The Buddy Project 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 25th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th December 2013 Written Update

Panchi is looking through photos of her and RV. She decidedly STTC that RV would never do anything to propose to her so she wilk have to do it herself. And what better occasion than the New Years Bash?

RV is overlooking the final decorations for the party. He looks at the dance floors and imagines dancing with Panchi. He has this sad, longing expression on his face but he pulls himself together.

Piddi and KD are practising what to say to Panchi. While Piddi’s approach is more direct, he openly calls RV a flirt and iinconsiderate fellow for acting cosy with other girls, KD reprimands him that he is being too direct. He then tells it in a subtle way how to make Panchi jealous. He asks Piddi to practice his lines with him, pretending that KD is Panchi. Piddi starts

speaking but addressing KD in second person and saying that RV is such a cheapster, till a few days ago he was running around you. And now he is being all close to other girls and isn’t even taking you to the party! Some girls hear this and misunderstand that Piddi is talking about RV’s behavior with KD! They go away shocked and when PraSha realize it, KD is all bitter while Piddi just laughs.

Panchi is rehearsing in front of the mirror and scolds herself for being too at loss. Mrs.R comes there and suggests that she says everything from heart. Panchi stops her from giving a lecture saying Mrs.R has no idea about the situation. Mrs.R just says that Panchi has been in love with RV since she was seven years old. Panchi is shocked hearing this. She timidly asks her mother how does she know? Mrs.R says that she is her mother, she knows her daughter very well. RV is a really good guy. Panchi becomes happy with her mother’s approval and cheers up.

Kiya is telling a few girls to flirt with all their might with RV at the party. The girls assure her. Mrs.G comes there and she doesn’t seem very pleased with Kiya’s decision to perform at the Bash. She wants Kiya to do bigger things. Kiya calms her mother down saying when the time will come, she will also do those things. For now, she wants to happily perform at her college’s Bash.

Party time. PraSha are waiting for their partners, discussing girls and their habit of being always late. KiyAn come there, dressed up beautifully for the event. The boys are stunned. They calmly give it back to the boys that such stunning beauty takes time. Piddi says that they all go in. PraChi go in while KiSha have a little cute lovey dovey staring session before going in.

At the entrance, Panchi suggests that they all go greet RV. The trio give each other knowing glances and make sure that Panchi goes in alone. Excitedly, Panchi goes in.

In the party, some girl is flirting with RV. Panchi is shocked seeing this. RV is clearly not interested in the girl and escapes from there to do DJ duties. Panchi gets mad at the attention he is getting. Piddi meets up with her and starts saying just how insensitive RV is, having all those girls around him. It’s like he is a flower and the girls are honey bees. Panchi gets irritated at his words and shuts him up. KiSha get happy seeing her reactions.

At KiSha’s prompting, Piddi asks Panchi for a dance and she agrees. On the dance floor, Panchi wants to catch RV’s glance but he is busy DJing. And when he does, she is busy dancing. He gets sad that she ain’t even looking at him.

RV changes the song to Gulabi and Panchi re-imagines her dream dance with him.

KD flirtily asks Kiya for a dance and on the dance floor, they come in her path so she can not see RV, much to her sadness and their pleasure.

Dean and Sophia come at the party and Dean asks Sophia for a dance. They set the dance floor on fire with their energetic dance. The students applaud them.

KD tells Kiya that iron is hot, they should strike now. Some girls gather around RV, being flirty with him. Panchi comes close and sees this. RV is shocked when he seez her.

Precap – Some girls are forcing RV to drink with them. One of them even kisses RV on the cheek, ignoring his protests. Panchi sees all this.

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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