The Buddy Project 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th June 2013 Written Update

KiShaPi in police car. That zaleel, harami, kameena policewala (ZHK) is literally LEERING at Kiya and she’s getting all uncomfortable. KD notices it and gets furious. But before he can act on impulse, Piddi stops him from doing anything stupid. ZHK makes the car turn towards a deserted area to which KD and the lady police protest but he shuts them off saying he’s the senior. He makes the lady police get off from there (Oh crap! )

Ishaan and Avantika meet in ICC and they reminisce about their childhood. While Ishaan tries flirting with her, Tika coolly tells him to back off. Ishaan says he’s here for his brother’s engagement but he’d be late cuz of Avi’s tardiness. Tika tells him Avi is busy so he is free to rush off.

RV, in his full too mad rush, stops the

car in front of his house. He pulls Mini out of the car and drags her inside while she keeps protesting. But he doesn’t listen and takes her inside. She asks where has he taken her and he exclaims it’s his house and he wants to show her how he lives in this huge mansion (it’s an EFFIN’ beautiful house and so big! Which sucks cuz RV is the only one who lives here Main shift hojaoun yahan? ) He drags her to different rooms which are all so classily decorated but have that cold air within them because no one lives in them (There was a huge picture of RV’s parents in the living room with that flower put on it…) When he’s done, he stops in the living room and cries out that she was right, he got everything easily! The money, the house, the luxuries but didn’t she notice he lives in the huge house all by himself?! She’s right, he’s rude, arrogant and ill mannered because he had no one in his life to teach him to be otherwise! No parents, no siblings, no one! He doesn’t know how to adjust with people and live with their flaws because in his life, all he had was memories and memories are perfect! (ALLAAHH!!! This dialogue! Shit! Shit! Shit! No words man…no words! ) He never faced troubles with his parents or relatives but he wished he had, at least that way they would’ve been there with him! What does he have in the name of family? A lawyer? Two old faithful servants? Albums locked in a wardrobe? He doesn’t know what fear is because all those years ago, he lost his parents and his sister! (he had siblings?! ALLAAHH!!! Main ro dungi!! ) And since then, he forgot what the feeling of pain is. Because since then, he never allowed anyone to be close to him so that he doesn’t know what’s it like to lose. And that’s why he’s always at a distance from everyone. She’s right, he doesn’t know what pain or suffering is. But he knows one thing, loneliness! He shouts, is there anyone to listen to him?! No, there’s no one. Because he’s alone…all alone. Then, he breaks down. He just breaks down and starts crying! (The music isn’t helping, I’m crying here!! ) Mini just looks on guiltily..

ZHK and his cronies take KiShaPi to a broken down garage type place. KD asks where have they taken them? ZHK sarcastically asks doesn’t he know why the police brings people at such places? KD STTC that seems like they need money. He has no choice but to give the money meant for RV to them else they’d keep on torturing them like this and won’t let them go. KD says he’ll give them money but please, they should let them go. Crony tauntingly asks how much will he give? 50 rupees? 100 or 200 rupees? KD says he’ll give them so much more than that, KiPi are confused at this. ZHK tells him to take out the money. KD takes out the money and thinks about RV’s words from S1 finale that only money matters to KD. Crony tells KD to put the money on the side. ZHK tells them to leave but stops Kiya from walking away (you have no IDEA how many abuses I’m spitting out right now! ) and says they’ll let her go later. Kiya is terrified and KD says they can’t do this. Piddi stammeringly threatens that he’ll complain against them and ZHK starts slapping him at this (I WANT TO KILL HIM!!!! ) KD holds ZHK’s hand to stop him. ZHK shouts how dare he hold a policeman’s hand?! And takes out his gun and points it to KD’s forehead. KiPi are shocked. ZHK spits out threats that he’d shoot KD in an encounter. Kiya comes there and holds ZHK’s hand in a stopping manner, begging to leave KD alone and asking KD to apologize. KD is unfazed and just asks Kiya to step away. Kiya cries and begs to leave him go. KD just looks at her as she begs for his life. ZHK laughs evilly and says if she values her “Yaar’s” life, she should quietly come to his side. KD glares at ZHK (YES! You go KD! Don’t be fazed one bit!) and again tells Kiya to step back. ZHK fires up at KD’s glare and starts hitting him. Piddi’s leg is hurt so he can’t get up while Kiya just begs to stop it all. He keeps on hitting KD and even Crony begs ZHK to leave them, as they are just kids but he’s possessed by the angry devil and he hits KD so hard that he falls on ground.

VeeNi. RV is calmed down now and he sitting with his back against Mini. He says he’s done with whatever he had to say. He knows she’s still mad at him, whatever he did and said was wrong. He knows she won’t easily forgive him but still, he apologizes. Mini looks at him with a pained guilty look. RV says he’ll drop her to her hostel and gets out without sparing a single look at her. Mini is silently crying as she gets up and sees the huge but empty house.

The door bell rings (funnily, abhi the doorbell to my house also rang ) and Panchi opens the door. Behind it is a HUGE teddy bear looking at her, which is held by Omi. His congratulatory gift for her because his heart is big so the gift should be big as well. Panchi laughs and accepts it and invites him inside. She asks will he have something to eat? Omi sits down saying he’ll have anything but the teddy (which he called “Teddy Bhalu”) won’t have anything, ask why? Panchi asks why and Omi replies, “Cuz it’s already STUFFED!” (Panchi’s expression at this PJ was HILARIOUS! ) She smiles at the absurdity of it all and the door knocks. Handing Omi the TB, she goes to answer it. It’s Avi who hands her some flowers. She praises the flowers are nice and Avi compliments that the house is nice. He sees Omi sitting there with TB (which is so adorable! I ALWAYS wanted a HUGE teddy bear for myself ) Avi rolls his eyes and Omi is not impressed by Avi’s choice of gift. He says to TB that there are more leaves than flowers in the bouquet he bought her, as if he’s here to meet a goat rather than Panchi (“Panchi se nahin, Bakri se milne aya hai!” ) and hi-fives TB. Avi is about to retort but Panchi points at her mother who is coming to greet them. The guys become all attentive to greet Mrs. R. Panchi introduces them. Avi does the Namaste as a greeting and Omi says out loud that from where he comes, they take Aashirvaad. JeeMi glare at each other before Omi takes Aashirvaad from Mrs.R saying Paradise lies beneath a mother’s feet. Mrs.R jokes at this (which I didn’t get cuz of low quality video) and hi-fives Panchi (d’awww!!! <3) Avi compliments her joke and she leaves saying she'll bring something for them to eat. Panchi says she'll show them her room. Avi readily agrees but Omi excuses saying he'll come later. Avi just rolls his eyes and ViChi leave (ye Omi kya karne wala hai? ) Omi goes to the kitchen (lo! Karlo gall Prospective mother-in-law ko patane ja raha hai! ) and asks Mrs.R if she needs help. She smiles saying she's fine and asks are they Panchi's new friends. Omi says he's old, Avi is new (Hain? ). Mrs.R comments Avi seems like a nice guy and Omi says yes, he does seem like a nice guy but there's a difference between seeming and being. Mrs.R asks isn't Avi a nice guy? Omi replies no, he never said that. Avi is a nice guy, very decent and innocent but nowadays, who doesn't be all proud cuz of having too much money? Mrs.R asks is he like that?! Omi innocently replies that's not what he meant but Avi's the son of a HUGE film star, many people come to meet him and give boost to his ego and it does get boosted cuz he's innocent na! () Omi says it's not his fault, his upbringing was done in such an environment. But he's a nice guy, he likes him (Avi) very much (Kasmey?! ) but you know, all these disco type places, a person does get a little spoiled going there. Mrs. R is shocked and asks does Avi go to disco every day?! Omi becomes all scandalized and says he never said that! Avi's actually a very homely person but if some girl from outside comes and takes him away by holding his hand, Avi can't say no. Because he's innocent na! Also, son of a superstar, his house is no less than disco (aisi innocent kaminagiri maine aaj tak nahin dekhi ) But Avi is very sweet, innocent and lovely. Lo ji, Mrs.R gets concerened and Omi does internal bhangra seeing his work getting done! Kiya leans down and begs KD to get up. But ZHK drags her away...Kiya screams at him to get up and near unconsiousness, KD sees Kiya getting dragged (UTHO!!! ) even Piddi shouts at him. When it seems like he is about to get completely knocked out, KD gets up and cries out! (YES! YES! YES!!!!) Precap – KD, a man with a mission, walks towards ZHK and cronies. ZHK takes out his gun but KD calmly snatches it away and points it to ZHK (YES!! My GOD! Must watch this!)

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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