Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Purab rescues Thapki’s dignity

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki coming to the factory. The boss apologizes to her for calling her late. She asks him to check the masala. He checks and says it is fine. He gives money to the goons and asks them to leave. Thapki says ok Uncle, I will also leave. The boss calls her beta and asks her to have tea and says he needs to talk to her. Purab talks to Harshad and says the event will be big. Harshad tells that Veena Devi’s photos will be everywhere and tells that they shall take the Neon lights. The boss tells Thapki that he remembered his young times and tells that he wants to give her floor Manager’s job with 1 lakh saree and extra perks etc in his another factory. Thapki says now I can get my mother’s surgery done and says I will leave and talk to you tomorrow. He says who has seen tomorrow and asks her to sign the contract. The boss goes out and asks the goons to keep eye on the way and don’t let anyone come. Thapki calls Purab. Purab takes the call and asks what happened? I am busy. Thapki says you have proved wrong and says you was doubtful on my boss, when he gave me advance and says he made me floor manager of the factory. Purab asks her to distribute sweets and celebrate. He ends the call. Thapki calls him again and tells that her salary is 1 lakh rs per month. He asks where are you? She says I came to factory to deliver the masala. Purab asks if you are delivery girl and asks her to go back immediately. Harshad talks to Purab. She calls Purab again and tells that she can take care of herself and can go home, once signing the contract. Purab ends the call. Thapki thinks one day you will blast garam patila. The boss/old guy comes to the cabin and locks it.

Thapki calls Purab again. The boss comes near Thapki. Thapki asks where is the contract uncle? He asks what is the hurry and asks first we shall contact? Thapki asks what are you doing? You called me beti and having a bad behavior. She says Purab was right about you and asks him to stay away from her. He says I have given you money, now give what I wanted. She tries to open the door, but it is locked. Thapki calls Purab, but he doesn’t pick the call and switches off the phone. Thapki calls again and the number comes as switched off. The boss/old guy snatches phone from her hand and throws it. Thapki tries to go. He holds her hand tightly and says he can do this by slapping her. Thapki slaps him hard and says you will get beaten by me. She pushes him on the sofa and manages to open the door, and gets outside. She knocks on the door asking someone to open the door. The old guy says the door is closed, you have to settle the scores for the slap. Thapki takes the rod and asks him to move back. He throws chilli powder in her eyes. Thapki writhes in pain and screams.

The old guy asks now where will you go? You can’t be saved. Thapki throws the drum on him, although she couldn’t see. Harshad tells about the theme and the costumes. Purab says nice. Thapki reaches the landline number and thinks what was Purab’s call. She calls him. Harshad asks him to concentrate on the event. The old guy comes there and pushes Thapki down. Purab switches on his phone and calls her, but the number is unavailable. He gets worried for Thapki. Thapki shouts for help and slides backwards. Purab tells Harshad that he has to go urgently. He leaves from his office. In the car, he thinks where Thapki can be, Masala factory. He thinks there are many masala factories. Thapki is hiding behind the masala bags and crying. Purab recalls reading the Masala name on the bag as M H masala. He reaches the factory and checks the name of the masala. He sees the goons drinking outside the factory and the factory is locked. He ties to open the lock. The goon shouts and run behind him. The old guy asks where are you hidden?

Purab comes inside from other way and finds the glass wall. He ties the handkerchief given by Thapki, and breaks the glass wall. He then jumps inside. Thapki sees him and runs to him. The goons come there and fight with Purab. Purab beats them and goes to the old man. He grabs him and beats him. The goons hold Purab again. Purab beats him. Thapki looks at him as he makes the goons fall down one by one. Thapki calls him and faints in his arms. He calls her and lifts her. Police reaches there and arrest the old guy and the goon. The lady Constable tells Thapki that she has to come to PS to give the statement. Purab says ok. She goes. He scolds Thapki and asks if anything had happened to you, then? He says why you didn’t go home. Thapki says I didn’t know that the uncle was bad. Purab says if anything had happened to you, then your Mom, Mama and Anshun would have run behind him to hold my neck. He sprays medicine on her leg. Thapki cries and keeps her head on him. He holds her and sits down again. Purab says sorry to her and says I was rude in anger, and said much, but whatever I said was for your betterment. He says what is important is that you are fine. He asks shall we go home? Thapki nods in a yes.

Anjali tells Mukul that Hansika is not picking my call and she is alone in London. Mukul asks her to enquire with her Bua and asks her to go to her house. He says I will be back, I have forgotten something at the medical shop.

Purab brings Thapki home. He is about to hold her hand. Thapki gets scared. He says you are at your house, and says whatever happened will be between us only. He apologizes to her. Thapki says you don’t need to say sorry, you have saved me, if you hadn’t come, then don’t know what would have happen. She says I wanted to earn money for my Maa’s surgery and asks what will I do now. Purab says it is not bad to take anyone’s help to do any job, and says now whatever job you do, shall do through me. He says I am not asking you, but telling you.

Precap: Veena Devi tells some men that the entire event will be live telecast on the television. Purab tells someone on call that he needs new manager for their event, as Harshad refused to do work at the last minute. Thapki says you have loss due to me, so I will compensate for it. Veena Devi asks what did you say? She says you will manage the event and asks Purab to tell that it is a joke. Purab asks her to relax. Veena Devi says No, board of directors are having hopes with you and you are giving a big responsibility to her weak shoulder. Purab asks her to listen. Veena devi asks him to hear her and says this girl’s reflection shall not fall on my event, this girl doesn’t have any status.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Veeni Devi is so arrogant and overbearing,looks down on others

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