THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 2 ( Anger and trouble maker..)

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Maya shockingly: what?

Ashwin shouts:yes.. she is not my daughter.

Maya gets angry..

Maya:so..will you trouble her like that if she isn’t your daughter dad? Even if she isn’t my own sister..i love her. But you…chi.

Ashwin:maya..iam your dad. So respect me..

Maya:after i saw what you shall i give respect dad?now i understood..why Keerthi never came out and enjoyed her’s all because of you.

Ashwin gets angry and..

Ashwin:you don’t know anything maya.. iam troubling her as part of my revenge.

Keerthi and Maya gets shocked..


Ashwin:yes..i wantedly took her away from her family making them believe that their daughter is dead at the time of her birth to revenge that family.

Maya and Keerthi gets shocked..


Kartik and his gang gets settled in their class and his friend’s murmers without his knowledge.. year has passed. As per the plan..we have made kartik our friend and he believes us like anything. So..

Vijay:it’s time to implement our plan. Thank god we easily fooled kartik’s brother Shubham and made him our friend too. Today evening we will call him without kartik’s presence and start implementing our first plan.

Raghav:yes..but we should be careful.

Riyan: don’t worry.. everything will go fine.


Maya angrily:iam ashamed to call you as my father Mr.Ashwin Raichand. I don’t know what’s the issue..but taking revenge is a foolish thing which you are doing. From now..i will take Keerthi with me and we will stay alone somewhere away from this house. know why iam taking revenge? It’s because..

Maya:i don’t want to hear anything mr.Ashwin. i will surely hand over Keerthi to her family one can’t stop it.

Maya holds keerthi’s hands and she takes her out of the house..

while Ashwin gets angry and bangs the table..

Ashwin in mind: I won’t let mr.Fool Manish get his daughter..i will do anything to stop maya. I will plan something..


It’s Interval..

Kartik and his gang roam outside while kartik notices naira and gets angry and goes to her..


Naira and Prerna glares him..

Naira:so you came to rag me hey na? At morning your friends ragged me as you was busy ragging other guy and now you came to rag me right?

Kartik:stop your idiot fuss.. i think you are expert in blaming guys without knowing their true intention. So iam warning you not to do this work again orelse..

Naira:orelse what? And why should i know your true intention? Your actions shows your true intention..i already knew it and that’s why i slapped your friend so that you guys won’t repeat it again.

Kartik was about to slap her in anger but stops..

Kartik: don’t make me slap you as i respect girls. I know about my don’t try to demean us with your lie. you are respecting girls? I think you want to hide your mistake and that’s why you are changing tables by telling that iam lying..are you scared that much that i will expose you to professors or Dean?

He pokes finger but naira raises her eyebrow and puts his finger down..

Naira: when we say truth no one can bear it i guess. If i wish i can complain nowatself that you guys were ragging at morning but i dont wanted to do it as i dont want to get into trouble with these silly matters. So better change yourself and behave..

Naira holds prerna’s hands and takes her away..

Prerna:hey naira..what is happening here? I dint understand anything..

Naira tells everything while Prerna gets shocked..

Prerna:cheap guys..

They go while kartik’s friends come to him..

Raghav:kartik.. can’t you slap her? she behave. Afterall she is bravely behaving as if she is saying truth that we ragged her. Very cheap..

Kartik:i don’t have habit of behaving bad towards i dint slap. How can she say that you all ragged her? I think she wants to hide her misunderstanding by lying like this..very cheap.

Kartik goes away angrily to his class while his friends laugh..

Vijay:poor bad name from a single girl because of us. We ragged her and she told the truth but kartik doesn’t know it..

Riyan:let him not know it. Soon we will make the whole girls against and make him get out of this college breaking his dream…

Raghav:yes..Then the plan of revenging against Goenka by troubling their sons gets over after kartik dreams shatter and Shubham suffers.

Riyan:and we will get our huge payment from our boss and enjoy our life.


They smile and do hi fi..


After college over Anurag stops Teni..

Anurag:i have works in staff you go by yourself but go carefully without making problems in road.

Teni:do you think that iam born as a trouble maker bhai? Don’t worry..i will go carefully without making troubles.

Teni goes and she was walking on the road and suddenly a car approaches her but stops fiercely seeing her and the guy inside comes out and..

Guy: where are your eyes miss? Can’t you walk carefully?

Teni:hello.. don’t blame me. It was you who was driving like mad..i guess you haven’t drunk.

Guy gets angry..

Guy: nonsense.. instead of apologising me you are fighting as if i wantedly came to hit you.

Teni:you may have wantedly do it as you look like drunken..

Guy gets irritated..

Guy:i think you are drunken.. that’s why you are behaving like this. Better walk carefully and go instead of fighting with me. too drive keeping your eyes open.

As they are fighting in the middle of the road the traffic jam happens and Niel comes there angrily..

Niel:what the hell happening here?why are you making a jam here? And mr.. please park your car aside and come..i want to talk with you both.

They guy parks the car aside and he comes and teni too comes..

Niel:what’s wrong with you guys? Don’t you know how to behave in roads?

Teni:sir..this idiot was driving closing his eyes and was about to hit me and that’s why..

Guy: don’t believe this fool sir..if i was closing my eyes then why was she walking in middle of the road?

Teni:hello..mister. the red signal was shown then i can walk anywhere right? Why are you talking like drunken?

Guy:gosh.. always don’t tell drunken… first don’t talk like a drunken women.

Teni:sir..better check him whether he is drunk..see how is he behaving.

Niel holds his head in irritation..

Niel:iam not your pawn. Better pay fine and both of them leave me now..

Guy and teni together:why should i pay fine for his/her mistake?

Niel:then come to the lock up..

Niel arrest both of them..



Maya collides with Arjun. Komolika fools Prerna. Naira misunderstands kartik. Kartik’s friends plan something. Teni creates a fuss.

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