The Buddy Project 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd April 2013 Written Update

KiSha scene. Kiya in her thoughts goes to a room but KD is already there. She turns to leave but stops and tries to start a conversation. She is nervous at first but then says that they can never be friends as she can never forgive him for the MMS fiasco but since RanSh have stopped fighting, they can be cordial enemies. KD agrees. He seems to be lost in her and says that he would like to see her eyes void of hatred when he looks at her. In a trance, Kiya says she would like that then snaps into consciousnesses and repeats. They both want to leave the room but end up bumping into each other. KD offers Kiya to leave the room first and she does but before leaving, STTC that something weird happened right now but she isn’t sure what. She leaves and KD says something similar to the camera as well.

RV is lost in thoughts, puzzled about Rukmini’s behavior and her failing. He ends up in front of Dean’s office and thinks of asking Sophia’s help but says she won’t help him and neither will JJ. Then he remembers Samar and calls him. They chat a bit at first and then Samar brings topic about girls. RV snaps at him that here he is in trouble and all Samar can think about is girls but then apologizes. They joke a bit and RV says he needs his help.

Next scene, RV with his laptop and Samar’s voice in BG that he has run a software which will make confidential files of the college accessible to him. RV opens up Rukmini’s result and is shocked to see her report card, as she failed in all subjects. He wonders why is that as she seems like the sharp kind.

JJ-Sophia (JS). Sophia is shocked that JJ knew RV would do something like hacking. JJ smiles that he knows his boys very well, specially Samar. Sophia asks why can’t they give this info directly to RV and JJ explains if they do that, RV won’t value if but since he is working hard for it, he will. Then, JJ makes Sophia close her eyes and gives a bag with a Vampire Hunter movie and a book, saying that since everyone is doing good for someone, he did the same for her. He smiles and leaves. Behind him, Sophia muses that he is doing good for everyone but who is thinking about him in that manner?

Avantika corners Piddi again and starts snapping his pictures. He tries to avoid her but she is adamant and asks him what’s wrong? Piddi wonders to the camera about taking her help but then ends up doing it thinking that she’s smart and might have a solution. He asks her how can someone help someone like Ranveer who has everything in his life? She replies everyone has issues and she can bet, in 24 hours she can find out the missing things in RV’s life. Piddi dances to the camera saying that would solve everything! To her he says in a riling manner that he isn’t sure she can manage that. She takes that as a challenge and comes to her “know more about JJ mission” track by asking Piddi questions about him. Piddi says in a devoted manner that JJ has everything etc. She asks him to stop worshiping JJ and asks what does JJ do aside from teaching like his hobbies? Piddi is blank that he has no idea about that. She then asks about his friends, family, people close to him? Piddi replies that he realized it now that they have never seen JJ with any friends or close people, he only has them as his friends and family aside from Rama Sir and Naina Ma’am. Avantika has thoughtful look on her face and concludes that JJ has no friends in his life. She gets up and leaves with a serious, thinking look on her face as Piddi in his own thoughts continues saying how they came to respect JJ.

RV sneaks in the library, looking for Rukmini but she isn’t there. He says to the camera in a shocked way that how come she isn’t in the library? He is standing near a table and under that table, Rukmini is hiding from him. RV sits at the table, wondering what to do now?

Precap – KiSha “date”. ..

Update Credit to: Mais

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