The Buddy Project 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 20th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th August 2013 Written Update

KiSha are helping Piddi get out of the medical room bed and escorting him outside when the Kiss Wali Girl (KWG) comes there. Piddi immediately starts shaking at her sight. She shakes his hand and congratulates him at his feat and asks him for a favor. KiSha are watching this surprising scene unfold as Piddi stammers and agrees to do anything for her. KWG asks him if he’d help her in her studies. KiSha are shocked hearing this and Piddi, more than eagerly, agrees. The girl gets happy and leans in to kiss him but before she can do so, Piddi passes out on the bed again and KWG leaves saying he’s got such a weak heart (In Urdu this type of person is called, “Taddy Dil” as I learned in my 8th Standard Urdu )

Ruku is thinking about her father’s words and cant fight

back the tears. RV is also there at the distance. He sighs and tells her not to think about it and cry when she knew how his father is and what his reaction would be. Ruku blurts out all her frustration at the regressive thinking about her father and many others of this country who don’t want to give girls a chance to make their parents proud and just want to get them married off at young age as they think a girl’s position is only in front of the stove in the kitchen. RV goes to her and agrees with every word she says and adds that every girl has the right to choose her path in life. His own mother, till she lived, was a working woman and never in his memory did she deprive him of the love he deserved and he is proud of that. She did a damn good job balancing her career and personal life so Ruku shouldn’t get worried and cry and doubt her self-belief. She did the right thing by leaving her house to pursue her dreams. RV tells her to stay strong and she’ll achieve great heights. She’ll be so successful that one day his father would look at her with nothing but pride in his eyes. He holds her hand and saye he knows he’ll do great in life. Society doesn’t change overnight but it does change. Ruku is calmed down now and she retorts that he’d be a great politician judging by the way he gives speeches. Was he consoling her or an entire crowd? Seeing the situation is in the now lighter territory, RV says he had gotten into the conversation knowing she’d be hard to console so he got too emotional. But she turned out to be smart! Ruku retorts did he used to think her dumb before and RV sheepishly replies, a little. Ruku again gives her chappal threat () and RV laughingly apologizes.

KD is in his room, worried about the result. But then he sees the flowers and STTC that there’s no point over crying about bad result, that’s done and ended. Today is his Kiya’s special day so he can at least give her a nice surprise. Charged up, he gets up when a boy delivers him the cake. KD thanks him and the guy goes wishing him luck. KD gets happy seeing the heart shaped cake and goes to get ready. Once he’s ready, he very happily STTC that all’s set and now’s the time to give his Kiya a surprise!

As he’s going out, Omi stops him and forces him to sit with him. KD doesn’t tell him about the reason for his rush and sits down as Omi tells his woes that nothing feels good today, Avi got more marks than him and for the first time, Omi didn’t retaliate. KD looks at his watch and says sorry to Omi, blaming himself as the reason Omi got less marks. Because Omi was looking for KD the other day and got into exam late. Omi just brushes it off and KD again gets sad as he remembers his 8th rank. Omi says he knows KD’s result was also bad and he then blames the educational system for it all (predictably ) KD again makes a move to rush but Omi doesn’t let him go. He tells they should “celebrate” this bad day and decides for an impromptu party.

Kiya is waiting for someone’s call impatiently. Phone rings. She picks but it’s only RV. He wishes her happy birthday and says he won’t take much time as KD must be calling any moment. Kiya says it’s Panchi calling on the other line and RV disconnects telling her to party and blessing her. Panchi’s wishes her a birthday and says she knows she must be talking to KD. Kiya says no, it was RV and Panchi gets speechless for a moment but then chirps she won’t be a kabab mein haddi and quickly wishes her and disconnects. Piddi calls her next and followed by Ruku, all more interested in knowing whether KD called or not. Kiya gets heartily disappointed that everyone wished her except KD. She is close to tears.

There, Omi is all but completely passed out due to drinking and he slurps to Omi that he thinks he is forgetting something. Omi mutters in reply that in the morning when he’d be sober, he’d remember everything.

Omi is the first to get up and realize its 15th August. When KD gets in senses, he runs to his room exclaiming that he’s a dead man. Omi follows him to the decorated room and asks what’s all this and what’s wrong? KD says whatever happened till now is nothing to what will happen now!

Independence Day Assembly is in full swing as everyone sings the National Anthem after the flag is hoisted. After it, Dean heads the salute and asks JJ to address the assembly. JJ gives them a patriotic and media related speech. After it all, RV whispers to KD asking how was the birthday surprise, which Kiya overhears and looks away angrily. KD gets guilty and tells RV that he forgot it, much to Kiya’s anger and Piddi-RV’s frustration.

Precap – KD with Piddi, puts his gift in Kiya’s locker. Kiya comes there and asks what he’s doing? Piddi disappears as KD takes out his gift but in his eagerness, Kiya’s pack of sanitary pads fall down which Kiya notices and gets embarrased. As KD moves towards her and steps on them. He bends down to pick them as Kiya wishes that the earth would swallow her (Okay, I so did NOT see that coming! )


Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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