Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi loses her voice on the event day

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab telling Thapki that she has to do job through him and says I am just telling you and not asking you. He asks what happened, did I say much? Thapki says sometimes you get concerned more than the dear ones, and shows the right, and sometimes you make me go far from you in one jerk. She says I couldn’t understand you and why you are like this. He asks her to go and freshen up. He gets a call from his secretary who tells that Harshad Sir refused to do the event as you left the meeting. Purab looks on and gets up. Mukul comes to the medical store and asks the chemist to tell who came at 6:30 pm. He says you have the details saved in your computer. The chemist refuses to give the confidential details. Mukul says it was important else I wouldn’t have asked you, and asks him to take his Adhaar card and money also. He requests him to help two separated people unite. The chemist checks and says 5 people had taken medicines at that time. Mukul asks for the address.

Veena Devi tells that everytime on founder’s day event, we have breakfast together with our board of directors. She thanks them for coming. The board of director says that we hope that Purab will handle the event well. Veena Devi says Purab has hired Harshad for this event, who is a big event manager. Purab asks someone to manage the event, but the girl refuses telling that she can’t manage so big event. Thapki comes there and asks Purab to take his anger on her. Purab asks what will happen and asks him to go to room. Veena Devi tells that the profits will be double this time. The board of director asks where is Purab as he talks about money. Purab calls someone, but he also refuses to organize the event. He asks what to do now? Thapki says this has happened due to me and tells that she can compensate for it. She says she can organize the event as she has experienced in this, she had organized pandal also. He says it is not that easy. Thapki asks for a chance. Veena Devi comes there and asks will you organize the event? Instead of Harshad. She asks Purab to tell that this is a joke and says I will talk to Harshad right now, call him. Purab asks her to relax. Veena says no and says board of directors are hoping big on you and you are relying on this girl’s weak shoulder. She says she don’t want this girl’s reflection to fall on it. She coughs. Purab tells that Harshad refused to do the event, and I am searching event manager, but couldn’t get anyone until now. He tells that’s why Thapki offered to help, but I didn’t agree. He says it will be best, don’t worry. He asks her to give rest to her throat. Veena Devi repeats that she don’t want her to be around.

Rohit tells his friends that he made Sargam ran for 3 hours and she got tired and fainted. She says then I made her drink my protein shake and then swiped her card for 6 months bill. He says Sargam forgot to take back the card. He offers to give them party and drinks. He calls Anchun and asks him to swipe the card. He pays him money. Anchun tells that the card is not working. Rohit thinks now he has to pay. Anchun returns the money and thinks that’s why I didn’t swipe the card.

Thapki is leaving from home. Dadi asks where she is taking the big tiffins, asks if she got the food parcel job. Thapki says Purab called everyone early so I am taking tiffin for them. Dadi appreciates her. Thapki praises Purab and says it is my duty to take tiffins for everyone. Dadi asks her to go.

Priyanka asks Sapna what she will be doing as the event will be in the evening. Sapna says I have made arrangements so that Veena can’t sing in the event. Priyanka asks her to tell. Sapna says when Veena Devi was with the board of directors, I have added special masala in her tea, and it might show effect now. She asks her to come. They hear Veena Devi doing riyaaz/practice and stopping feeling pain in her throat. She gets worried. Priyanka and Sapna laugh standing outside. Sapna says Masala tea worked and says event will be wasted. Priyanka says our life is kamala, we enjoy all day.

Purab talks to the employees and give them 5 mins. Thapki comes there and keeps the tiffin. An employee asks for breakfast time. Purab asks them to forget breakfast, lunch and dinner and says after the event, I will give party to everyone. The employee asks what to do with this breakfast now. Purab looks at Thapki serving food on the table and asks her to take it and goes. Thapki asks him to have breakfast. He says he will do so much work in 5 mins and can’t waste her time talking or eating food. He goes. Thapki thinks he is machine, will not eat and asks the employees to have food.

Veena Devi boils the water and gargles to relieve her throat. Sapna says your voice will not return. Veena Devi cries and thinks she got bad sight to her throat due to Thapki. She cries getting angry on Thapki and throws the glass. Priyanka and Sapna come there. Sapna asks what happened? She asks if Thapki has done something. Veena Devi says my voice, and throat…how will I sing now? Priyanka and Sapna smirks.

Thapki makes the roll of the roti and asks him to have food. He says I have a meeting and asks her not to irritate him. She insists asking him to eat. He calls Kamlesh and asks him to tell the vendors’ quotation. Kamlesh tells the quotations. Thapki says you are telling all the rates 4 times more. Sapna says Thapki has eaten all your qualities and asks her to meet some Pandit. Priyanka says first Harshad ran and now event. She says you son might go away from your hands. Sapna asks her to call Pandit and tells about the bad sight. Veena Devi thinks they are right.

Kamlesh tells that their vendors are big and that’s why the amount is much. Purab asks him to send contract and get the work started. Thapki tells Purab that he is telling the price high. Purab says I am saving the time, and can earn money later. He goes. Thapki asks him to show his rate card. Purab goes to the designer and asks him to select the dresses for Veena Devi. He says I will send the pics to her. Kamlesh comes there and complains to Purab about Thapki. Purab asks him to come. He asks Thapki not to interfere in his work. Thapki tells that his rates are high and says he has call some vendors and asks him to see. The vendors come there. Thapki says they will do the work in less money. Kamlesh feels insulted. Thapki asks Purab to give them a chance. Purab says fine and asks employee to show the venue to the vendor. Dadi calls Purab and tells something. He gets shocked.

Precap: Dadi and Purab see the video of his childhood. Veena Devi comes there and sits to watch the video. Purab says I used to do mischief to get your attention. Thapki signs him to give tea or kada to Veena Devi. He serves it in the cup and gives to Veena Devi. Veena Devi drinks it and tells that these moments were most precious to her. She then realizes that her voice is normal and gets happy. Purab smiles looking at Thapki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thapki is similar as Simar.

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