Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki confronts Purab and gets another job

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Purab that she wants to earn money on her own, and says rich people like you does this, on the pretext of help. She says you made me belief that I got this job on the basis of my talent. Purab asks who told you this? She says it doesn’t matter. Purab asks her not to overreact and says whoever is on big position, reached there with someone’s recommendation. He says this thing goes on. She says it might happen in your world, but not in my world. She says I felt really bad today, and tells that she don’t want to make him stair to climb up and don’t want to take his advantage. She says I am leaving this job, so that I can search another job on my own and not burden by your favors. Purab recalls his mother’s words that Thapki like girls are not loyal. He goes to Veena Devi and asks did you tell her, that I helped her get this job. Veena Devi asks really, you got her the job. He asks her to talk to him straight. Veena Devi says yes, I said and says Thapki’s truth will come out, tells that she has married you for money. He says Thapki has left the job and also the cheque which I gave her. He asks if you are happy. Veena Devi says now she will act to get another job, but she will not get much money. She says then she will act and you will give her money at the last minute, but she will pretend to have self respect. He says what are you saying Mom and asks her to control herself else you will lose your only son. He says he knows Thapki more than her.

Thapki calls her mother, who asks if everything is fine there. Thapki’s mother says she is fine. She asks what happened to your voice. Thapki says I drank cold water and that’s why it is rough. Her mother asks her about her job. Thapki says going on well. Ashok takes the call and tells that Didi’s condition is deteriorating and says we will get the surgery done at the earliest. Thapki asks him to trust her and says she will soon get all the money. She checks the newspaper and comes to the Masala office. The boss tells that all women are qualified to grind the masala and don’t need any certificate. He asks why she wants to do this job. Thapki says I want job so that I can earn money for my Maa’s surgery. He says I will get some good deed and gives her 50000 cheque, and tells that he will give her 2000 Rs per bag extra. Thapki says I will do work from today onwards and asks him to send the masala bags. The boss smiles and thinks it is good to take advantage of needy people, and then laughs.

Veena Devi talks to someone. The guy says Madam has smile on her face before the event and says why is she worried? Veena devi asks what happened? He asks if she is fine. Thapki comes there and tells Veena Devi, that she got the job to grind the masala. Veena Devi thinks she will get just 5000 and then my saying will prove right. She asks the guy to come as she is going for Riyaaz. Thapki thinks Maa ji’s riyaaz will be effected, if I grind the masalas here. She asks the men to take the bags in the upper room.

Sapna and Priyanka hear them. Priyanka tells that Veena Chachi is afraid that Purab might slip from her hand. Sapna says I have put this in Veena’s mind. She says Veena will be humiliated on event day. Priyanka says even I will take revenge. Veena Devi begins singing. Priyanka and Sapna take Vaccum cleaner. Sapna tells Priyanka that this is her trick, and says Purab and Thapki’s room is infront of Veena’s room and says masala will fly and it will go to Veena’s room, and then her throat will have the problem. Thapki starts grinding the masala. Priyanka asks Sapna to put the vaccum cleaner in Thapki’s room. Priyanka puts the vaccum cleaner pipe. Thapki coughs as the masala gets in the air. She thinks mirchi powder is flying, before it reaches Maa ji’s room, I shall close the window. She asks who is using vaccum cleaner outside and says masala is in the air. Priyanka says I will go and clean somewhere else. Thapki cleans her eyes and ties cloth on her eyes. Purab comes there and asks why chilli powder is everywhere in the room and says he will open the window. She says don’t open and falls on him, chilli powder gets applied on his face. He says chilli powder went in my eyes. Thapki takes off the white cloth and wipes his face. She blows on his eyes. He also wipes her face. She tells that she got advance too. He gets suspicious and asks about the amount. She says she will not tell and then tells she got 50000 advance. He asks for the company’s name to check the background. She says she will not tell. Purab says I will find out after the event.

Ashok and Thapki’s mother come out of hospital. Ashok asks her to get medicine from the chemist shop and tells that they shall get the surgery done at the earliest. Mukul is there, calls Anjali and asks if Hansika called. Anjali says she must be partying. He says I am her father and is about to leave. He hears Jaya talking to chemist, and turns happily to look at her. He couldn’t see her. Thapki’s boss asks her to come and give him the masala boxes. She says it is very late now. He insists.

Precap: Thapki calls Purab and says he was proved wrong, her boss made her floor manager. He ends the call. She calls him again. The boss comes there and tries to molest her. He throws chilli powder in her eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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