The Buddy Project 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 21st August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st August 2013 Written Update

No classes today so students are free to do whatever they want. KD follows Kiya inside while Piddi comments to RV that today is KD’s, “Slavery Day”.

Kiya gets wished by many students while KD follows her. She ignores him all the time and indirectly taunts him by thanking the students for remembering her birthday. KD goes in front of her and holds his ears, apologizing but she ignores it and goes away. KD is extremely sad and tensed and he sees his inner self taunting him how could he do it? He is still tensed and Piddi comes there asking, “How could you KD Bhai?” KD shouts at him to shut up and marches away while Piddi still wonders, how could he?

In canteen, all the Buddies surround him while saying, “How could you?!” and this does not help KD’s guilt.

Panchi is the one who’s super mad and scolds him left, right and center for his stupidity and even threatens him with a chair! Because girls wait an entire year for their birthday because they like to be pampered on that day and KD forgot that day! KD tries to reason that he isn’t making excuses and is admitting his mistake but Kiya refuses to talk to him! RV interferes and calms Panchi down saying she should talk to Kiya. Panchi retorts they won’t interfere in their business, as it’ll only add oil to fire. RV says he isn’t asking them to go pacify Kiya, just convince her to talk to KD at least once. RV succeeds in his attempts and Panchi says she’ll talk to Kiya only once. KD gets up to thank her but Panchi warns him not to say a word and she and Ruku march off. RV then asks KD to thank him and KD thanks RV and RV all coolly says why is he thanking a friend? (Nautanki)

Panchi tries talking to Kiya to make her talk to Kiya but she doesn’t budge. She doesn’t listen to what Panchi and Ruku has to say.

The girls inform this to the boys, much to KD’s disappointment. RV then sends Piddi to go talk to Piddi who goes after some drama.

Piddi tries begging to Kiya but she tells him to go to Hell alongside KD.

Piddi tells this to the Buddies who are waiting outside. Now, only RV is left who isn’t at all ready to go inside the lioness’ den. KD pleads and begs him to do it but RV isn’t ready. All the Buddies plead him to do so and he agrees.

RV takes a different route, agreeing to what Kiya says and b*t*hing about KD. Kiya thanks him for being her only friend in this issue while rest others were taking KD’s side. RV hesitates hearing this and stammers, asking her to at least talk to KD. At this, Kiya gets mad and he thinks it best to escape and runs away, before she can hit him, saying she should talk to KD.

Buddies are waiting for RV and RV comes running there like he has escaped some dangerous person. He tells them Kiya is in no mood of talking and KD is finished now! The next person to go to her would definitely be killed by her hands.

It’s Omi. He goes to Kiya and without seeing who he is, Kiya picks up a book to hit him but seeing Omi she stops. Omi apologizes from KD’s behalf and tells her how he forced him to drink with him. Kiya says KD is not a kid that he’d do what others would tell him to do. Omi says that’s right but KD was really upset with his marks. People like KD, results matter a lot to them as they directly affect the career. People like Omi can live well enough without getting top grades but KD needs top grades. Kiya understands this all but says KD forgot her birthday and no amount of excuses, no matter how legit, are enough for her.

In canteen, Panchi advices KD to talk to Kiya tomorrow as she is in a bad mood and RV agrees. But KD says he’ll fix things today only and gets up all charged to fix them, dragging Piddi along with him. RV prays to God to help KD and then flirts with Ruku saying they should prepare for their RS. Panchi, as she sees them getting up to go, asks what will she do alone then? Just then, Avi comes and RV goes away greeting him and winking at Panchi. ViChi sit and Avi is laughing saying he saw KD’s upset face outside and can’t believe he forgot Kiya’s birthday. Panchi sheepishly grins that the entire college knows about it. Avi advices Panchi to tell her Buddy to stay away from dumb people like Omi. Panchi gets annoyed that he is mixing two different things. He did that before as well with the poem. Avi says he was just voicing out his opinions. Panchi retorts then he must have opinions of his girlfriend as well like she should dress like this and talk like that! Avi says he’s her boyfriend and she should know his likes and dislikes. Panchi retorts that his life revolves around Omi, not hers. He always mixes things with Omi and his thought process is always on another tangent and she is fed up of this! She walks away while Avi only calls for her from behind.

KD and Piddi in girl’s locker room and KD forces Piddi to tell him Kiya’s locker. Piddi is scared and KD figures it out. He opens the lock with a bobby pin and puts in his gift for Kiya. Just then, Kiya comes and Piddi, scared, disappears from there. KD takes out his gift and ends up making Kiya’s sanitary pads pack fall on the ground. Kiya sees this and gets embarrassed and shouts at KD for being in a girl’s locker room and treading in a girl’s privacy. She tells him to leave from there! KD steps towards her saying he just wanted to…and ends up stepping on the pads pack. He bends down to pick it up, much to Kiya’s embarrassment and looks at the pack quizzically. Kiya snatches it from his hand and shouts at him to leave and take all his stuff with him! She puts the pack in her locker and closes it and marches away without a single backward glance. KD is hurt.

Precap: Kiya saying to KD that he can’t expect to make mistakes all the time and then say sorry and expect everything will be right like he wants to. For now, she will forgive him but that doesn’t mean all is well between them. She’s gonna take her own sweet time and he should do the same.


Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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