The Boss is always Right! – “ MayRa FF “ (Episode 6)

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Episode 6:-

Rudra and Maya’s new journey!!!

Rudra is standing near sea side , Rajeev is standing with him. Rajeev happily gives a hand shake to Rudra.

Rajeev- “ Congratulations man! I want  a treat”.

Rudra is disturbed. Rajeev smiles at him.

Rudra – “ Everybody in our office got to know about this ?”. Rajeev- “ Ofcourse , our colleagues have even planned your honeymoon destination “. Rudra – “ Oho my god ! Everything got messed up “. Rajeev- “ What is the problem? That Devil has agreed to give you divorce after 2 months of your marriage. Then what ?Anyway you are going to be that Devil’s Husband .. Wah ! “. Rudra (irritated tone ) – “ Stop teasing”. 

Rajeev keeps his one arm over Rudra’s shoulders and takes him to other side.

Rajeev- “ Actually Vikram Sir want to meet you, he asked me to take you to him “. Rudra – “ I don’t want to see that person, actually he is the one who put my job into risk . I don’t want to meet him “.  Rajeev – “   Enemy’s enemy are best to befriend. By the way , for your betterment it’s good to keep a relation with Vikram Sir “.

Rudra doesn’t understand his point . Rajeev understand that and he explains it.

Rajeev- “ See , you are a software engineer. According to your qualifications, your job should be at operations department. If you want to get achieve your dreams, you should get into operation department under Vikram Sir . That is better for your progress “. Rudra – “ So I should get into department of Vikram Sir “. Rajeev- “ Yes. Do you know employees who has gone abroad are mostl the from his department. But for that you should do 2 things- 1) Get into good book of Vikram Sir & 2) You need to be a B Level employee “. Rudra ( confused) – “ B level employee ? What is that ?” Rajeev – “  Oho .. see , now you are a C Level employee… which is more like a trainee , they won’t have any grants. Company can fire them whenever they wish that too even without any notice & you can’t jump to other departments. So  you should get promoted as B Level employee , you will get more salary , you will get other incentives . According to your qualifications, you can change to other departments”. Rudra – “ What should I do for that ?” Rajeev – “ She is the one who can do that .. Maya Ma’am. Maya Ma’am should recommend for you “. Rudra – “ Very nice .. it’s like Iam caught in between a beast and sea .. “. Rajeev – “ But if you cross it carefully between beast and sea you can reach abroad . It depends how well you does it “.

Night , Vikram’s Residence .

Vikram is preparing a drink , Rudra and Rajeev is sitting on the couch.

Vikram- “ Would you like you have a drink ?” Rajeev – “ Yes Sir “. Rudra interrupts and says – “ No Sir “.

Rajeev gets angry . Rajeev – “ What the hell !! What is your problem? I lost a drink !”

Rajeev comes to them with his glass , and sits on an adjacent couch to theirs . Rajeev looks sadly at his drink and looks Rudra angrily. He turns .

Vikram – “ So you agreed to marry Maya due to fear of losing your job .. “.
Rudra – “ Yes , Sir.  But Sir if you offer me a help , I will withdraw from the this drama”.


Vikram leans back to couch and sits comfortably.

Vikram – “ What help ?” Rudra – “ If I withdraw , Maya Ma’am will throw me out . Then you should take me to your department “.

Vikram gets silent for a moment. Rajeev eyes his drink while Rudra awaits for Vikram’s answer.

Vikram – “ That’s not possible “.

Rudra gets worried.

Vikram – “ No departments can’t take an employee who is fired from other department , Director board won’t entertain that. And if you withdraw now , Maya will find someone else in that role . In my opinion, you stand with her by making her believe that you will support her. But you should come out from her plan at nick time , and marriage should not happen “.  Rudra – “ Its not possible “.

Vikram and Rajeev looks on.

Rudra – “ She is moving fast , we are going to FRRO office tomorrow “. Rajeev – “ What is that ?” Rudra – “ Foreign Registration Regional Office “. Vikram – “ So .. she is acting fast “.  Rajeev – “ She is so unpredictable , no one can predict her moves . So if didn’t have a check on her .. we will all get into trouble “.

Vikram completes his drink and goes to take another one. Vikram talks while preparing the drink .

Vikram – “ Okay fine . I will take you to my department , Rudra. And during deputation I can send you to Europe “.

Rudra gets happy while Rajeev is sad looking at drink .

Rudra (whispers to Rajeev) – “ Aren’t you hearing that , he will send me to Europe!! Aren’t you happy?”. Rajeev ( whispers) – “ Why should I get happy as he is sending you to Europe ?”

Vikram continues- “ But for that , Rudra you should do 2 things.  First, you should somehow try to delay the marriage . Second, you should make Maya away from the office for few days “.

Rajeev smiles , Rudra looks Rajeev suspiciously.

Rudra ( in low volume , to Rajeev ) – “ Why are you smiling now ?” Rajeev (sarcastically) – “ Because Iam sure that both the things won’t happen”.

Rudra looks him seriously but Rajeev smiles. Vikram comes back with his drink and sits on his old place.

Vikram – “ I know that it won’t be easy . But there is no other option, because I need some time for that . Do you know the name of the officer whom you are going to meet tomorrow?“.  Rudra – “ One   Mr.Raman Bhalla “.

Next day , Morning / FRRO office

Rudra and Maya reaches infront of Raman Bhalla’s cabin.

Maya see a peon and stops him.

Maya – “ Excuse me , we want to meet Mr.Raman Bhalla “.

Peon – “ He will come shortly, please wait “.

Maya – “ Okay “. Rudra – “ Thank you “.

Its a steel bench with three seats . Maya sits on the second seat , Rudra sits on the first seat. Maya shift to third seat to keep some space between them. Rudra looks and then he turns his face.

Maya- “ Why can’t these Government officials be on time ?” Rudra – “ It’s just 9.45am , 10am is the office time “.

Maya looks him sternly, Rudra avoid eye contact with her.

Rudra – “ I mean it’s time for Indian Government office “.  Maya –  “ Oho.. I know . By the way , I will talk inside . Otherwise you will say rubbish “.

Rudra gets irritated by her taunt. He turns his face from her.

They waits .

After sometimes , Raman Bhalla comes there. He notice them sitting there. He comes to them.

Raman Bhalla – “ Are you both here to meet me ?”

They look him. They get up and walk towards him.

Maya – “ Mr.Raman Bhalla ? “.

He nods .

Maya – “ We have an appointment “.

Raman Bhalla – “  Okay,come in”.

They goes in and get seated.

Raman Bhalla – “ Tell me , what help I can do for you ?”

Maya – “ Iam Maya Jaisingh , He is Rudra Ahuja. We are both working in Quadra Infotek “.

Raman Bhalla tries to remember.

Raman Bhalla – “ Maya Jaisingh , Quadra Infotek…. these names seems to be familiar “.

Raman Bhalla

Maya – “ Actually Iam an Australian citizen . I have applied for a visa extension, but you rejected it”.

Raman Bhalla- “ Not by me , by the government “.

Maya – “ But why Sir ?”

Raman Bhalla- “ After Mumbai Terrrorist Attack , Government Rules for foreign citizens has become strict and there are some restrictions on visa extension rules too. This is not a permanent restriction, but people whose visa expires during this time period has to go back to their mother country and should reapply again. Once this restrictions loosens you can come back. I can’t do anything in this matter”.

Maya – “ But my situation is different, we are getting married. In that case , I think Iam eligible for my visa extension, right?”

Raman Bhalla checks his computer.

Raman Bhalla- “ CMO marrying an Assistant?”

Maya and Rudra gets shocked .

Raman Bhalla- “ You are thinking, how did I got to know about it? I got an information that you and your assistant is having a fake marriage so that you can get Indian Citizenship”.

Maya – “ I agree that Iam CMO and he is my assistant, but marriage is real “.

Raman Bhalla- “ The e-mail about this send from an employee of Quadra Infotek, by one Mr.Vikram Mathur”.

Maya – “ Sir, Iam going to get CEO post which he eyed on , it’s just a case of professional jealousy. Hope you understand that!” .

Raman Bhalla- “Okay . Even if I ignore that email, I don’t feel your marriage is genuine “. Maya – “ Why Sir ?” Raman Bhalla-  “ Firstly , see how he sitting?”

Maya looks Rudra. Rudra sits straight.Rudra changes his expression from not interested to pleasant. Maya gives a fake smile.

Raman Bhalla- “ There are other reasons too . Its only you speaking , Mr. Rudra is silent“.

Maya – “ Why Rudra ? Why aren’t you speaking? “.

Rudra – “ Actually Ma’am, He was talking to you . He didn’t asked me anything that’s reason “.

Raman Bhalla- “ So you address your lover as Ma’am ? “.

Maya gets tensed but Rudra smiles.

Rudra (excited tone) – “ No Sir. Excluding our private moments I address her as Ma’am, actually our relationship is a secret “. Maya – “ Yeah , Yeah “. Rudra – “During our private moments I call her Jaanu , Darling, Baby etc.. “.

Rudra covers his face with hands as if he is getting shy. Maya feels weird but fakes a smile on her face.

Maya (while smiling) – “ Yes, Rudra got habitual to that “.

Rudra – “ Iam lavish in case of loving my partner”.

Maya – “ Yeah”.

Raman Bhalla (suspiciously)- “ Even though , you both claim that you are love of intense by words it doesn’t sync with your actions . For instance, when I was coming you both were sitting outside like strangers “.

Rudra – “ Why are you suspecting us as if we are some culprits? “.

Suddenly he catch Maya’s hand and hold it. Maya gets shocked but doesn’t take her hand away. Rudra looks Maya romantically and then he turns to Raman.

Rudra – “ Sir , our love is true… we love each other. Please don’t malign it with your suspicions “.

Maya nods . Rudra hold her hand with his hands. He caresses her hand. Maya gets irritated.

Rudra – “ I told it right na ? Maya ?”

Maya – “ Yes !! “

Raman Bhalla – “ Okay. But since we have got a complaint, there will be enquiry “.

Rudra is completely relaxed.

Raman Bhalla- “ We will enquire about the same to your respective families too. During enquiry , if we get to know that you are breaking the law then the Indian Government will send Maya back to Australia but Rudra , since you are  an Indian citizen you will be jailed for cheating and fraud “.

Suddenly Rudra gets shocked and leaves her hand but Maya hold his hand back.

Maya – “ Sir , are you threatening my fiancé?”

Raman Bhalla- “ Not at all , Iam telling the facts. You should know the seriousness of the matter “.

Rudra thinks for a moment, he leaves her hand. He keeps it on the table. Maya gets tensed.

Rudra – “ Sir, tell me ; What do you want to know ?”

Raman Bhalla- “ The truth, I think now you are ready for it “.

Rudra – “ Yes Sir “.

Maya gets scared .

Rudra – “ Sir , our love , our relationship , our marriage and everything is true”.

Maya sighs in relief and she smiles.

Rudra (confidently)- “ Our decision is final and that too we took it with proper clarity. After marriage, Iam not interested to work under my wife . As that won’t be good for our married life . We have a clear cut plan for that too. Iam a C- Level employee right now , Maya has already recommended for promoting me to a B-Level employee “.

Maya gets shocked over his statement but she doesn’t express it to keep up the drama.

Maya – “ Yeah!!”

Rudra – “ When Iam a B-Level employee, I can leave her assistant job . I can shift another department according my higher qualifications I can acquire some good post. Thus disparity between our jobs will be ruled out . And in the case of our families consent, Maya’s family has no problem with our relationship but my parents haven’t cop up with reality. We want to do it with their consent too”.  Maya – “ Yes , Ofcourse “.  Rudra- “So we are going to my home town the very next day together”.

Maya gets shocked again. Raman seems to be convinced.

Raman Bhalla- “ Is it ?”

Maya – “ Yeah sure , we are going “.

Raman Bhalla- “ That’s nice “.

Rudra – “ Actually, we came here to make ourselves clear to you and know about the formalities regarding this “.

Raman Bhalla- “ This seems to be a convincing story . But still Iam not convinced”.

Rudra – “ You believe it or not Sir, it is true like Sun on the sky that we are going to get married “.

Raman Bhalla- “ If your marriage is genuine, you need not worry. Go ahead . All the best “.

Outside of the office ,

Maya and Rudra comes out , Rudra walks away . Maya’s driver opens door for her. She is about to get in , she see him walking away.

Maya – “ Hey , just stop there “.

Rudra stops hearing her. She walks towards. Driver closes the door and he gets into the car and drives to the place she is standing.

Maya – “ What were you blabbering there ? I have recommended to promote you from C- Level employee to B- Level employee. Don’t even think about it. You were taking advantage of the situation, right? You were sitting there like a cat and you are.. “. Rudra interrupts her – “ If I didn’t continued like that everything would have ruined. When everything was going out of control due to your poor and pathetic performance, I got into it. It was because of my timely intervention and effortless performance that I could get back control over the matter which was on the verge of exposing. Instead of thanking me for that you are taunting me “.

Rudra walks away . Maya gets irritated and upset . Her driver opens the door again but she walks towards Rudra. Driver gets into car and stops it near her.

Maya – “Hey you , stop there”.

Rudra stops and turns.

Driver comes out and stands near the door.

Maya – “ Okay , I agree your performance was good. But why did you grab my hand in between ? Weren’t you taking advantage of the situation?”

Rudra gets irritated .

Rudra – “ Really? Oho god ! Oho , is it how one person take advantage of situation by holding the hand of a women ? Come on , hadn’t you heard what he said ? He felt that we are strangers when we were sitting outside the cabin. I did hold your hands so that matter doesn’t get out of our hands. I had to do it to cover up your mistake that created a suspicion in his mind”.

Maya turns her face . Rudra turns to go but he comes back.

Rudra – “ Ma’am, in between I tried to take off my hand but you didn’t allowed me … why did you do that?? Mmm (naughty tone) Think about it .. haaa !!”

Maya get embarrassed. Rudra walks again. The driver opens the door for her but she runs behind him again. Driver gets into car and continues same.

Maya – “ Hey , you.. ”.

Rudra gets tired of explaining. Rudra turns back . She stands near to him.

Maya – “ Okay fine. I understood. But why that B-Level recommendation?”

Rudra – “ In our place there idea , if someone does a favor on you , you have to return it “.

Maya – “ Iam not firing you from the job is the return of your favor”.

Rudra – “ Oho!! But when I came here I got to know that … “.

Maya – “ What ?”.

Rudra – “ If this drama gets exposed, you will go back to your place easily “.

Maya – “ Yeah !!”

Rudra – “ But I will be jailed..” .

Maya – “ So What ?”

Rudra – “ So What !! Really? Since Iam in more risk , I will have more demand “.

Maya – “ If that is case , I don’t need your help anymore “.

Rudra – “ Are you sure? “

Maya – “ Yes !!”

Rudra – “ Okay fine “.

Maya – “ Hey , just forget your job at Quradra Infotek”.

Rudra – “ I forgot it already”.

He walks off but then Maya looks him.

Maya (shouts ) – “ I will email to every company ..

He comes back .

Maya continues- “ with your profile that you are inefficient, dishonest and completely useless “.

Rudra doesn’t get scared over her threatening and takes it cool. Maya stands there with attitude.

Rudra – “ Oho .. Madam .. Iam from a good farmer family.  If  I loose this job , I will do farming in my hometown… My hands have signs of my hardwork “.

He shows his hands and Maya looks it.

Maya – “ Where ?”

Rudra gets embarrassed as there is no such sign over his palm that he is use to do some hardcore job.

Rudra – “ If I do farming, it will come”.

Maya chuckles . Rudra gets silent.

Maya – “ Anyway , that is the best job for you stupids…. “.

Maya grins. Rudra looks her .

Rudra – “ Do you have any idea to bring someone else to this drama to replace me ? “

Maya – “ Mmm”.

Rudra – “ But for your kind information, now it is not possible. If take someone else to the officer again,  he won’t believe you . Everything will ruined “.

He laughs off . Maya gets angry.

Rudra – “ So you will come to me . I will be there on the fields . Bye “.

Maya gets irritated.Rudra see the driver’s condition.

Rudra – “ First , make settlement over your driver’s problem “.

Maya see her driver standing near the door. He has opened the door and waiting for her to enter.

Maya gets angry . She clinches her fist and says – “ Er .. rr”.

Maya at her home.

Maya is upset. She keeps her phone down on the table. Nisha see her upset.

Nisha – “ You called Rudra , right ?”

Maya nods .

Nisha – “ Are you upset because you had to call Rudra ?”

Maya – “ No .. “.

Nisha – “ Then What ?”

Maya – “ Iam feeling that Iam losing infront of Rudra.. That’s disturbing me Afterall he is my assistant “.

Nisha – “ Can I ask you something? “.

Maya – “ Mm.. “.

Nisha – “Isn’t he eligible to get that promotion?”


Maya – “ Frankly speaking , Yes. I was planning to give him that promotion once I get promoted “.

Nisha – “ Then What ?”.

Maya – “ See, Nisha … there huge difference between a thing Iam giving him and he is snatching from me”.

Nisha – “ So that’s the thing, so now you will have to witness his pride as he snatched it from you with his own brain instead of the respect and thankfulness that you would have received from him if it was you who gave him that promotion. Right ?”

Maya – “ Yeah ,Something like that !”

Nisha – “ Why are getting affected with such silly thing? But Iam concerned thinking how will it be when you go to his house “.

Maya – “ Iam not much worried for that , I was always alone in my life . When I compare to problems I have faced in my life , this is not anything big “.

Nisha – “ When will he come tomorrow?”

Maya – “ I have asked him to come by 9am “.

Next day , Maya’s flat.

Rudra and Rajeev is sitting in the hall wait for Maya .

Rajeev- “ See , here it is her need .. so don’t show over respect when she comes . We are men “.

Rudra tries to serious.

Just then Maya and Nisha comes. Rajeev suddenly stands up and greets her. Rudra gets shocked as Rajeev contradicted his own words. Rudra gets up too. Maya ask them to sit. She sits infront of them.

Maya – “ Okay , I have accepted to your demand. I will send the recommendation letter to promote Rudra to B-Level employee by tomorrow. But from now we should have a clarity on what we are going to do “.

Rajeev – “ Yeah that’s right. It will help to avoid misunderstandings and any further complications. I and Nisha didi will become witness for your marriage “.

Nisha – “ Oho ! Excuse me, who is your Didi?”

Rajeev – “ Okay , Nisha ji is that okay “.

Nisha – “ Mm. Now there is problem for getting your marriage registered , right?”

Rudra – “ Sorry , I can  register the marriage only after I get my B-Level employee order letter  “.

Maya – “ It will take 1 month time “.

Rudra – “ Its Okay. Maya Ma’am , you have 45 days , right ? And I have to talk to my parents regarding this “.

Nisha – “ You can do that yourself , right? Is it important for Maya to come with you ?”

Rudra – “ You don’t my family, they are all little traditional , they can’t digest such temporary marriage concepts “.

Maya – “ If I Come there , they will digest this fact ?”

Rudra – “ Iam not going to present you as my to be wife in a temporary marriage “.

Nisha – “ Then ?”

Rudra – “ Iam going to present you as my real wife “.

Nisha , Maya and Rajeev gets shocked hearing that. Rudra smiles .

Rudra – “ If I say that Iam going to marry then they may reject it strongly . But if I say that we are already married then they have no other option than accepting you. Then everything is in your hand. My mother and grandmother are kind , you can easily be their favorite… after that they will convince my dad . Then they will give a favorable statement when any enquiry comes there”.

Rajeev – “ Hey Man! You are brilliant !!! What an idea!”

Maya – “ Okay , when we have to leave”.

Rudra – “ At earliest as possible, next day .. “.

Maya – “ Okay, I will call my travel agent to book 2 flight tickets for Punjab “.

Rudra – “ We are not going in flight. We are going through train”.

Maya – “What? I will decide in how I should travel “.

Rudra – “ No, from now for few days I decide for both us “.

Maya – “ No way !”

Nisha – “ Hey guys , please stop. You fighting even before the journey, how will manage like this ? Rudra , What is this ? Aren’t we here for a peaceful talk?”

Rudra – “ Tell her , na! If she is behaving like this , how she please my mother? “.

Maya is sitting upset and angry.

Rudra – “ From now on you are not my boss , you are my wife . You have to give some respect and should obey me as wife does with her husband “.

Maya sits silent.

Rudra – “ See, my family is going to see you for first time. So you should be in a saree”.

Maya – “ Saree ! I don’t have Saree .. I haven’t worn  it”.

Rudra – “ What is a big a matter in that? You go out today , and buy one . And carry some traditional dresses too”.

Maya gets irritated. Nisha ask to relax. Rajeev wonders hearing Rudra .

Rudra – “ From now we should be really careful as we are surrounded by a huge chain of lies”.

Rajeev – “ I hope that won’t turn into your biggest problem “.

Rudra’s looks him tensely. Rajeev sits silent.

Next day, near railway station.

Rudra and Rajeev walking towards to the railway station.

Rajeev – “ Iam not getting this, in what hope you taking this devil to your house? What will be your future if everyone in your hometown gets to know about your marriage?”

Rudra – “ Who is going back to that rural place again? I will get settled in any European country . Didn’t you heard what Vikram Sir told? To make her away from here for few days . If I haven’t tricked her like this will she agree to come with me ? And I have some other intention to take her to my place as my wife“.

Rajeev (chuckles )- “ Mm… Oho !!! You are … “.

Rudra – “ It’s not what you are thinking!! There is someone who troubles me there , I need to return it back. And to revenge her back for all troubles she did to me till date “.

Rajeev- “ Will all these going happen ?”

Rudra – “ Why not ? Once we reach my hometown, she will get to see my real face. I seems to be humble but Iam not . Iam really crooked “.

Rajeev- “ I knew it from our very first meet that you are really crooked “.

Rudra looks him sternly , Rajeev turns his head .

Rajeev- “ Its 5.30pm already, that Maya haven’t reached. What if she changed her mind?”

Rudra – “ Please don’t say such negative things “.

Rajeev- “ By the way , while revenging her .. please do add mine with your revenge “.

They waits for Maya outside the station.

Maya and Nisha comes there in a taxi and they get down.

Rajeev see them.

Rajeev- “ See ,they came in taxi”.

Maya and Nisha comes to them. Rudra looks her tensely.

Maya is smiling.

Rudra – “ Hey, What is this ? I asked you to wear Saree, right ? Then why did you worn jean and top ?”

Maya gets hyper.

Maya – “ Hey Man , Is any of your .., “.

Rudra – “ Stop .., this how you will address me with respect “.

Maya gets irritated but controls it. She looks him sternly. Rudra gives her serious look. Maya suddenly changes her expression to a humble person and smiles. She acts as shy girl.

Maya – “ Oo Pati Dev  ji, suniye na … Train mein toh aap ki gharwale mere kapde dekhne ke liye maujood toh nahi hoga na. Phir toh tension lene ki koi gal nahi hain na? ( Oo my respected husband ,please listen… There won’t be any of your family member to see my dress inside the train. Then there is nothing to worry, isn’t it?)  “.

Rudra gets surprised seeing her talking like that. He couldn’t believe his ears.

Rudra ( in disbelief) – “ What did you addressed me?”

Maya – “ Pati dev ji “.

Rajeev whispers in Rudra’s ears.

Rajeev- “ She is in full swing !!! “.

Rudra feels weird. Maya blinks her eyes continuously and shows shynesss . Nisha controls her laughter seeing Rudra worried by Maya’s acting.

Maya (shyly) – “ Pati dev Ji  … is there problem with that now ?”

Rajeev and Rudra – “ Not at all”.

Rajeev whispers- “ She is all ready for a war with you . Be careful!”

Then a man brings 2 huge suitcases and a bag . He keeps it near her. Rudra gets shocked seeing that.

Maya – “ Thank you , Bhai”.

Rajeev whispers- “ Is she planning to stay there for whole lifetime?”

Rudra – “ What is this ? “

Maya – “ These are all my luggage, Pati dev ji ”.

Rudra – “You can’t take some luggages “.

Nisha – “ What is this Rudra ? It’s all someone personal things , how can you interfere in that ? “.

Maya – “ Yeah “.

Rudra – “ Okay fine … I won’t interfere but don’t ask me to carry all these when we reach there”.

Maya – “ I can take my luggage, I don’t need anyone’s help for that “.

Rudra – “ Okay then , come . Let’s go “.

After sometimes,

They gets into the train. Maya is standing near the door talking to Nisha.

Nisha – “ Just take this a holiday trip “.

Maya – “ Yeah , that it”.

Nisha – “ Call me everyday”.

Maya – “ Yeah sure”.

Rudra and Rajeev is standing outside the train.

Rudra – “ Please take away that friend of her. What if she brainwash her and doesn’t let her come with me? Everything will be ruined ” .

Rajeev – “ Mmm.. “.

Announcement comes as train is about start. Rajeev heard it.

Rajeev – “ Train is about to leave , go get in fast “.

Rudra gets in and ask Maya to get inside coach .

Rudra – “ Its time to leave “.

Maya – “ Bye “.

Nisha – “ Bye”.

Nisha moves aside . Rajeev stands there . Rudra takes Maya to the coach. Nisha leaves. Rajeev was about to go. Rudra comes back and whistles . Rajeev turns back . He see Rudra laughing and waving his hands to him. Rajeev smiles.

  1. amazing episode. i loved the way the story is going. i wonder who is the girl in the village whom rudra wants to take revenge from. raman bhalla aka karan’s entry was good.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you .. Let’s see who he want to revenge!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    finally vikram has agreed to take rudra in his department with some demands.but I doubt whether he is genuine.rajeev saying he lost his drink was funny.surprised to see raman.surprising that he feels that they are faking to be a couple.rudra saying that when they are alone he calls Maya jaanu darling was funny.rudra asking Maya why she didn’t allow him to take his hand back was funny.rudra is really putting maya into the trap by talking about the high posts.😁😁.rudra wants to take revenge on whom?Maya calling rudra pati devji was the story’s turning point has come.waiting to read the next part.perfect pics

    1. Adhu

      Thank you so much for the long comment. 😊

  3. Shesha485

    Wow, the episode is fantastic. Rudra holding Maya’s hands, Maya’s doesn’t let his hands to leave, Rajeev’s wine lost expressions are so funny. Surprisingly Mr.Bhalla is here. So, Maya and Rudra are going to village. Maya addressing him as pati dev and further conversations including Nisha’s laughter is hilarious. Rajeev contradicting his words is literally his deep fear it seems like he could not even overcome it. Nisha advising Maya to act cool with Rudra, Nisha scolding Rajeev is nice.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you so much for the long comment. ☺️

  4. I was desperately waiting for the episode. Awesome episode rudra maya conversation with Mr. Raman bhalla, maya’s driver continuing the same thing, rudra telling maya about his hand having the sign of his hardwork, rudra and maya’s fight and specially the last part was very funny and entertaining 😁😂and also love the way how rudra compels maya to promote him 😄

    1. Adhu

      Thank you for the long comment.☺️

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