The Abyss- Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi (chapter -26 )

The Abyss- Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi

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Chapter 26

Jhanvi sat with a smile on her face as everyone sat on the dining table that Sunday afternoon. Conversation and laughter flowed on and off on the table and she personally, loved that feeling of family. She missed her mummyji a lot during this particular time but was glad that she was trying to attain her peace. After a long time, she felt lovely and she was catching a lot up in her children’s lives.
She surely laughed a lot at the cute antics of Soumya and Rudra as they fought over pizza, if it was a health food or not- defended by Soumya; or unhealthy junk as stated by Rudra. Both gave ample reasons as well to back up their answers and argued loudly till Anika banged a spoon, noisily and suddenly, to break the verbal battle.
Prinku took up the opportunity to speak on lead an important conversation and addressed her parents and siblings. “Mom, dad, chotte papa, bhaiya” she glanced meaningfully at the trio “I need to discuss something important.” Feeling the discomfort of the younger ladies, she spoke up “It includes you both as well” and shifted her glance to Pinky. For a brief second their eyes met, and she got all the confidence she needed. “I have to announce something really important.” “No, no, no…. this can’t be possible. This is absolutely impossible.” Rudra said. “What are you blabbering about, Rudra?” Tej asked, irritated. “You can’t be pregnant” Rudra shouted, looking alarmed.
At the moment, it seemed, the hell broke loose. “Who’s the guy?” screamed her father. “I’ll not leave him” Shivaay thundered. “When did this happen?” asked Soumya. Her mother looked aghast. The events turned so chaotic that she began to feel suffocated and terrified. Her hands began to shake uncontrollably and her breaths came out in short gasps. Om, Shakti and Anika sat as silent spectators as the others began to make assumptions. “Arre chup ho jaao, chup ho jaao sab ke sab.” Pinky shouted amidst of the confusion, cutting everyone off. The eyes turned to her and Priyanka. Om quickly poured a glass of water and forwarded towards her and she gulped the whole glass down in one single breath.
“Now, rather than making assumptions, will you guys hear me out” she asked as she drew in a sharp breath. Everyone looked sheepishly towards her. “Thanks” she said in a voice heavy with sarcasm “I wanted you to invite you all. In case you people aren’t busy, to a dance show.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief before looking at her, puzzled. She had never persisted on anything; the first and last time was the raksha-bandan last year. “You guys seem puzzled I understand, but, it’s my show.” Gasps of surprise left everyone’s mouth and they stared at her with clear look of shock. She gave everyone passes and continued, “It’s on Friday the 12th. Okay, I’m done.” Saying so, she escaped. Pinky followed her to avoid any kind of inquiry and to celebrate Prinku’s first speech in family.
Soon after they had their lunch, Jhanvi asked “Kids, what will you be doing this evening?” clearing the plates away. Tej got up and began to help her at which Om gave a sarcastic smile but Jhanvi looked pleased. “Mom, I don’t have any special plans and as for Shivaay…” “Badi mom, I have some work” Shivaay answered. “We are going on a date” Rudra piped up, looking proud.
Jhanvi laughed at her so-excited son. “Why are you asking mom?” asked Om out of curiosity. “I was asking generally. Om will you please drop me to the spa; I have an appointment. I will be out late tonight. And darling, please come to pick me by six, okay?” she said to Om. Tej’s mouth hung open. “But today’s Sunday. I thought it was your leave today.” “Of course it is. I’m going out with a friend” Jhanvi replied in a dismissive tone.
“Okay mom,” Om replied “Meet you here in half an hour.” Jhanvi passed one of her beautiful smiles and went upstairs while Tej kept staring at her. Om stopped his car outside the spa. “Mom, why did you suddenly plan to go out tonight?” he asked, unable to hold his curiosity any longer. “Om, I realized after I joined office, that I have been missing a lot of things and hurting everyone who’s attached to me. Past cannot be undone and we have suffered enough. I’m letting go of the past and moving on; it’s the only right thing to do. I have forgiven my past but now I need to find myself. You need to do the same, child.” She kissed his forehead before she got out. “Be here by six”, she shouted, before disappearing into the building.
Rudra sneaked into his, better be called, Soumya’s room. Soumya looked exhausted yet very, very pretty as she lay down at the couch with her eyes shut. In front of her was a huge pile of clothes, in a mess. He quietly scanned the heap and pulled out a simple Persian blue dress. It looked classy and s*xy but decent at the same time. He turned back to see Soumya smiling at him. He looked sheepish but handed her the dress, smacked a kiss on her head and went out, grinning idiotically.

A whistle sounded in the hall and he felt his jaw touch the ground. Rudra and Anika wolf-whistled again and again while Soumya, Shivaay and Priyanka hooted. Pinky clapped her hands, excitement and joy splashed across her face. Jhanvi descended the stairs looking marvelous. Marvelous would be just a small word; she seemed the epitome of beauty. He tried to regain his composure but failed. Her eyes sparkled, and her open smile was radiant as she climbed down the stairs looking joyfully at everyone present.
“Wow mom! You look fantastic. Are you going on a date as well?” Rudra queried with a mischievous smile. Om and Shivaay tapped his head from behind and said “Shut up Rudra.” Rudra grinned, unabashed, at his brothers before Anika complimented “Jhakkaas lag rahin hein aap, aunty.”
Jhanvi smiled coyly at everyone making his heart flutter. “Thank you Anika” she said before announced “I’m going to enjoy so I decided to be me and dress up. I’ll be late tonight so no need to stay up for me, okay?” she added turning to him, “Tej, why don’t you go out and enjoy? I’m sure many people are waiting for you.” “Enjoy your evening dears,” she wished as she kissed each child’s head before exiting the room.
He felt it almost like a slap across his face when Rudra remarked something about how his mother could pass for thirty year old and can get married again along with him and Soumya. He did not join in the laughter that followed and decided to go upstairs to his room. In the loneliness and silence of his room, he kept thinking about his wife’s behavior for the last few weeks and the change he saw in her. Nevertheless to say, he, Tej Singh Oberoi, was falling for her, Mrs. Jhanvi Singh Oberoi, again.
Soumya teared up to see such a beautiful setting for their date. The farmhouse was dimly lit with scented candles and rose petals strewn across the floor, making a path for them. He offered her his hand and escorted her inside. He made her sit on a chair and put on a slow music, went to her and bending down at one knee he asked, “Will the beautiful lady honor me with a dance?” “No….” after a minute pause, she said “Dumb Singh Oberoi, I don’t know how to.”

“Do you trust me, Sumo pehelwaan?” he spread out his palm to her and she hesitatingly kept her hand into his. He took her to the dance floor and began swaying his body with the slow beats, her body snuggled with his. And as if by magic, her body followed his lead. They swayed and moved; they danced around lightly. Whenever she tripped, he caught her; whenever she hesitated, he pulled her along. Slowly, she began to enjoy the slow, sensual movements, their bodies against one another, his breath fanning her face and neck. She felt she was the happiest woman alive. She kept her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeats, accelerated yet deep and calm.
Anika and Shivaay sat quietly beside Saahil as he looked solemnly at the two. “So, why do you suppose that I will agree to your request? I have many misgivings and reasons for denial.”
“Saahil…” Anika started to object but Shivaay pressed her palm lightly with his, indicating her to stop. “Of course I know, Saahil. Whatever I ever did to your sister, I’m very, very sorry for it. You have the full right to decide if you want to forgive me or not. I’m ready to bear all your punishments, but think calmly for once. I love your sister very much and am telling this to you because” he took a pause and looked at Anika, who looked suspicious, and turned to him “because I want to marry her.” Anika’s eyes went round as saucers and her mouth hung open.
Jhanvi smiled as Jai proceeded to imitate every couple in the restaurant making her laugh. Together they poked fun at some person or another making quite a bit of heads turn towards them and earned a few dirty glares- which they didn’t mind, of course. Jhanvi politely refused the wine he offered and they went out. After staring at each other in silence, she said awkwardly “May be I should go home.”
“What! No! Not now. Let’s go to some other place.” He hired an auto-rickshaw, leaving the car in the parking lot and took her to a bowling alley. “Remember, we used to come here during our high-school and college?” Jai remarked. Jhanvi was delighted. “But of course! How can I ever forget this place? I beat you to the game every time.” “Oho! That was when I was young. I bet I’ll win tonight.” He stated with a smirk. “What do you mean? We’re playing?” “Why? Are you scared that you’ll lose?” “In your dreams, old man” Jhanvi replied, rolling her eyes and lining up for the tickets.
Jai followed her lead “Hey, I’m not that old” he complained, paying for the tickets “Larkiyan mujh par marteen hai.” “As I said earlier, in your dreams” Jhanvi made a gesture of ‘you lose’ before taking up their positions.
Pinky laughed with Priyanka as they watched a club kick-boxing fight. They always had shared the same wild streak of exploring their world and both possessed a list of ‘things to do before I die’. Pinky never tried anything adventurous as she was alone and nobody understood her. After her ever so delightful jethani ji became alcoholic, she had to manage the house, take care of household expenses, pujas and fastings, her mother in law, the children, kitchen, laundry and her husband as well. She longed for her husband’s support or her child’s love, but she was denied of both. She hardly had any time for herself and it soured her. She, from time to time, burst out so that someone may try and understand her but, was either ignored or instructed to keep her mouth shut.
But despite of everything, she was loved and she fell in love, more and more with the youngest child of the house. Little Priyanka, though fearful of her reaction, had asked for her help to learn dance. She was the one who valued her, listened to her relentless banters, had had midnight ice-cream with. She was the one who had talked to her about periods, giggled about her first crush and also about the art exhibitions in school and the cute boy who wore spectacles in class. Pinky couldn’t help but marvel the best person in her life, standing and hooting at the fighters in the ring, her face alight with pure joy.
Om switched off his laptop after working for a long time that evening. Suddenly, his phone beeped. It was an unknown number and the hour was late. He took up the call and sat up straight as he heard the childish tinkling-bell-like voice at the other end “Om handsome.”
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By Aashi.

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