The Buddy Project 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 4th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th September 2013 Written Update

Avi is shocked seeing Panchi there. He realizes that Panchi was his SA. Panchi is beyond hurt while he only says his only intention was to meet his SA, nothing else. Panchi accuses him that he so easily ditched his girlfriend to meet an unknown, unseen stranger. Avi says she’s putting too much on a silly thing. Panchi retorts at first she also thought it was silly but the way he responded on those texts, it made her realize that this wasn’t something silly. Avi feels trapped in his own lies and Panchi walks away. Avi tries stopping her but she goes away. Before leaving she only says that she loved him with all she had, trusted him but what did he do in return? He broke his heart and shattered his heart.

Kamna is running late so Kiya calls her. Kamna reveals that

she changed the party venue. She was tired of playing a seductress for Kiya, now she wants to do it for real. She loves KD and will make him her own. Kiya gets mad at this and Kamna says she stopped her from taking the loyalty test but she didn’t stop. She doesn’t deserve KD. She loves KD and tonight, KD will love her as well. Kiya is helplessly mad at the turn of events and realizes her mistake. But she doesn’t know how to fix it.

RanSh arrive at the party and Kamna meets them. While RV is in complete party mood, KD is a bit reluctant but RV tells him to let go. Kamna offers them drinks but before giving them, she spikes KD’s drink. Under the influence of the drink, KD feels a bit out of focus. Kamna uses that to her advantage and does a cozy, intimate dance with him. KD is staggering on his feet and she leads him somewhere. KD asks where she is taking him and she replies just somewhere private. There, Kiya is shown tensed calling all her friends to find about Kamna’s whereabouts.

RV gets a text from Panchi with a sad smiley. Curious, he calls her. She’s crying and tells her she needs to meet him. He gets concerned and she asks if she can come over to his place. RV tells her to relax and he’d join her in 20 minutes.

Ruku-Kiya come to Panchi and asks her about RanSh. Panchi tells them about RV’s whereabouts and says KD might be there as well. She asks what happened and Kiya hesitantly tells her everything.

Kamna leads KD to a decorated room and locks it. She pushes KD on the bed and looks on evilly as he lays there, not in senses.

Precap – Kiya comes to the party and asks RV about KD. RV is clueless and Kiya says that KD is in real trouble. KD is on the bed and Kamna is over him with not so PG 13 intentions.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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