The define love – Chapter 2

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Blake: you are so heavy get off me

These words got Me back to my senses

Aaliya: you called me heavy???

Blake: yes I did fatty…

Aaliya: dumbo!!!  it’s curvy not fatty

Blake: I don’t care…… you are heavy

He pushed me and stood up.  Rude Blake…  he offered me his hand,  as I was about to hold he moved away and started laughing I was mad but at the moment there was nothing more beautiful than his smile I stood and turned away heading back to the canteen

I don’t know what happens to me every time

When i see him I act so weird and the weirdest part is when I want him to stay longer.  I hated him at least this is what I told myself I wasn’t sure if I really hated him so I went to the table where Remy was and she gave me a suspicious smile.

Aaliya: what???

Remy: you love him Don’t you??

Aaliya : are you psycho???  I can’t love that dumbo

Remy: but your eyes are saying something else the way you look at him.. .

Aaliya: shush!!!! (I cut her off)  I hate him alright and you know what he just called me “fatty”

Remy: he isn’t wrong you are growing fat

Aaliya : oh alright I can see you taking his side.. ….  thanks for the compliment though and guess what???

Remy : what

Aaliya: I am going to tell Chris what you feel for him….

Remy: no you’re not….

Aaliya : try me yes and one more thing best of luck

Remy: no Aaliyah please!! ! ! she held my hand I am sorry you’re not fat you are curvy hot and s*xy

Aaliya : I don’t care I I smiled and Jerked off her hand.

I walked through the corridor not sure of whether I should be telling Chris this or not I entered in the library expecting him to be there yeah I was right him he was sitting there reading a book well I must say my friend had a great taste

Chris was indeed very handsome but not as Blake …. Agh!!! Not him again. But honestly  almost every girl had a crush on him.

Once he saw me, he waved and started walking towards me he was always so kind and sweet but everyone said he was kinda rude so maybe he was just sweet to me and of course Remy.



Chris:u look beautiful today

Aaliya: thank you… I actually wanted to tell you something hope we can talk

Chris :of course but lemme say it instead…

😱OMG !! was the first reaction…. I’d told Remy that he also felt the same for her… Maybe he knows I’m here for the same thing.. Maybe  he was going  to tell me he loves her

Chris: can I??? (I nodded. He moved closer it made me feel uncomfortable so I moved back but he kept on moving closer n I kept on moving  back until I reached the edge.) I LOVE YOU

What no??? He must be messing around

Aaliya :bad joke Chris… I’m here-

Chris : have you ever seen me joking  around??? I really love you (he pulled me closer)

Aaliya :but I don’t.  Let me go.

I tried pushing him away but the grip was tight… I kept  trying. And suddenly somebody pushed him away n pulled me.. The scent I knew who this is.

Blake :I told uu before too stay away from her.  She’s mine………





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