The Buddy Project 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 25th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th June 2013 Written Update

KD is still under the shock on realization and JJ points out that it’s getting late. KD apologizes to JJ and JJ just hugs him in a consoling manner. KD leaves and JJ calls the ACP to inform him that one of his students has a gun which he took from one of his policeman. JJ explains about the picking and whatever KD did in self defense, and requests that he’d return the gun tomorrow in his office. ACP says he knows about the case but he wasn’t aware that the students were of JJ. He says the lady police had already filed a complaint against the two culprits and he calls them a “dhabba” on the name of police and says they will be punished severely (that’s why I love TBP, amidst everything dark…they never fail to show the light of the situation ) When the call is over, JJ STTC that he feels good that KD understood what he wanted to convey. Now only the MMS confusion between KiSha is to be cleared which he’ll clear away by tomorrow. It’s gonna be fun tomorrow (Oh yes! Please! )

KiSha are open-eyed dreaming about their moments, specially the most recent ones with the police. Tujhko Jo Paya plays in BG. Kiya updates her FB status as “Have you ever seen a real life hero? I just came across one today…”

Song continues. Cut to Mini, thinking about RV who agrees to stay the night out with her. Then to RV who is trying to call someone and seems a little disturbed. Mini is all dreamy about RV and RV is doing the same, picking the book she gave him and thinking about their language lessons and lovingly looking at his band.

Panchi takes out the half eaten cake from the fridge and laughs thinking about JeeMi’s antics to cheer her up (okay, this is getting a bit weird for me )

Cut to Tika thinking about her almost encounter with JJ and JJ playing with his phone, thoughtfully. It finishes all with a quick cross fade effect starting from KiSha to VeeNi to Panchi to JJ-Tika.

(if you thought that was funny, wait till what happens next! )

OMI DAIYYA! Well, he’s sleeping and dreaming. Of what? Well, he’s dreaming that he’s dancing with Panchi. On what song? “Taki Re Taki” from Himmatwala! Of eff it’s so hilarious! They keep on dancing and it’s so fun! (Oh well, my dream of seeing Panchi dance came true. Ek dum dil se naaching! ) Panchi does one thumka and Omi falls on ground. She looks at him but he just keeps on dancing, gets up and gives her a toffee which she takes while dancing (I’ll die!! ) She’s going and going and tan tanaa! Enter the villain! Avi comes there and evilly holds Panchi while she struggles to let go. Two of the Ds hold Omi and the dream breaks! Omi wakes up out of breathe.

Cut to Avi, who’s also sleeping and the song is “Jabse Tere Naina” from Saawariya (no!! Have mercy on me! ) His dream is all the dreamy kind. Panchi is sitting on a swing decorated with flowers while Avi literally sings and dances around her in an ek dum chocolate boy hero style and she just gives her sweet smiles. Stars begin to fall as he kneels in front of her and swings her back. In mood, she lifts her legs as the swing comes back, she inevitably ends up kicking Avi who falls on ground (Oh God! Ye tou dreams mein hi itni destructive hai!) She’s all surprised but he just coolly looks up and silently compliments her kicks and she just laughs. Seeing him, she blushes and they sort of keep giving each other hi-5s whenever she approaches him on the swing. Avi closes his eyes and when he opens, the swing is empty! He sees Omi holding Panchi captive and his Cs holding Avi. Avi wakes up shocked. Screen freezes to JeeMi who both are shaken by their respective dreams (and here I’m dying! But woah! This is so CRAZY!!! )

ICC. RV comes in class and stops seeing Panchi, who is in happy spirits oblivious to his presence. He walks to her and hesitantly greets her. She returns the greeting and he says he went over to her place but found out she’s already left for college. RV stops as he seems to be struggling for words and Panchi gets concerned at his behavior. She asks him what’s wrong and he replies that he had to apologize for not making it to her party as there was some problem. Panchi asks was he also with JJ? RV begins to say something but stops seeing her face. Panchi sighs and asks what happened to Mini? RV begs her not to be offended and Panchi simply and genuinely says she’s not the least bit offended, if he ditched her then the problem must be big (awww!! ) RV sighs out of relief and tells her everything that happened. Panchi seems a little lost after hearing it all and he brings her to her senses. She jokes that Mini is so special na, the way she sent RV to a introspection trip, no one else can do it. RV chuckles and says, “Except you!” and Panchi coolly replies she’s in an entirely different league! (True that! ) RV asks is she mad at him? Panchi replies she was mad, jealous and insecure. But then she asked herself why was she feeling such emotions? The reply was clear – fear. She was afraid to lose RV and his friendship. RV laughs and says that won’t happen, she’s lucky but not so lucky to get rid of him anytime soon. Panchi gets all dramatic and says that’s true. She then says when they were kids, they world was so small. But as they grew up, the world expanded. SO many new friends came but that doesn’t mean the old friends will lose their values. RV gets up and says of course not! But the value increases, they become antique! Like themselves, they are antique friends. Panchi says RV is the one who’s antique, she’s still young. RV funnily says, “Oh my God! The Youth Icon!” and Panchi hits him and warns him not to say too much. They Hi-5 and hug so sweetly. Just then, Mini comes in the class and sees them hugging and all lost in each other as they joke and laugh. She gets a bit hurt and leaves from there without a word. When she leaves, RaHi break apart and RV asks mischievously is there someone in Panchi’s life? Panchi rolls her eyes and replies there’s no one, just some new friends. At this, RV loses his compsoture and stammeringly asks Omi and Avi? Panchi says yes and invites him to come to canteen, they’ll gossip over coffee! RV readily agrees and offers her his arm and arm in arm, they leave. RV says she’s bunking class, he likes that to which Panchi replies it’s all cuz he met her after so long (vintage RaHi! <3) Kiya is sitting in foyer, still disturbed about the last night's events. Piddi comes to her and consoles her saying that she should forget everything. RaHi come there smiling and seeing them, Panchi asks how come they didn't come for the party? Seeing their silent reaction, Panchi gets concerned and sits beside Kiya asking were they in trouble? Piddi gets up and tells them everything. RaHi are stunned hearing it all and Panchi consoling puts Kiya's head on her shoulder at the end of it all. It's evident she's disgusted by whatever happened and RV can only curse about it all. Panchi then asks about KD and Piddi says he seemed alright when Piddi called him. Piddi then says the police didn't let them go even after they had given them the money. At this, Kiya gets up and asks from where did KD get all that money from? Piddi gets nervous and looks at RV who is looking on seriously at him and tells him to answer it. Piddi hesitantly says KD wanted to repay RV's debt. That's why he did all sort of hard work and designed websites whose advance money he got yesterday. Just then, KD comes there. Panchi goes to him and asks if he's alright and he assures her that he's fine. She gives sneaky glances to RV who is only looking at KD. RV coolly praises KD for saving not only KiPi but for putting the police under the impression that he'd shoot himself, hats off man! KD equally coolly replies that only cowards shoot themselves, he would've never done that. But just to scare the police, he did the drama (ALLAH! RANSH!!!! ) Besides, he would've done anything to save Kiya. A LLHH follows with a super sweet BG music. Panchi goes to Kiya and comments KD is Kiya's real hero, she's so lucky to have a friend like KD. RV just smirks and rolls his eyes and moves to leave but KD stops him. RV turns around and they are face to face. KD says he's sorry to which RV's immediate reply is, "Huh?" KD again says he's sorry cuz he misjudged RV. The other day, RV only put the money to help KD but cuz of his inferiority complex he thought ill of RV. Now that Kiya got her friend back, KD needs his friend back as well. KD holds out his hand and RV looks at him then the hand then at the other three who are looking on expectantly at RV. RV ignores the hand and pulls KD to a hug. RanSh hug and the Buddies applaud. TBP Gang Tune plays in BG at this blissful moment. RV apologizes as well for misjudging KD. A guy who can bet his life to save the dignity of a girl will never make a cheap MMS (ALLAH!! ) Buddies are all smiles and relief when JJ comes behind and calls out, "Jokers!" They all look at him happily while he's anything but. He walks down saying RV and KD can't be friends just like that. Buddies are shocked. Precap – JJ says he has another secret to share and he calls in the ACP. Buddies are shocked as they face the police.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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