THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 9 (birthday suprise and unknown feelings..)

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It’s night 11 pm..

Prerna is sleeping peacefully on her bed and she enters into the dream world..

She dreams as Anurag as her boyfriend and both are dancing romantically..

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Na dhoop chune na chhaaon

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Kisi thor tike na paaon 

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Na dhoop chune na chhaaon

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Kisi thor tike na paaon 

Ban liya apna paigambar

Tar liya tu saat samandar

Phir bhi sookha mann ke andar

Kyun reh gaya

Re kabira maan jaa

Re fakeera maan jaa

Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan

Re kabira maan ja

Re fakeera maan ja

Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya

Tooti chaarpaai wohi

Thandi purvaai rasta dekhe

Doodhon ki malaai wohi

Mitti ki suraahi rasta dekhe

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Lab namak rame na misri

Kaisi teri khudgarzi

Tujhe preet purani bisri

Mast maula, mast kalander

Tu hawa ka ek bavandar

Bujh ke yun andar hi andar

Kyun reh gaya

Re kabira maan jaa

Re fakeera maan jaa

Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan

Re kabira maan ja

Re faqeera maan ja

Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya

Even Anurag dreams romancing and dancing with prerna in his sleep..

Suddenly a thunder sound is heard scaring Prerna and waking Anurag and both of them feels awkward about the dream..

Prerna in mind:ohh goshh.. what kind of dream is this?how can i dream romancing Anurag sir?

Anurag in mind: arrey hey bhagwanji..are you testing my heart as i promised my mother that i will marry any of her choice? That are making my student to romance me.. isn’t it so over for you?

Both of them gets up and goes to the balcony and stares the beautiful stars sparkling and they feel the cool rainy breeze..

Prerna in beautiful sky..tell me why do i lose sense whenever i slip on Anurag sir and why did I dream him now?

Anurag in sparkling stars..tell me why do i get flattered seeing prerna whenever she comes close to me? And why did I dream of romancing with her?

Suddenly Anurag and prerna’s soul appears before them in their respective houses..

Anurag’s soul: because you love me Prerna..

Prerna’s soul: because you love me Anurag..

The two souls gets disappeared while Prerna and Anurag gets suprised.. this called love? this feeling means a love?

They both gets reminded of their moments and smiles..

Prerna in mind:yes..iam in love with Anurag sir. His care..his heroic eyes..his help have attacked my heart with the feeling called love.

Anurag in mind: yeah..iam in love with prerna. Her beautiful eyes..her respect towards me..her slip have attracted my heart towards her.Woohoo iam in love..this feeling is so nice..

Prerna in mind:i do think why people say though the films are unrealistic but the feelings will be i understand why. The feeling of love is indeed making a people mad in happiness..

Prerna thinks about Anurag and gets shy and she jumps on the bed and cuddles with her bedsheet while Anurag jumps on the bed happily and both of them dreams their respective love..

Prerna in mind:i don’t what you feel..sir.. sorry Anurag..but i love you. I will only propose you if you love me. I hope you too fall in love with me..

Anurag in mind: i..i don’t know what you feel about me Prerna..but i will propose you only if you have feelings for me. I hope you too feel the same as what i feel for you..

They get sad fearing whether their partner’s won’t reciprocate their love as they are unaware of each other’s feelings..

Anurag in mind:hey bhagwanji..before sometime i asked why you give these dreams..but now iam asking if iam in love then why are you giving fears? please don’t break my heart..make her fall for me too. I can’t wait for my whole life for please make her mine.

Prerna in mind:iam scared whether he won’t love me back.. but please don’t that krishnaji. I hope you will make him fall for me too..

They both sleep thinking about each other..


it’s 11:59 pm.. midnight..

Naksh akshara Niel naitik Karishma and Naman are waiting outside naira’s room..

Naksh: everyone ready na?


Suddenly the clock strikes 12 and the they all enter naira’s room shouting..

Everyone:happy birthday naira… happy birthday to our beloved girl..

Naira who was lying wakes up and gets suprised and smiles..


Naksh:what do you think about us? Will we let your birthday dull? No..never..

Niel: though iam busy in works..but will never forget you because you are my monkey..


Naira chases him while Niel runs and everyone smiles and enjoys the moment with naira..

The next morning naira wears a beautiful dress and she gets ready for her college and goes down while everyone gives her the gift..

Akshara gifted her a beautiful pendant..’s so beautiful muma..thank you so much.

She hugs akshara..

And naitik gives a handbag..

Naira:thank you so much papa..

Karishma gives a bracelet..

Naira:so sweet of you chachi..thank you so much.

Naman gives a keychain..

Naira:so cute..thank you chachu..

Niel gives her a monkey doll while naira frowns and Niel laughs..

Naira:i would have been happy if you have given nothing bhai..i hate you. monkey please calm down. It’s Just for fun as the birthday won’t be nice without any funs. Now let me give your gift..

He takes a beautiful anklet and gives her..

Niel:i know you love anklets very much..that’s why i brought this for you..

Naira gets happy and hugs him and kisses him..

Naira:soo..sweeet of you bhai..thank you so much.

Then naksh comes to her and..

Naksh:do you know what gift i brought for you?

Naira:gift is always a suprise then how will i know it bhai?

Everyone laughs while naksh frowns..

Naksh:iam talking with my whole heart..but you are making fun?

Naksh turns his face away while naira punches his cheeks cutely and holds her ears..

Naira:iam sorry.. sorry bhai..just kidding..

Naksh smiles..

Naksh:it’s i will show my gift.

Naksh brings Keerthi to naira and..

Naksh:she is my…my bestie Keerthi.

Naira gets suprised..

Naira:how did bhai suddenly befriended a girl? He used to run away from girls na?

Naksh gets embarrassed and everyone laughs..

Akshara:that’s why he is showing her as gift..

Naira:hi..Keerthi di.

Keerthi:hello naira..

Naira:by the way..iam your bestie’s sister naira.

Keerthi:iam your brother’s friend Keerthi.

They both shake hands and..

Naira:then i will consider you as my sister..ok di?

Keerthi:yeah..i will also consider as you my sister.

They both smile and hug..

Keerthi: by the way.. happy birthday to you.

Naira:thank you so much di.

Naksh:you know..the main reason for introducing Keerthi..she is expert in baking cake and she baked a special cake on my behalf for your birthday naira..

Naira: really?

Keerthi brings the cake and places on the table..

Keerthi:you cut it and feed others and tell me how is it..

Naira:thank you so much di..

Keerthi smiles and..

Keerthi: anything for my sister..

They all smile and naira cuts the cake and feeds everyone and suddenly two persons enter..

Arjun: happy birthday naira…

Prerna: happy birthday naira..we are sorry for late..

Everyone gets confused seeing prerna while naira gets suprised..

Naira:Prerna..Arjun bhiyya..

Arjun: arrey..why are everyone staring like this? actually she is Prerna.. naira’s friend and my sister. It’s a coincidence that my sister and my friend’s sister became classmates and friends too..

Everyone gets suprised while Keerthi gets shocked seeing Arjun and gets reminded of how maya ignored Arjun while coming and told the reason..

Keerthi in mind:he is the guy whom maya loved and left due to his love for another girl and we met him while coming..

Akshara:thats so amazing.. please both of them come and join. cool that my sister and my friend’s sister are friends now..

Arjun:then i can come in the name of Prerna too to disturb naksh..

Everyone laughs including Keerthi while naksh frowns..

Naksh:by the way..iam not a birthday man can you all focus on naira?

Arjun and Prerna gifts her and naira feeds them cake and they all enjoy..


Naira:ok..thanks to all for making this day special. And now i and Prerna are leaving for college..

Akshara:ok beta..take care. And by the way..Prerna beta come to our house again one day..

Prerna:sure aunty ji.

Prerna and naira leaves for the college and..

Keerthi:ok..iam also going. Bye aunty..bye naksh..

Naksh:what? Why so soon?

Everyone glares naksh including Keerthi while naksh gets embarrassed..

Naksh:hey..i just told for fun..why are you all looking at me like this?

Everyone laughs and Keerthi leaves while Arjun teases naksh..

Arjun:seems that there is some other meaning in your friendship.. what’s that duggu? are right. He is in love with her..’s so miracle. I never thought a guy who runs away from girls will fall in love..

Naksh:stop pulling my legs Arjun orelse i will tease you when you fall in love.

Arjun under breath:iam already in love only..


Arjun: nothing..iam leaving bye. I will you at krishna in evening.

Naksh:ok..bye man..

Arjun too leaves while Prerna and naira reaches college and suddenly naira notices kartik and nudges Prerna..

Prerna: what happened?

Naira:you go to class..i will meet kartik and come.

Prerna sees kartik standing and..


Prerna goes while naira walks towards kartik who was standing facing opposite side and suddenly he turns and gets mesmerized seeing naira and holds his heart.. she is so beautiful..

Naira smiles seeing his reaction and comes to him..

Naira:hi kartik..

Kartik:hi beautiful you look gorgeous that even my heart sttted paining due to your beauty.

Naira:waah..what a dialogue mr.kartik..anyways today is my birthday that’s why..

Kartik:ohh..that’s sweet.. happy birthday..

Naira:thank you..

Kartik:as a birthday girl..what did you bring for me?

Naira makes a face..

Naira:iam a birthday why should i bring? You only have to give me the you don’t know today is my birthday so..i will give you time. But you should give me gift by tomorrow..

Kartik laughs..

Kartik: No one will be asking for a gift as the gift itself is a suprise but you are asking it openly..funny!.

Naira stares angrily and acts like punching while kartik gets scared..

Kartik:woah!! Seems like you are a boxer..

Naira:iam not a boxer but iam expert in punching if someone irritates me..

Kartik holds his ears while naira laughs at his cute antics..

Kartik:sorry.. sorry..but don’t punch me..

Naira:ok..ok..iam leaving you. But will punch you if you dint bring me a gift..

Kartik:waah!!!what a blackmail..


Kartik giggles and..

Kartik: nothing..

Suddenly a group of girls runs and they hit naira and naira falls on kartik while kartik holds her and they meet with an intense eyelock..

Naira’s hair disturbs her face while kartik slowly pushes it off to her ears and naira feels nice and comfortable on kartik’s touch and she closes eyes in shyness..

Kartik too gets mesmerized seeing her very close and both of them smiles looking each other forgetting themselves..

Suddenly something falls making them realise the situation and they move away immediately adjusting themselves..

Naira:wo..woh..iam sorry..

Kartik:even iam sorry..

They feel something beautiful in their heart looking each other and they go away smiling..


Arjun reaches his office and he enters his cabin and suprised to see maya sitting there nd he goes near her..

Arjun:miss.maya..rai..i mean miss.maya..this is owner’s place do you know it?

Maya:and mr.arjun..if owner is irresponsible in his duty by coming late then who will handle it?

Arjun thinks..

Arjun:no one until i get a wife like you..

Maya:i can handle even now as i became miss.arjun..

Arjun smiles..

Arjun:wow..that means i can rest peacefully at home and come at any time as my maya is there to handle in my absence..

Maya gets up and pushes him towards the wall and she comes closer and holds his collar..

Maya:so my great genius Arjun thought to sleep nicely and come at any time?


Maya:fool..if i can handle your business then who will handle me? My heart won’t be satisfied till i see atself you are so late..idiot.

Arjun holds her waist and smiles..

Arjun:so you love me that much?

Maya:yes..more than myself..

Arjun:fine..i will come as usual for you..but for that i need something.

Maya:what you need?

Arjun smiles naughtily and..

Arjun: a kiss..


Arjun:hey..why are you making a face as if i asked you to cook biriyani?I just asked for a kiss..

Maya gets shy and..

Maya:then close your eyes because iam so shy..

Arjun smiles and closes her eyes and she gives kiss on his forehead..

Arjun gets suprised and opens his eyes and makes a face..

Arjun:what is this? I thought you will give kiss on my lips..

Maya pushes him away and..

Maya:have some patience my dear..this is the kiss which i will give till our marriage and don’t expect too much orelse you will lose this opportunity too..

Arjun makes a puppy face..

Arjun:girls are always expert in blackmailing..i don’t know why god gave such thoughts to girls alone..

Maya:hey..shut up ok? Now don’t murmer..just go and do your works and i will go and do mine.

Arjun:you are so unromantic..i thought to spend time with you today but you are asking me to do works.

Maya:mr. Love guru.. this is office and not a park understood? So concentrate on your works..

Maya goes while Arjun smiles and does his work..


Manish and Akhilesh goes to the police station where teni have mentioned and they visit Niel..

Manish: inspector..

Niel looks at them and he gets up immediately..

Niel:yes sir..what do you want?

Akhilesh: actually we are from Teni’s house. And we came here to collect the information’s about mr.Ashwin who kidnapped our daughter and now..

Niel:ohh..that case.. actually sir..that rocky is so adamant that he is not opening the mouth even if i beat him severely. I can’t hurt him more as it’s against the law..

Manish and Akhilesh gets angry..

Manish:that scoundrel…

Akhilesh:sir..can you take us to him for a minute?


Niel takes them to the locked Rocky and rocky stares them and laughs..

Rocky:wow..iam so great na? My fans are even coming when iam in jail..iam so lucky..

Manish:hey just shut up you scoundrel..

Rocky:i know why you came here mr.manish and Akhilesh..

Manish and Akhilesh gets shocked..

Manish:how do you know us?

Rocky: won’t i know my lover’s family?

Akhilesh gets angry but couldn’t slap him as he is inside the jail..

Akshilesh:if you dare tell that you love my daughter then i wont spare mind your words.

Rocky laughs..

Rocky:me.Akhilesh..if i love teni then what will i call her? Anyways leave it..i guess you came to ask about mr.Ashwin..your special i right?

Manish: either show my daughter’s picture or reveal where that scoundrel Mr.Ashwin is living..

Rocky:why should i tell to you? He has paid i should obey him na even though i dint get succeed by kidnapping her? And by the way..i gave a chance that if i get teni then you will get your daughter back but she is not agreeing then what shall i do?

Akhilesh: are just a psycho..

Rocky:yes..iam a psycho.. everything is fair in love and war na?iam still giving you the chances..if you want your one lost daughter then hand me your other daughter to me..

Manish:you bastard!!! We will find Ashwin and our daughter ourselves but one thing for sure..we will not hand our daughter to you at any cost..

Manish and Akhilesh goes from there and..

Manish: inspector sir..we are leaving but if he tells any news about my daughter or if he reveals any information about Ashwin please do inform us..

Niel:it’s my duty don’t worry. If i get any information..I’ll inform you for sure.

Akhilesh:thanks..then we are leaving.

Manish and akhiles goes..


precap: naira’s sudden confession

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