The Buddy Project 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 9th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th December 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RV Ruku and Piddi in the car, Ruku tells RV to drive fast before Panchi leaves, she goes on saying she didn’t know Panchi was so understanding to go away from college and Mumbai now there wont be any misunderstandings between them and slowly he will forget her, she thanks Piddi for giving such a good news to them and tells them she is very happy today, Ruku further tells RV if he wants he could even hug Panchi today as it is she is his bestfriend and after today he might not be able to meet her either(OMG watching Ruku after like 2-3 mths i was in shock what her character turned out to beuntil i saw the later scenes), RV stops the car in anger and tells Ruku its enough and tells her he wont let Panchi go anywhere, Ruku becomes sad and RV starts driving again

zooming fast while Piddi rolls here and there behind

The trio reach Panchi’s house, RV asks Panchi’s mom where is she, her mom tells him she is in her room, RV runs to Panchi’s room followed by the others, RV tells Panchi he wont let her go anywhere, Panchi’s mom asks what is happening here, Panchi tells her mom she will tell later and asks her to get some food for them, Panchi’s mom asks what will they have, Piddi tells her to bring pakodas and tea

After Panchi’s mom leaves, Ruku hugs Panchi and tells her her decision is right and this is the best for them, RV moves Ruku to the side and tells her stop as Panchi isn’t going anywhere and he wont let her, Ruku asks why wont he let her go as she is the one because of whom misunderstandings are created between them, RV tells her he doesn’t know about all that but Panchi aint leaving anywhere

Ruku argues that he only agreed he wouldn’t talk to Panchi since he chose her then why does it make a difference that she will be leaving, RV tells her it does make a difference, Ruku asks how does it make a difference and she demands to know it, RV shouts out it does make a difference because he loves her, Panchi and Piddi look at him shocked(Kunal’s acting was damn awsumm here)

RV looks at Panchi and says he cant stay without her not even for one moment, she is his childhood bestfriend and he cannot imagine his life without her, RV tells Panchi she isn’t going anywhere, Panchi cries and tries to say something but RV warns her he will slap her if she says anything about going anywhere, Ruku in tears says atlast the truth is out

Rv turns to her and says even if its late the truth is out, and tells her he realized today what a big mistake he did falling in love with her, he was so dumb not to understand such an obvious thing, he looks towards Panchi and says the truth is he never loved anyone besides Panchi, he always loved her but today he realized when she was going away from him, RV apologises Panchi for hurting her so much always but not now and holds her face and tells her he loves her(awww)

Ruku says finally dere aaye durust aaye’, RV and Panchi turn to her confused, Ruku tells Piddi that he should give Prasad in the temple as RV has come to his senses finally otherwise she had lost all hope, RV asks her what is she saying, Ruku tells him that from a few days she has been acting with him just so that he will admit his love for Panchi, RV is shocked, Ruku tells him does he think she is that bad a person

RV shocked says she could have told him everything directly, Ruku says she did think about it but she knew both of them very well, they both were ready to sacrifice, RV for his love and Panchi for her bestfriend, what they both want they themselves don’t know and they just keep lying to each other, Ruku tells them even Piddi worked a lot to get them together during the camp and he even thought of a name Jungle mei Mungle’ and asks Piddi laughing he couldn’t find another name, Piddi gives her a side hug

Ruku apologizes to RV for ever hurting him, but tells him how could he be so dumb to make someone who could be his bestfriend his girlfriend and make his someone who he should make his girlfriend he made her bestfriend, RV cries and holds Ruku’s hands and apologizes to her for hurting her, Ruku crying says if he hurts Panchi she will for sure take off her chappal and hit him, Ruku apologizes Panchi for troubling her but Panhci hugs her and says she should be apologizing

Piddi claps and says it became a happy ending form a tragedy, he goes to Panchi and tells her how could she think of leaving them, he asks her was she really planning to leave today especially this Papplu’ (pointing at RV), Panchi tells him how could she go today as it takes 1-2 weeks for the procedures to end, Piddi tells her she should have said that before becoz RV drove the car so fast as if he would beat Schumacher

Ruku tells Piddi to elts go as mission is successful, RV hugs Ruku and then they both leave, after the two leaving RV hits Panchi and she hits him back and they laugh, they both hug each other

Piddi and Ruku get out of the auto and Piddi gives the driver the money but since he doesn’t have change Piddi tells Ruku to go and he would arrange for the money, Piddi asks for change in a shop and suddenly sees the goons who beat him up last time, Piddi runs away from there hiding beside a car, he looks at his reflection

Piddi to the camera: today he realized what a big fattoo he is, he is one big looser

Piddi is walking beside the Princi in the corridor when he clashes with Princi, Princi tellshim to come inside and talk, he enters his office to find his table full of files and says Sophia had to take a day off today when there is so much work, Piddi tells Princi he wanted to talk to him, Princi asks him to talk, Piddi tells his story about trying to save a girl form the goons while Princi is busy trying to fix the files, Piddi asks if he is listening, Princi tells him he heard it all that he wanted to go somewhere with his girlfriend along with his goon friends

Piddi tries to talk again but Princi tells him he would listen to him later and ask him to arrange all the files for him in alphabetical order, Piddi hits his head

At Panchi’s place, RV and Panchi are sitting holding hands, suddenly Panchi’s mom calls RV and he throws away Panchi’s hand and picks up his cell phone, Panchi’s mom asks if he will have dinner, Panchi tells her he is leaving right now as he has some important work, Panchi’s mom then asks her where was she going and what was happening, RV gets up and says there was a little confusion, he tells her she isn’t going anywhere but Kiya is going to US for studying music, her mom says to congratulate Kiya from her side

RV sighs and looks at Panchi, Panchi asks what, RV says what what, Panchi says if he doesn’t leave she will, RV tells her to relax and he is leaving, RV says bye and elaves but comes back and asks if he should pakka leave, Panchi says yes pakka, RV moves closer and holds her chin and asks pakka’, Panchi asks him whats the matter, RV says he cant believe she is his girlfriend, he moves forward to kiss her but Panchi moves away

RV asks what happened, Panchi says nothing, RV says she cant hide anything from him now otherwise he would keep annoying her like this, Panchi says this all is new for her and she isn’t used to all of this, RV tells her to relax and says even he feels it weird as everything happened in one day, RV asks are they both really dating each other, Panchi smiles and looks away, RV tells her he will leave now to do his imaginary work

KD waits for Kiya at the outside adda and says Kiya will become mad when she sees the papers, Kiya comes to KD and asks what did he call her for, KD shows her the papers regarding her college in US, Kiya gets annoyed and tells him she took her final decision but why does he want to tie her up and control her, KD tells her its enough and he isn’t tying her up and asks her to see the papers and she will understand

He informs her the college is a fake, everything that is written on the website is a lie, Kiya gets mad at Kd and syas how could he stoop so low and tells him she is sure he made up these reviews to stop her from leaving, KD tries to explain her but she bursts out she doesn’t care about these reviews and leaves, while KD becomes upset(and what ever in the world is going on with KiSha damn mu word never leaves them does it)

Precap: Kiya stops RV and asks how is KD, he says KD is good, Kiya asks if he is okay now and not upset with her leaving, RV asks her what does she expect ofcourse he will be upset, Kiya says she doesn’t want to hurt KD but doesn’t want to leave the music school too and wishes KD would support her in all of this, Panchi tells RV she doesn’t want to rush things between them, RV is shcoked

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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