Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki slaps Hansika

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki apologizing to Purab and tells that she will repent her mistake which happened unintentionally. She says about Maa ji, for a singer, a big medicine is her sangeet and says when Maa ji takes Veena in her hand, she will be fine. He asks her to have food and makes her have food. Hansika looks at them and gets upset. Priyanka asks her to stop and asks her to make Thapki as your guru. She says there is two types of people in the world and says innocent and good people like Thapki and cunning people like you. Hansika asks her to enjoy and says we will talk when something happens to you. Priyanka says I am very happy with my husband. She goes to Sagar and keeps the milk. Sagar asks what happened? Priyanka asks him to concentrate on her. She tries to woo him. He says don’t irritate me, I am having so much work. He gets a call and says he is leaving. Priyanka takes out the night suit from the wardrobe and thinks his concentration will divert. Sagar deletes search history. Later Sagar sleeps. Priyanka comes to him wearing the nighty and tries to wake him up. He is fast asleep. She plays the song and says your favorite song, hot wife is at your side…etc. Sagar is still sleeping. She gets upset.

Thapki looks at Veena and Purab from outside the window. She pulls the sofa near the window and sleeps sitting there. Veena Devi gains consciousness and sees Purab sleeping sitting on the bed. He wakes up calling Mom. Veena says I am here. He says you scared us yesterday and shall not do this again. He says I am not ready to lose you. Veena says my career is my tapasya, and everything is ruined due to Thapki and says I am sure that she must have taken CD from the safe and showed everyone. Thapki cries. Purab says you can get career and company again, but I can’t get mother again. Veena says I am sorry. She hugs Purab and says I was so sad that I didn’t think about you, and asks for forgiveness. She says mother inside me will be alive, but don’t know if I will sing again or not. He recalls Thapki’s words and tells that he will bring something for her to eat. He says when I return, I shall find the same strict, pious Veena Devi. He sees Thapki standing on the window and goes.

Later Purab brings Veena Devi to the music room and says until when it is with you, everything is fine. He says I want my mom and Veena Devi back. He says I am very greedy and asks her to do riyaaz. She says we will do your solo concert. He says if one person is commenting bad, then others have been praising you. Sapna says Sagar told that company shares are getting down and asks her to save everyone from the destruction. Vinod says Purab and you shall handle this company, there is no option to lose. Dadi says atleast say yes for us, if not for you. Purab says I promise, I will not organize any show without your permission. She asks her to take her own time. Sapna says we don’t have time and asks them to set the time today, so that everyone gets the deserved answer. Veena Devi looks at the Veena.

Later Veena is all set to sing. Purab asks if she is ready. He gets a call and goes. Veena recalls Meera cancelling the deal. They see news in which it is said that veena is inspiration for many. Veena says I will not stop until I will get what I want. She says I will be ready in 2 mins. He smiles and goes. He asks Thapki did you play this CD? Thapki nods yes. He thanks her and leaves. Hansika thinks although she stammers, but her mind works fast. She thinks if this concert goes smooth then everything will be ruined. All the family members and the audiences are sitting down the stage. Purab asks everyone if they thought how she became Veena Devi. She says she had made the company turnover as 300 crores and says a small thing can’t affect anyone. Priyanka tells Sapna that you have changed the team. Sapna says if this concert haven’t happen, then our dal roti will be gone. Priyanka says Hansika is upto something. Purab asks the audience to clap for Veena Devi Singhania. Veena comes to the stage and sits to sing bhajan. Suddenly the audience throw something on her. Veena Devi stops. The audience asks for the spicy song and starts throwing things on her. Veena Devi is taken away from the stage by Purab and the guards. Dadi asks Veena Devi not to lose the courage. The organizer comes to Purab and tells that they shall save the event, else they will lose. Hansika says she will sing like last time and asks him to give her two mins to rehearse. Purab nods his head. Hansika goes to Thapki and says you are here. She says you Veena Devi is in ICU, you have the injection and I will administer it to her. She says you will be behind backstage and will sing, I will lip sync and everything will be fine at the end. She says it will be happy ending and asks are you ready sister. Thapki slaps her hard and says such a cheap girl can’t be my sister. Hansika asks what the hell and asks what happened to you. Thapki says my eyes are opened now, I came to know that you are with Rohit. Hansika asks what are you saying? Thapki says I am slow in talking, but not slow in understanding. She says I have seen Rohit coming here to ask you for money. A fb is shown, Rohit asks Hansika to give him money. Hansika asks him to go. Fb ends. Thapki says you have two mobiles and two charges found in your room. She says all these things changed my doubt in confirmation.

Precap: Thapki tells Mukul that he deserves respect and Hansika deserves hatred. She says she will not bear anything against her family. Mukul tries to stop her from taking action against her, and tells Thapki that she is Jaya and his daughter. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sakuraaa

    I desperately waited for today’s episode just to see the slap on Hansika

    1. Sakuraaa

      She deserves more than one

  2. Sakuraaa

    Don’t ever forgive her Thapki!!!

  3. Sakuraaa

    Thapki should sing at the concert. Yes, she must

    1. Will Thapki sing at Veena Devi’s concert? It seems impossible. Hansika must have thwarted

    2. Sakuraaa

      Thapki may not reveal her in front of everyone after Mukul says to do so, but she won’t either sing behind the stage, I think

  4. Mukul is so selfish, found thapki after 25 years & shamlessly asking her to do favours on hansika because she is half sister.No wonder he ditched thapi’s mom..such a spineless fellow

    1. Sakuraaa

      sooo true!!

  5. I feel Thapki won’t sing at the concert.She will help Hanshika yet again I guess.I just hope Purab realises the truth,only he can help Thapki gain confidence over herself.

    Veena Devi is in a way getting her own Karma.She used to humiliate people for their weaknesses nd now same is happening with her.

    I want Purab to truly fall in love with Thapki soooon,very sooon

    1. Sakuraaa

      yeah, Veena is paying for her karma!

    2. Yes totally agree. Mukul is really selfish, admitting Thapki as his son but leaving Thapki’s mother while pregnant. And wants Thapki to recognize Hansika as her stepsister. What kind of man is that. Thapki must be confident because stuttering is not a weakness, she must have strengths and only Purab can help Thapki be confident and stand on her own feet. Hopefully that can happen soon. Thapki must be a strong and confident person like Thapki 1.

  6. Vrinda@52

    Really, By seeing Veena devi like this na I am not feeling bad 😅😅 for her even I am feeling happy she should now understand how she used to blame thapki for everything and than also she didn’t spoke anything to her. Now, Sargam she also blames thapki na bt when she will know about Rohit true intentions then she have to apolosize
    and also I am waiting for that day when Purab will fall in love with Thapki 😍😍

    1. Sakuraaa

      We all are waiting for that day sis.
      yeah, I’m also happy seeing Veena’s condition right now. I wanted this to happen anyhow. Still, Veena mightn’t understand what others felt whom she humiliated.

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