control.

Karan: But why did Sharanya faint?

Doctor: I didn’t get that reason either.

Maharani Mainka: It’s fine, Doctor. Sharanya is safe and sound, that is enough.

Samridh: I think she’s tried today. Since morning, she has been helping us in the celebration.

Doctor: Then, I prescribe a medicine. You can give it to her.

Queen Unnati: Okay, Doctor.

Udayveer: Come doctor, I will drop you.

Vyom sits anxiously with Sharanya.

Maharani Mainka: I think we should let Sharanya rest here. We all must leave.

Everyone left, except Sharanya’s friends and Vyom. After everyone is gone, Rahul also tells Vyom to leave. But Vyom didn’t pay any attention to his words. This angered Karan, he grabbed Vyom’s hand and drove him away from Sharanya.

Vyom (shocked): What is all this? What are you doing?

Rahul: Oh really? We should ask you, what is all this? What have you done to Sharanya?


Vyom: I don’t get anything. Why do all of you always blame me for hurting Princess? I can’t even imagine hurting the Princess. She is my love. She is my Princess.


Karan: Stop this all nonsense. By addressing someone as a Princess, you can’t prove your love. And what kind of love is it, in which you, yourself kill your beloved wife on such a petty thing?

Vyom: What?


Rahul: Oh, now don’t say that you don’t remember your previous birth.

Vyom: Yes, I remember my previous birth but I didn’t hurt Sharanya, it was an accident.

Rahul grabs Vyom with his collar.

Rahul (shouting): Stop making more stories. Tell me why you kill Sharanya? Why do you want Sharanya back in your life, when you don’t know her worth? Tell me?

Meera and Aadhya try to stop Rahul but in vain.

Suddenly someone shouts ‘STOP’.

Everyone turns towards door. Kulguru was standing there.

Vyom: Kulguru, what they are talking about? Why did I try to kill Princess? And why would I?

Aadhya: Kulguru? I’ve heard a lot about you. In this Devgarh, everyone respects him a lot.


Meera: He knows everything about the Royal Family’s past, including reincarnation.

Karan: All this has no meaning. He is only Prist of the Royal Family.

Vyom: Tell Kulguru, what is the reason behind speaking such things to me?

Kulguru: I know everything, Prince. There is very big confusion.

Rahul: Confusion? What kind of confusion?

But before Kulguru can say anything, Sharanya get conscious and shouts ‘IRAVATI’……

Everyone rushes to her. Vyom and Karan try to pacify Sharanya. Aadhya give her glass of water, but she didn’t take it. Karan tries to hold Sharanya’s shoulders, but she jerks his hands and suprisingly, hugs Vyom tightly.



Her friends get shocked.

Sharanya (shocked and frightened): Iravati is no more… Kuwar saa.. Iravati is no more…. It is all because of me….



Vyom (tries to pacify her): No, Princess. It was not your fault. Relax Princess, relax….

Rahul (confused): What is happening here? I didn’t get anything.

Karan: But now, I come to know everything. All this is Vyom’s plan. He has cast some magic on our Sharanya, perhaps with the help of this Kulguru.

Meera: No Karan, it can’t be like this. You can’t blame anyone.

Samridh (enters the room): And especially on Kulguru. He is the most respected person here. For us he is like our family member. For centuries, his ancestors have been guiding our family.

Sharanya after hearing the conversation come into her sense and move away from Vyom.
Sharanya grabs Karan’s hand, who is standing near her.

Sharanya: What is happening here?

Rahul: Are you alright?

Sharanya nodded yes.

Rahul: You was taking the name of Iravati and saying that she is no more because of you.

Vyom: Samridh, why did you came here.

Kulguru: Is anyone out?

Samridh: No, there is no one.

Kulguru gestures to Vyom and Vyom closes the door.

Aadhya: But now, the important thing is, who is Iravati? What happened to her? And did Sharanya know Iravati? All of us have never heard such name in our lifetime.

Kulguru: I know you all are from city and not all of you believe in reincarnation, but all these things are true.

Karan: But when Sharanya was discussing her previous birth with me, she didn’t mention the name Iravati.

The door of the room opened slightly and a shadow is shown, listening to the conversation.

Kulguru: There is big confusion here. Karan is talking about Vyom and Sharanya’s previous birth but Iravati was present during their first birth. Sharanya remembers her previous birth but Vyom remembers their first birth, not their previous birth.

Everyone is shocked to hear that.


  1. Shesha485

    The episode is so mysterious and interesting. Really you’re superb at keeping up the pace of being kept the story mysterious. After seeing Iravati’s shadow, she fell down it seems. So, the culprit is not Vyom as per this episode. Karan’s part was literally relatable. Kulguru’s revelations are shocking. I could understand that Vyom and Sharanya reborn everytime (I don’t know the exact term but they would say that the couple desire to united for 14 janams, it seems something like that) So Sharanya remebered her previous birth at 17th century after touching Vyom at that night. But Vyom remembers his first birth which might have happened in 15-16th century or even long ago, (Am I right, @Swati mann?) In their first birth, Sharanya was died by accident!!!
    But now the confusion is all about Iravati. Sharanya remembers her previous birth only but how could she remember Iravati of first birth? How could Vyom remember his first birth but not past birth ? (Is it because of Kulguru?) Why is there no symptoms that VYOM could remember Iravati? Who is Vyom’s bro in previous birth? Is he really born in this time? And especially the last dialogue is confusing – “Sharanya remembers her previous birth but Vyom remembers their first birth, not their previous birth.”
    So the story is all about First birth, Previous Birth and this one of Vyom-Sharanya . Anything this episode made me speechless. Overall, you’re a mysteriously outstanding writer.

    1. Thank you very much, Shesha 😄. Your comment made my day. I am really glad that you are still enjoying my story and commenting on it. I know you have many questions but gradually as the story progresses you will get all your answers. You are right that Vyom and Sharanya are reborn again and again. Vyom remembers all the characters from his first birth including Iravati.

    2. Shesha485

      Ok @Swati Mann

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