The Buddy Project 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Rukmini screaming out to Rv why is he roaming around with her photo, Rv tries to shush her but in vain, she then lowers her voice seeing other people and tells Rv not to talk to much and answer to her question that what was he doing with humari(her) pic

Rv thinks and says ‘humari’ and tells her its her solo photo then where did us come from, Rukmini gets frustrated and says not ‘us’ wala ‘humari’ but ‘mine’ wala ‘humari’, Rv says oh ok that ways and tells her he found this pic on the ground, Rukmini says she put this photo on her ‘pravesh patra’ how did he get it on the ground
Rv thinks about ‘pravesh patra’ and says admission form, Rv then makes it up that he was in the dean’s office and it was lying on the ground there so he picked it up, Rukmini asks frustrated he picked it up but didn’t think of returning it back

Rv says he did think about returning but’, he starts laughing and says the photo was so weird that he didn’t return, Rukmini gets angry and charges on him saying he finds her pic weird and is laughing a lot seeing it, she then takes out her chappal about to hit but Rv stops and says ‘Paremataa’ and asks her to put the chappal down
Rv tells her he isn’t laughing but one thing she has to admit that in the photo she looks completely different and there is no match at all, he then thinks and says yeah she looks like Raaz’s Bipasha, she takes the pic from him

Rukmini then says he looks like a rich family guy, Rv says ‘excuse me’ seriuously, she says it can be seen on his face, and continues that they think that no one is better than them in this world, how much ever they want and whenever they want they make fun of other people, Rv looks at her ridiculously and says ‘no’
Rukminig goes to the table to take her bags and murmurs about how they see people the way they talk and dress, Rv tries to call her from behind but she turns and warns him not to dare follow her otherwise her chappal wont be ashamed at all to change his face’s geography, Rv holds his face in fear(hahaha omg this was such an epic scene, Rv’s expressions were priceless)
She leaves from there and Rv calls her from behind but she leaves

Rv to the camera: he had to make her happy and he just made her angry
Rv holds back his face and follows calling out ‘Rukmini’

Omi is walking out of the corridor when Kd calls from behind and comes running to him, he asks Kd what is wrong, Kd tells him he wanted his help in something, Omi says to say, Kd asks him if he knows any person who does shows or events in Mumbai, Omi says yes and then thinks and says to Kd if he wants to earn money then why events, there are other ways too
Kd to the camera: he cant even tell him that he isn’t doing this for earning money but to do something good for Kiya
Kd tries to explain but Omi cuts in and says its ok if he wants to do this then that’s also fine as he can earn a lot too in this and tells him about a birthday party they once organized and how much they earned

Kd to the camera: he needs to earn money too, if he is saying then he will hear it out
Omi then says to lets go and talk in their adda, he tells Kd to go and order chai and jam wala biscuit, he will come in 2 mins

Kd leaves and Omi says to himself that if he needs to play this goody Samaritan game then Kd is his best source to find out about Panchi
Avi walks out of the corridor and looks around for Kd, he then remembers the first day when Kd said he hasn’t said yes for the race and Rv says how would he as no one showed him the money yet, Avi thinks ‘that’s it’, he says to himself that the most important thing for Kd is money, that is the best way to help him and he becomes happy thinking its easy
But then thinks and says JJ said not to help directly, he would take out his rule book again and talk about some rule, Avi says he needs to think of some indirect way to help
Kd tells Omi that he has to meet such a person who organizes concerts and stuff, Omi nods and then takes out a card from his wallet and gives it Kd and tells him this is his aunt’s son, he does most of the Jagran in Mumbai

Kd stares at him and then hands him back the card and says he didn’t mean Jagran concerts but rock show wala concerts, Omi says ‘oh’ and asks him doesn’t any of his friends know about it like Piddhi or Panchi, he then says they might be liking such stuff right

Kd says yeah Piddi likes these type of shows, Omi asks about Panchi, Kd says no Panchi doesn’t like all that much, Omi then asks what does she like(as in hobby) and asks if she likes cooking and stuff, Kd thinks confused and says ‘cooking’ and then says Panchi likes eating food a lot but about making food he doesn’t have any idea
Omi says yeah maybe she doesn’t get time from studies and asks Kd she must be good in studies, Kd stays yeah she is good in studies, Omi then says she wouldn’t need coaching or anything like that, Kd says no and then asks Omi he doesn’t know anyone who organizes such shows

Omi says ofcourse he knows and tells about a friend who left computer and does events and all, he then jokes saying people leave work and run after computer and this guy ran away from computer to go after work, he then bloats about himself using compter and says ‘Facebook’ and then he suddenly asks Kd if Panchi is there on fb (Omi bhaiya ke liye gaana ‘kahi pe nigahen kahi pe nishana)
Kd looks at him confused, he then asks him why is he going on and on about Panchi and asks if he has a crush on her, Omi looks back at him confused and says ‘crush’, Kd explains to him and asks if he likes her, Omi says what is he saying is he mad, he then makes an excuse as if someone called him he shouts out ‘I’m coming’ and quickly prepares to leave and tells Kd they will talk later about his concert, Kd smiles and Omi jumps back again to take his wallet and leave (OMG i totally love this scene hahaha Omi hitting one bullet after another trying to find out about Panchi aww and Kd asking about the crush thing hahaha and the way Omi ran hahaha Omi was damn adorable today )

Piddhi stares at a page of Imperial College on facebook, he then types in something and screams out in joy, he then raps something written about Rv on the page
Piddhi to the camera: he will see now how Rv doesn’t get a girl

In the canteen Avantika is enjoying drinking her appy fizz, Kiya comes to her and introduces her and tells her they never met formally, Avantika shakes her hand and says she heard her name somewhere and says oh yeah as they say in karate class ‘kiyaaa kiyaaa’, Kiya goes total ‘hawww’, Avantika asks she is the new member in her brother’s gang right, Kiya then says in one sentence she insults her twice wow
Kiya sits next to her and says not only in karate class but boys take her name in many other places, Kiya then says she didn’t come to talk about herself, Avantika goes busy again in having her drink, Kiya tells her that she saw Avantika with Piddi today which grabs Avantika’s attention

Avantika asks Kiya if she is his ex-girlfriend, Kiya goes ‘huh’, Avantika asks if she is like a psycho jealous type of girlfriend, Kiya shocked says ‘what’ and immediately tells her no and that they were just together in the same school, she goes on that she was just curious, Avantika gives her the look and Kiya says not that way but she was curious the way she saw them today
Avantika then sighs and says what to do, Kiya stares at her, Avantika says Piddi has that effect on her, Kiya is in shock, Avantika goes on its not on just her but on every other girl he has that effect, Kiya asks stunned ‘really’, Avantika says yeah and says he is such a stud and keeps talking about Piddi with Kiya giving the same stunned look, Avantika says many girls in school must have been dead over him and then dreamily says he sings so well

Kiya says ‘what’ and is stunned again and asks her he sings as well, Avantika goes on and on about Piddi’s singing and Kiya listens to her
Kiya to the camera: don’t you think she is much more weirder than Piddi (I so agree with Kiya hahaha OMG Avantika khud be pagal hai aur kisi ko bhi pagal bana sakti hai)
Kiya asks Avantika hesitantly if she and Piddi have become good friends, Avantika says so and says she didn’t know there was a third person in between, she tells Kiya she needs to face reality, Piddi has moved on he doesn’t even take her name so no more Kiya (imitating karate style kiyaaa) for him
She says bye and leaves from there before Kiya could say anything anymore

Kiya to the camera: she is totally mad’(thinks for sometime)’but she genuinely likes Piddi, they are totally made for each other and she has to do something about these two
Avantika goes to her car when suddenly Avi comes from the back seat ‘Booing’ but Avantika isn’t surprised to see him, she says nice try but instead if he would have smiled maybe that would have worked as that is much more scary
Avantika then says its ok if his horror show is a flop she can still help him, Avi says who told her he needs help, Avantika says sarcastically a birdie came and told her , she tells him his face is so stressed anyone could tell easily
Avi says ok he will tell her but she will ask no questions, Avantika agrees, Avi tells her he needs info about Kd, what does he like what is he good at etc., Avantika nods ok, Avi says ok just like that, he checks her temperature and asks she doesn’t want anything in return

Just then Avantika’s mischief smile comes back and she says for info he should give her info, Avi asks for what, Avantika says about Jaitley, Avi asks what shocked, Avantika goes on to find out about JJ’s likes and dislikes and what can he do and what he cant, Avi says shocked is she kidding or what, Avantika says no questions and Avi is left with no choice but to give in
Avi says ok but then says he doesn’t know anything about JJ, Avantika gives him the idea that Rv does know, he agrees and they both shake hands
Rv is looking around for Rukmini when he accidently clashes with some girl, he picks up her books when she recognizes him and tells him he writes very good poetries
Rv to the camera: when did she hear his song

Rv thanks her and starts moving backwards, the girl calls out to him but he tells her to stay there, he clashes with another girl who then starts introducing herself, he looks at her weirdly and she starts cornering him, the first girl comes over and tells her to back off
Both the girls start fighting over Rv saying ‘he’s mine’ and Rv goes all shocked

Rv to the camera: the girl he is looking for left angrily, Panchi isn’t here, and now these two girls whom he doesn’t know are fighting for him, give him a break
Rv quickly runs away from the two while Piddi follows and calls out they are fighting for him and where is he running
Piddi to the camera: whatever he does Rv isn’t happy so what should he do to make him happy
Piddi moves back to the girls and they are going on saying he’s mine until they keep a hand on Piddi’s shoulder and realize it isn’t Rv, Piddi becomes happy and says ‘me’ and both the girls leave saying ‘whatever’, Piddi also leaves thinking what should he do for Rv

Rv in the canteen is lost in thoughts when Chintu comes and tells him his order is here, he then picks up a chit and says his chit fell down and reads Rukmini’s name on it, Rv takes it from him and thanks him, Chintu asks why is he roaming around with Rukmini’s chit, Rv says it isn’t his chit, Chintu says ok he will throw it and tries to take the chit from him but Rv says he will find out whose is it and give them back, Chintu says that’s also fine and is about to leave when Rv calls him back

Rv asks him if he knows about a girl named Rukmini, Chintu tells him that he knows every person in this college and leaves, Rv comes to realization and runs after him to the counter and asks him about Rukmini
Chintu gives him the look and then Rv sweetly pleads and asks him to tell something about Rukmini, Chitnu asks him why is he so keen to know about Rukmini, Rv says general knowledge since he ahs to be in the college he has to know people and all that

Chintu then says for his general knowledge Rukmini was a very good student, she came with scholarship in the college, Rv is impressed
Rv to the camera: scholarship wow, she anyways looks a lot bookworm’s type as she remains in the library all the time
Chintu says she even used to come to his canteen also a lot, Rv surprised says he never saw her here, Chintu says he said na she used to come and that was last year, Rv asks him about last year, Chintu says after she failed she stopped coming here and since then is in the library only

Rv says ‘fail’ surprised, Chintu says yeah it was very bad for her as one year got wasted, Rv says how can it be possible a girl who is in the library all the time and entered college with a scholarship how can she fail, Chintu irritated asks him a lot of unanswered questions and Rv irritated catches Chintu’s collar and says why is he asking him all that, Chintu does the same and asks why is he asking him then why Rukmini failed
They both leave each other’s collar and Chintu leaves from there, Rv is lost thinking how could she fail and its not possible

Precap: Kiya tells Kd that whatever that is between them the enmity the hatred, she doesn’t want to hate him anymore(Ok mere kaan bhajrahe the kyahahaha even seeing the coming up twice and seeing the precap at the end i’m still shocked over this scene AAAHHH OMG i really hope this is NOT a DREAM pls cv’s dont make it a dream), Kd nods, Kiya puts her hand forward saying ‘Deal’, Kd shakes it and they keep staring at each other with ‘Ishq wala love’ in the bg

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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