Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena gives the Advertisement for Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 8th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab and Thapki colliding with each other. Thapki says that guy missed due to you. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She tries to free her dupatta and his watch falls down and breaks. He says no, seeing it broken. She says it is not my mistake. Purab asks who will give its money now. She writes 5 lakhs and 10 lakhs on paper and gives in his hand and says I will return all your money one day. He says don’t meet me again, I will think it as my payment. He says nuksaan Devi and walks away. Veena Devi returns home and tells that she found her. Dadi says you have to test what kind of person is she. Veena Devi says when she comes here, then it will be seen as Maa Saraswati left her Veena and blessed us. She says only she can take my place, she can test the relations and can become the bahu of the house and the singer of our company. Dadi asks who is she? Veena Devi says I couldn’t meet her, but my shagun must have reached her by now. She shows her empty hand and hugs Dadi. Tai ji thinks whom she has given the bangles. Thapki is thankful to the person giving her so much money. Dadi says atleast you would have tried to know her name. Veena devi says she tried, but there was crowd and I couldn’t meet her. She says she was also in a hurry and left. Thapki prays to the God and gives her side of happiness also to the persons helping her.

Hansika says your mom is very tough, and it has become a big task to make her hear my voice. Purab says Mom promised me that she will hear your sample, and she has to fulfill the promise.

Arjun asks what to do with this money. Thapki says someone helped us without thinking, and says if we spend this money on ourself then what face we will show to Mata Rani, and tells that they shall give the money for the hospital charitable fund. They open the cloth and finds the bangle too. He says it seems to be precious, we shall give this for charity too. Thapki says someone helped us by giving away this bangle, we shall return it. Sudha comes there and says wah Thapki, you are talking about giving charity. Preeti says yes Mummy. Arjun says you haven’t given her money, and says Thapki will decide about this money. Sudha says who will pay for their stay at our house. She snatches bangle from her hand. Doctor comes out and tells that you can meet your mother after sometime, she is fine now. Thapki checks for the bangle. Arjun says Maa took it.

Veena asks the employee to give the advertisement in the newspaper, that the girl shall come and meet her, who was singing sitting in veil. He says ok. Vinod asks what happened? She says you will know tomorrow, says I have to practice singing tomorrow.

Thapki sees her mother gaining consciousness and asks if she is fine. She says why shall I say sorry to you alone, we were scared and asks how she will stay with her, as a ghost. Mama ji asks Thapki to go home and rest, says he is here with her mother.

Tai ji reads the newspaper and says what kind of girl is Veena searching? Veena is practicing singing. Servant keeps cooker on the gas stove and it whistles. Tai ji asks what did you do? You have hinder in Veena’s practice and asks him to run away. Veena Devi comes there and scolds Servant. She asks Purab not to feel bad if some mistake happens. Purab says sorry and asks her for a chance. Veena says today chef got a chance and tells that she will find the voice she is searching for.

Preeti shows the advertisement to Sudha. Sudha asks what to do with this Advertisement. Preeti asks if this Ad is for Thapki, she had sang song in temple and got money. Arjun asks Thapki not to worry, as he will take the bangle. He goes to Sudha’s room silently. Thapki drinks water. Arjun takes the bangle and shows to Thapki. Sudha closes the newspaper and keeps on the table. She says I won’t let Thapki and her mother suffer and will not let her destiny sparkle. Arjun brings bangle and gives to Thapki. Thapki sees VD on the handkerchief as she keeps the bangle. She googles on the internet about Veena Devi, and finds her wearing the same bangle in the pic. She says this bangle is given to me by my idol Veena Devi.

Purab is in the meeting. Hansika calls him. He picks the call and says he is in a meeting. She asks him to read newspaper. Thapki says Veena Devi heard my song and gave me this bangle. She gets happy and says Veena Devi helped me. Arjun says she got happy with your voice and gave it. He says think it as Guru Dakhina. Thapki says I have not become her Shishya and is not ready to take this big responsibility, I will be happy and will return this bangle to her. Veena hopes that the girl comes to her, and then she will teach her singing herself. Purab reads the newspaper and thinks who she can be, whom Mom called. Thapki and Mama ji come to the Veena records. Purab calls Veena and asks how you will identify her, we have less time to identify the right talent, says talent hunt. He says you have to hear everyone’s voice. Veena says she will come soon and asks him to manage. Dadi asks Veena to tell Purab and says if Purab doesn’t like her. Veena says Purab will like her, and just as she enters our house, everything will be fine, nothing will stop. They come to the studio and find many people standing. Purab asks Varun to shift everyone to the auditorium in 10 mins, and get all their info. Thapki tells Mama ji that they shall come tomorrow seeing the crowd. Just then they see Veena records audition sign board. Mama ji asks her to give audition. She says she stammers and can’t sing. Mama ji says I have a strong feeling that your work will be done. Watchman sees her and asks her to go inside, as her voice is good. Mama ji asks her to take Mata Rani’s name and come inside.

Precap: Thapki is asked to go for audition by the staff member. She is about to enter the audition room, when Purab stops her and asks who is she to give audition. Thapki says she is an artiste. He accuses her for taking someone else name to enter. Later an employee tells Veena that one girl didn’t give audition. Veena devi sees her name and says my heir and my bahu Thapki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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