The Buddy Project 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th November 2013 Written Update

Ranveer is ordering something in the canteen when Panchi comes there.She apologizes for her behavior before and says that she really didn’t mean to be rude. Ranveer says its ok and also says sorry for shouting at her. Panchi says to him that she is already very negative and if even Ranveer says such things then she’ll be all the more depressed. Ranveer says that he won’t ever let that happen and they hug. Rukmini sees them together and gets angry.

Kiya is in her photoshoot with the director assisting and encouraging her. KD is at his home and gets worried for her as it’s already past midnight.He calls her but she doesn’t pick up his calls as the director tells her to concentrate on the shoot. However, after getting too many calls from KD the director gets irritated and picks up his call.He says to KD that his girl is busy so please call after the photoshoot ends. KD says ok but is still worried after the call ends.Piddi calls him just then but he doesn’t pick up his call as he is angry.

Piddi is in the library complaining that nobody cares for him as no one is picking up his calls. Just then Ranveer and Rukmini come there, Ranveer trying to talk to her. Rukmini is still angry over him asks him irritatedly if he expects her to act normally after all that happened? Piddi comes over to them and asks why do they keep fighting all the time? However Ranveer tells him to leave thm alone for some time and he goes away angrily. Ranveer tells Rukmini that Panchi did a mistake and is even apologizing for it. He tells her to drop the topic. However Rukmini says that if she did, Panchi must say sorry to her as well. Panchi comes there just then and says sorry to her for her behavior earlier. She says that she is genuinely sorry and asks her to come to the workshop again,however she goes away from there angrily.

The peon is moping the floor when Dean comes there and scolds him for doing it wrongly. He snatches the mop from him and is demonstrating him how to do it when Piddi comes there. Piddi begins buttering him saying that he wants to become like Dean after growing up as his Personality is so good. However, Dean says to him that he has done some mischeif and is now buttering him. He asks him what he did. Piddi says that he hasn’t done anything and complains that the Buddies are all busy in their own lives and no one has time for him . He says that him and Dean should hang out together sometimes are they are quite similar. Dean says that he’ll get just one chance to prove himself and tells him to mop the floor.xD Later Piddi and Dean are shown playing carrom together.

KD comes to Kiya at her photoshoot. Kiya says sorry to him for the last night and asks him if he felt bad hearing the director’s words. KD says that he didn’t and she gets relieved at this. Kiya praises her director saying he is amazing at this. She thanks KD for making her realize the importance of working and says that she feels happy doing it. KD says that he happy for her and they have a LLHH moment. The director comes there just then and Kiya introduces KD to him saying that he is her friend. KD seems shocked hearing this. The director tells her that her photos have come after color correction and they leave. KD gets insecure seeing their closeness.
Ranveer and Panchi are in the workshop where Panchi is teaching the kids to make a Rose of a ribbon but fails to do so and Kids laugh at her. Just then Rukmini comes there tells them about a puppet show. She asks them if they want to see it. The kids say yes excitedly and add that its much more interesting than what Panchi is teaching. She tells them that the show will take place after two days and that everybody has to work hard for it.Ranveer,however, seems annoyed and takes Rukmini aside for a while and asks why is she dividing the kids like this? She replies that she is doing nothing of the sort and did this just because she thought the kids would enjoy this.Ranveer says that why does she want to always show herself better than everyone else? But Panchi comes there and says that she likes her idea very much. The kids will enjoy the puppet show.Ranveer leaves from there angrily.

Panchi assures Rukmini that he’ll be fine after sometime. She adds that he is like this since childhood, very moody. Rukmini taunts her saying that why does she always have to make her realize that Panchi is RV’s childhood friend and knows him better than her? (Aah! Bitter! ) She leaves from there angrily and Panchi is left confused.

Precap: Kiya is at her photo shoot again. KD comes there however a room member tells him to meet her later as shoot is going on. He tells them that Kiya is his girlfriend and he wants to meet her right now.The room members force him to stay out and he gets into a fight with them. The director later tells Kiya that her boyfriend created a scene with the room members. He adds that he wont tolerate this here at any cost. Kiya is furious.

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