The Beautiful Spy – Chapter 9

“Add some more stock now and then you can add the mushrooms.” Eva instructs professionally.

Even the kitchen towel seem to be swaying along with her expert hands. Eveready to wipe them.

I ladle out the vegetable stock and pour it on the rice as she said but not before showing it to her to check if the quantity is adequate.

It is already half an hour since we started cooking. After Eva added the mushroom, I pour in some more stock.

She was guiding me with each step and I tried to remember it all.

Since I had decided to take up Stefano’s offer, I wondered I should spend some time in the kitchen. There was not a reason why I should not be taking up the job as my intent since the beginning was to get inside the building.

The mouthwatering smell lingered in the air as Eva was almost done cooking.

“And the mushroom risotto is ready.” She announces raising her hands while smiling contently at me.

I am not completely a bad cook but I am only aware of few dishes.

The limited knowledge was to be able to survive if I ever landed on an inhabited island.

One of the reasons why my best friend, George chose Eva for my roommate.


“She is the one. She even has a bakery.” George said excitedly holding the paper that had her information.

“Imagine eating your own cooked food.” He teased expressing a horrified face. “The horror.”

“Much better than surviving with you.” I flatly retorted.


She was a perfect one. A naive, easy-going Italian.

Her innocence sometimes made me jealous.

When you travel around the world, you experience many things. You become strong and wise. And somewhere you lose the innocence as you grow. Intentionally or unintentionally. I had lost the innocence Eva wore naturally.

She was not very happy when I informed her of my new job. Her expression were of fear and worry.

She knew of the looming danger that I was so confidently inviting.

“Just take care of yourself.” She had warned.

She was fragile. And somehow it affected me. The world I was dwelling in must be set separate from them.

The greedy when unfulfilled will lunge upon the innocent.

I felt responsible for everything that was to come. But I should not.

I am a spy and I am just performing my duty.

Sleep was far away. My mind was fogged with thoughts. I was stepping into an unknown territory of emotions.


The next morning I took a cab to the mansion and was surprised when the guards didn’t stop me at the entrance.

I see the hall that is usually filled with chatter and laughter of the men empty.

It was seemingly quiet except the infrequent clattering of metal from the kitchen.

I walk there to see Ama already there with two maids helping her.

“Good morning Myra” She greets on noticing me.

“Hello Ama. I am late I guess.” I check my watch to see it was exactly nine.

“You are not late dear. I came early. I have to leave before lunch.” She informs while brewing coffee.

“Rebecca’s wedding is five days away. I am afraid you will have to handle the kitchen in my absence dear.” She says apologetically.

I smile giving assurance I myself don’t trust. “Don’t worry. I will try my best.”

She pours the coffee on each mug as I stand there unable to decide where to start with work.

Ama looks behind to see the girls busy cutting vegetables and washing dishes.

“I can take these.” I say picking up the tray.

Her face lit up but immediately turned faint. “The chief arrived today early morning. He didn’t seem quite pleased.” She said before directing me to the office.

I nodded understanding her concern while tuning in my own thoughts.


I knock the office door and the lady I met a day ago opens it.

“Who is it?” I hear someone ask.

“She came with the coffee.” Natasha says to them letting me in.

Stefano, Marco and Lucas were sitting in the chair around the long table. But that’s not what caught my attention.

It was the man at the centre.

Antonio Romano.

Stefano’s father.

The chief of the whole organisation. The cruel, heartless, cunning mafia.

He was nowhere as old as he looked in the pictures. Grey hair and stubble for a beard that defined the outline of his face. Cheekbones a little too high. Permanent dimple on the cheeks. One would think he is a thirty year old if not for the wrinkles giving away his age.

His eyes scanned me like I was an unexpected product delivered at his doorstep. It was not an improper gaze. Not sultry. Not perverted.

It was one of those look where someone wonders what to do with a thing you can’t throw.

It was a gaze of doubt, curiousity and warning.

“Is that her?” He asks to the men.

Stefano nods and then looks at me.

Unable to hold the anger swarming up, I had to put the tray on the table. The shiver from rage must not be confused with the tremble of fear.

I let down the tray on the table and take a step back while studying their actions.

“Lucas.” Antonio cues.

“Myra Rob; Age 24; Romita apartment, Mestre.” Lucas speaks the data he remembered. “Orphan with no relative. From Lazio. Present roommate Evangeline Bianchi.” He continues and I silently turn to each of them to read their blank face.

“You are aware of the situation?” Antonio questions me suddenly.

Stefano who was sitting on his right passes me a look I can’t read. An expression of something I don’t quite understand.

I raise a brow at him pretending to not understand the question.

I can’t act very brave and smart in front of these men. That will just make it difficult for them to trust me.

A naive person can be trusted more easily with a believe they won’t do any harm to them.

“The situation with James Walsh.” Stefano speaks with discreet annoyance.

“Yes I am aware.” I reply to Antonio.

“So what are you going to do about it?” He asks casually.

His face screamed evil in so many forms. Cold and heartless enough to destroy a family without a thought.

If he asks me what I am going to do with him, he may never hear the answer for I will rip his head apart the next second without any hesitation.

“I will comply with your orders.” I say confidently.

He nods like it was what he was expecting but it lacked agreement.

With a bored tone he warns. “Live up to your words.”

“She smells trouble.” Antonio voices. In front of me. While I was still standing there.

“I will take the risk.” Stefano assures confidently as Lucas and Marco give him a concerning look.

They were letting me hear it. Intentionally. To sow fear inside my heart. To rip it out if I so even make the slightest mistake.”

When I say blo*dy bastards, I f**king mean it.

Unable to further feel their presence in the same room, I look away from them.

I realised Natasha was standing there. She was listening to the whole conversation. Must be really important to be present in the private meeting.

“You may leave now.” She says to me robotically.

The whole day I was either in my own thoughts calculating and strategizing or in the kitchen preparing food to feed my enemies before butchering them.

Esme showed up late afternoon with Lucas.

“Myra, I wanted you to meet my husband, Lucas.” She introduces giving me quite a shock.

I was certain Stefano was not her husband. I was restless until I cleared my doubt after reading the files on them.

Lucas had a very appealing appearance. The jeans clad on his long legs were strikingly s*xy. His eyes were a shade of ocean blue. He was almost the equal of Stefano in rank had it not been inherited.

Lucas gives me a stern nod which I mirrored. His left hand was inside the pocket and right hand rested on Esme’s waist.

“She needs to be careful.” He warns as if I wasn’t standing there in front of him.

Esme smacks his arm playfully. “She is new. Give her some time to adjust.”

Lucas ignores the conversation on me and pats her head lovingly before giving her a kiss on the forehead. “I will be back before dinner.”

“I love you. Please take care.” I hear him say softly to her before giving her a peck on the lips.

Esme blushes visibly biting her lips at the display of affection before us.

The men were all out at this time. Lucas was the last to leave. And Esme was taking rest.

I have counted the number of servants and they were seven in total. Considering the huge building, it was a less number. But in my favour.

It must be to keep the area secure. Lesser the entries, lesser the chances for enemies to penetrate. However, the enemy has already invaded their sacred place.

Without wasting a minute, I walk straight to the study where I had seen some documents that may be of use.

I survey the corridoor and hasten my steps.

The study is empty as I expected. I turn the blinds and hurry back to the table. I pull the drawers. But they were locked.

He obviously took the key with him. Or it must be with Natasha.

I rummage through the open shelves to find a file with International Relations written on it.

Before I can open it I hear footsteps approaching towards the door. I think he already heard the rustling of the papers because the footsteps halted.

I hurriedly place the file back on the shelve. And a second later the lights were out. It was dark. It made the faint sound of the footsteps more audible.

I hid behind the door obscuring my heavy breathe.

My plan is to just shove him and lock him inside giving me enough time to get back.

But he of course do not share the same idea.

The moment the door click open, a hand lunges on my neck strangling me. On reflex I face down the ground, pulling my chin down.

The blo*dy hands merciless as they were do not let me breathe and I choke.

I fight back his murderous hold on my neck setting it apart and try to kick him on his manhood.

He let go of my neck but defends the kick.

Just a chokehold and I realise I can’t fight his strength alone. Not in a dark room that I am not aware of as he is.

I must escape.

He quickly grabs me by my waist, my hair ruffling on his face. His other hand grazes my back just where my hair ends.

I took the chance to twist his hand simultaneously turning around to kick him on his chest. Unprepared for my move, he stumbles upon the table.

I run to the door as fast as I can and lock it from outside before he can catch me.


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