THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 5 ( Bhaang’s effect)

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Prerna shouts:nairaaaa..

Prerna starts to cry and thus she too jumps in but she gets scared seeing the fire..

Prerna in mind:ohh bhagwanji.. please give me strength to go inside because i have to save my friend…

Prerna steps a bit inside but someone pulls her aside and in that force she falls on that person and he is her hero Anurag and both meets with an eyelock..

Anurag breaks the eyelock and he immediately gets up and shouts..

Anurag:are you mad? Do you think yourself as hero who jumps inside fire easily?

Prerna:sir..sir.. woh my friend naira got i thought to help her..

Anurag and kartik gets shocked while Anurag takes her out..

Anurag:wait.. we will call the fire brigade and police men for help..

But kartik immediately jumps inside the building shocking Anurag and Prerna..


Kartik:bhai.. don’t worry..i will go safe and bring that naira too safe..

Anurag:hey you idiot..see how fire is spreading..we will call fire brigade and also the police..they will come and save her safely. Now don’t put yourself also in danger..just come out.

Kartik:bhai..till they come how will she be safe? What if fire spreads more..sorry brother i can’t see someone in danger. I will go and bring just call police and inform them.

Kartik goes in while Prerna gets shocked and suprised hearing’bhai’ from kartik..

Prerna in mind:that.. that means Anurag sir is kartik’s brother.

Kartik goes in and searches for naira and suddenly he sees naira dancing near fire and shouts..


The fire was about to catch on her but he immediately runs and pulls her..

Kartik:are you mad or what? Who will dance near the fire?

Naira laughs and..

Naira:who won’t dance near fire camp? It’s you who is mad..

Kartik gets shocked at her talks..

Kartik in mind: what happened to her? Why is she talking like this?did she…ohh no.

Naira:you also dance with me na..

Kartik:no naira..we should get out from here first. You can dance outside..

Naira gets angry and makes a puppy face..

Naira:you are good for nothing idiot..i will dance myself then.

She again goes to dance but her leg slips and she was about to fall but kartik holds her closely and they meet with an eyelock..

Naira breaks the eyelock and she pushes kartik away and again walks but kartik holds her preventing her from walking further..

Kartik:listen.. this is not fire camp. This building is spreaded with come lets go out soon safely.

Naira gets shocked and again makes a puppy face..

Naira:you are a liar..why are you lying always?at morning too you was lying that your friends dint rag me but infact your friends ragged me. You are helping your friends by lying and putting blame on me…liar.

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik in mind:she.. she is telling it in intoxicated manner..did they really..

Naira shouts making him come out of thoughts..

Naira:tell me why did you lie and why are you lying now?

Kartik: leave that morning. But i swear..iam not lying now.

Naira makes a puppy face and..



Naira suddenly sits and makes kartik also sit and..

Naira:if i should believe you then i will stare your eyes and you shouldn’t blink. And if you blink then it means you are lying only.. understood?

Kartik:but.. now..

Naira shouts: otherwise..i won’t get up from this place idiot..

Kartik:fine..fine.. don’t get angry. You can look into my eyes..

Naira:then come close to me..

Kartik: what?

Naira:dint you hear? I told come close to me.. then only i can look into your eyes.

Kartik feels awkward but he goes close to her and naira too come close to him and looks into his eyes while kartik gets mesmerized and his heart beats faster as naira is close to him and he stares her without even a single blink..

Naira suddenly smiles..

Naira:you are are not lying. But lied..that alone i won’t accept.. don’t come fast..

Kartik takes naira with him and suddenly something falls and kartik immediately pulls naira and they both fall above each other..


Kartik:naira..are you alright?

Naira: paining..


Naira:near my mouth…

Kartik: wait i will check..

He slowly checks and sees a small wound and blood oozing out from it and gets shocked..

Kartik:there is a small scratch only..don’t worry. I will wipe off the blood now..

He wipes the blood…

Naira turns and looks him while kartik gets mesmerized looking her very close..

Suddenly the flame slightly hits kartik and he realises the situation breaking the closeness..

Kartik:ohh noo..the fire is getting spreaded more. We should leave immediately..

Naira:noo..i..i like this place..we will stay here na..

Kartik:this place is danger naira. It will take your come lets go.

Naira gets scared..

Naira:ohh my godd..then take me soon..

Kartik carefully takes naira while Prerna feels restless and prays to god..

Prerna:ohh lord.. please save naira.

Anurag:by the did she get inside?

Prerna recalls that naira behaving weird and..

Prerna: sir… actually..i..i think she got drunk. She behaves weirdly with me and jumped inside this building.

Anurag gets shocked..

Anurag:what? How did she got drunk? She was there with you only right from morning in college..

Prerna:yes..sir. even before we were leaving the college she was fine only.. suddenly..

Suddenly she remembers her drinking water and..

Prerna:but before we dispersed she drank water from her bottle and then only she behaved like that.

Anurag:dint she drink from her bottle before?

Prerna:no..she drank in class hours too but how did the water changed into wine suddenly at last hour?

Anurag:that’s the point. Someone have changed the water into wine..

Prerna gets confused..

Prerna:why they should do like that sir? She haven’t done anything to anyone.

Anurag:fools are fools only. Even though we are good then also they disturb us..i will find out who did it and soon i will punish the person.

Prerna:thank you sir..

Suddenly Prerna feels dizzy and holds her head..

Prerna in mind:ohh noo..i feel dizzy as i dint eat from morning.

Suddenly she faints but Anurag notices her and holds before she falls..


He finds her unconscious and he lifts her and looks her and gets mesmerized..

Suddenly he realises the situation and takes her immediately to a nearby bench and wakes her up by sprinkling water and she slowly opens her eyes..


Anurag:relax..kartik will bring naira out. Tell me dint you eat from morning? Did you skip the breakfast?

Prerna gets shocked and suprised as he found the reason..


Anurag:this is the routine for the students to trouble the college staffs by skipping breakfast and fainting…but thank god you dint faint in college.

Prerna gets embarrassed..

Anurag:wait..I’ll bring some snacks. You eat and go home orelse you will faint in middle atself again..

Anurag goes and buys some available food and gives to Prerna..


Anurag:shut up and eat miss.prerna Basu orelse i will take strict action.

Prerna eats staring Anurag..

After sometime kartik comes out holding naira and Anurag and Prerna rush to them..

Prerna:naira..naira..are you fine?

Naira laughs..

Naira:yes..i enjoyed inside but this stupid buddy scared me..and took me out orelse i would have enjoyed more.

Anurag and Prerna stare each other and..’s not safe to take her to home by yourself. So better call her parents and inform it.


Prerna informs naira’s parents and Naitik and naksh comes and ttakes naira with them..

Naitik:how did she got drunk sir?

Anurag: don’t know sir. But we will find out how she got drunk and who was behind it and will punish you don’t worry sir.

Naitik:ok sir..thank you so much.

They take her away while Prerna sees kartik fully with black smokes and with some wounds..

Prerna:hello.. actually thanks for saving my friend.

Kartik:it’s’s my duty to save a life.

Prerna gets impressed and..

Prerna in mind:he doesn’t seems bad..then how come he would ragged?

Anurag:you are fine right kartik?

Kartik:yeah.. only some wounds. Will bandage it in home..

Anurag:ok..come lets go.

Anurag and kartik goes while Prerna goes in separate ways..

Later at evening:

Naira wakes up after taking rest and sees akshara naitik naksh staring her and gets confused..

Naira: what happened? Why are you all looking at me like this?

Naksh:do you have any head pain? did i got head pain and when did i say you? I don’t remember anything after i dispersed from college with Prerna..

Akshara: don’t stress just fainted in between and Prerna informed us and naksh and naitik took you back.


After sometime naksh was speaking with someone in his phone and he walks out to balcony and suddenly he gets dumstruck seeing Keerthi standing in her balcony watching the beautiful sunset opposite to his house..

Naksh:what a beautiful princess..

The caller gets confused.. come the fried rice become a beautiful princess?

Naksh realises his mistake and..

Naksh:wohh..iam sorry sir..i..i..

Caller:sir..did you see any beautiful girl before you?


Caller:i understand.. because even my love story started like this. We can’t take our eyes off a girl if we fall for all the best. And you can deliver my food parcel at evening.

Naksh:ok sir..

They cut the call and he stares Keerthi..

Naksh in mind:why do i lose my sense seeing Keerthi? this called love at first sight?

He smiles himself and goes..


Teni was walking on the road and suddenly she spots a guy familiar..

Teni in mind:i.. i have seen him somewhere..but where?

Suddenly she remembers him..

Teni:ohh my mother!!! Now only i got escape from this idiot and his if he sees me he will surely catch me and this time i can’t even fool him as he would have become alerted.

Suddenly she sees him turning and runs near Niel who was standing there and hides behind him.. police..please save me..

Niel gets shocked..

Niel:hey again you came to trouble me huh? I will never come after you even if you unfollow the better go away without disturbing me.

Teni gets angry..

Teni: are you a police? Police are born to save people not to chase look handsome but that doesn’t mean you should not save people. Useless police..

Niel gets shocked and irritated..

Niel: don’t irritate me again..whatever you say i don’t care. Are you looking like a people who asks help?you are behaving as if you are going to create just go away.

Teni walks away seeing him angrily..

Teni:good for nothing mr.handsome..

She walks further and suddenly someone holds her hands and she sees the same guy who spotted and gets shocked..

Guy:you have fooled us and escaped huh? But this time it won’t happen..

Teni:hey you idiot crocodile..just leave me orelse..

Guy:orelse you can’t fool me again.

The guy laughs and drags her while suddenly Niel comes there and punches the guy and he falls down..

Niel angrily:how dare you to misbehave with a girl?

Teni smiles while the guy gets shocked.. madam called police..

Teni:ohh fox..he is my boyfriend so why won’t he find me even i don’t call?

Niel gets shocked and looks her questioningly while teni continues her drama..

Teni:he can feel that iam in problem so he came to save me and punish you all.

Teni runs to Niel and holds his hand shocking him..

Teni:my dear boyfriend..we will continue our incomplete date after you lock him in jail. So please arrest him dear..

Niel looks her numb without any expression and he arrests that guy and sends him away to station through his constables and comes to teni.. mad girll..why did you lie?

Teni:to create a movie scene..

Niel gets irritated..

Niel:i have never seen such a mad girl like you..i don’t know how they are controlling you in the house. The one who is going to marry you is really very innocent who is going to suffer handling you..i really pity him.

Teni:hey mr.handsome husband won’t be like you who gets irritated always understand?

Niel:first stop calling me mr.handsome.. police officer..

Teni goes laughing while Niel stands irritated nd his constable DD comes.. seems your love story started. don’t start irritating again. She is born to irritate everyone..i hope i never meet her again.

Niel goes away with irritated face..


Maya is entering her office and suddenly the watchman stops her..

Maya:hello..iam a new employee..

Watchman:i know madam. You are maya mam right?


Watchman gives some paper to her and..

Watchman: actually..sir have asked me to give this if you come.
Watchman goes while maya opens the chit and gets suprised..

“I know i have hurt you with my silly prank..but iam sorry.. really sorry. Infact you can beat me with slippers and brooms which i kept ready near you..

Maya sees slippers and brooms near her and laughs and continues to read..

But please forgive me and accept my love. I love you my cutie darlingg..hope you have forgiven me.. please come main receptionist area”
Maya goes inside the receptionist area and sees the whole employees and staffs holding the bouquet written as sorry and gets suprised..

One employee shreya:mam..

Maya:iam not mam..iam also an employee like you only. So just call me maya.

Shreya:but you are lover of this company’s we can’t direspect you.

Maya smiles inside her heart but doesn’t show it off..

Maya:ohh..but iam angry on iam not his lover now.

Shreya:it’s ok..that’s why sir have arranged this to melt your heart.

Other employee can meet sir in his cabin.

Maya goes to Arjun’s cabin and gets shocked and suprised seeing the room decorated with the word ‘sorry my love’..

While Arjun kneels down and shouts on his full voice..

Arjun shouts:iam sorry maya…my one and only love.. please forgive me..

Maya closes her ears..

Maya:Arjun..stop it.

Arjun stops and glares her..

Arjun:now..tell me..what’s your answer? Isn’t my suprises are better?

Maya laughs..

Maya:your suprises are worth watching but it dint satisfy my heart yet as i have seen these types of suprises in movies..

Arjun who was holding balloon leaves it which flies away leaving the gas making maya laugh..

Maya:ok..bye keep thinking and trying to convince me and i will go and do my works..

Maya goes while Arjun sits frowning..

Arjun:nuts Arjun are a great nuts. I copied this idea from movie and she have easily recognised. Do something on your own na..

He lies on his chair thinking seriously..


next episode promo:- Everyone makes fun of naira. Komolika burns in anger seeing Anurag and Prerna close. Teni gets a weird letter.keerthi hugs naksh. Maya gets more angry..

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