Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi shatters Thapki’s happiness

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guests/ international partners start having lunch at Veena Devi’s house, made by Thapki. Purab hopes the lunch is good, else they will suffer big loss if these clients go away from hands. Thapki prays to God that everyone shall like the food, made by her. Thapki peeps outside the kitchen. The foreigner tells that it is Amazing, Other says Mindblowing. The lady says it is Yummy. Veena Devi looks at Purab and tastes the food. Purab also tastes the food and likes it. Veena Devi smiles. Thapki thinks everyone liked the food made by me, and thanks Mata Rani for saving her. The lady guest tells Veena Devi that they are very happy to have the food, and wants to meet the cook and thank him. Purab gets up and walks into the kitchen. He asks her to come out. Thapki says Priyanka Bhabhi has made food. Purab says Bhabhi has not even boiled the water till now. He asks her to say and says only you can add desi tadka to English food. He introduces Thapki as his wife. The client tells that she is very beautiful and made lovely food. The foreigner says I like the flavor and says it is amazing. The client says Veena Devi, you are lucky to have such a bahu. He says we will meet in the concert and we are looking forward to see your performance. Veena Devi says ok. They leave. Veena Devi thinks one thing was good and thinks Thapki’s 4 hours are wasted and hopes she don’t finish her work on time.

Door bell rings. Sudha opens the door. Sargam comes inside and steps on Sudha’s foot while entering inside. She calls Anshun. Anshun comes there and asks what happened? She says I was chilling in the restaurant with my friends, how dare you to take me in auto. I woke up in my home. Anchun tells her that she had fainted and her friends left you, so I took you home. She says Rohit can leave her and she will find out the truth. She walks out angrily. Sudha says this girl is very spoilt and will do tandav wherever she goes as bahu. Anchun says ok.

Purab tells Thapki that he understood that she made videshi food as desi and foreigners liked it. He asks why did you enter kitchen? Thapki says guests was coming home and all Servants were on holiday. She says I did what every bahu do. He says if you got this day to become adarshwadi bahu and says if your work is not completed then your Manager. She says Manager…Thapki asks why is he worried about her job? Purab says you want money for mom’s surgery, I worry for her and not for you. Veena Devi looks at them. Thapki says no thanks, and asks him not to worry, says she will complete the work all night. He says ok, I will sleep. Thapki is about to move the things from the bed. He says I will sleep in other room. She says thank you. Veena Devi thinks to use Priyanka to make Thapki sleep. She tells Priyanka that she will not give her necklace as Thapki has cooked the food. She tells Priyanka that she will not give to Thapki as she don’t like her. She tells Priyanka that Purab is happy with Thapki and is opening clothes business for her. She says Thapki will work hard and will become owner soon. She says you apply nailpaint etc and exhibit it, and just dream of having this necklace. She says if you make me happy some day, then I might give you this necklace, but till then it will be with me. Priyanka says ok. Veena Devi asks can you do my work and asks will you bring my sleeping pills, I want to sleep peacefully today. Priyanka says ok and smiles. She takes tea for Thapki and adds sleeping pill in the tea. She tells Thapki that very soon her clothes merchandise will be opened. She asks her to have tea to get rid of tiredness. Thapki drinks tea. Priyanka says ok, carry on. She says Thapki will sleep in 2 mins and her work will be pending. She goes from there. Veena Devi looks at Thapki as she is making embroidery and sleeps. Veena Devi smiles and goes. Purab serves the food in the plate and comes back to room. He says I remember while going back to other room, that you didn’t have food. He finds her sleeping and asks her to wake up. Thapki says let me sleep. He asks if she don’t want to do work. She says something. He thinks if she don’t get up then how work will be completed. He keeps the music system on the bed and plays the music. Thapki gets up shockingly and then sleeps again. He thinks he has to make her awake by applying ice cubes on her face. Thapki gets up and says my sweat has become ice cube. He thinks if she took drugs and immerse her legs in the ice cube bucket. He asks her to do work and complete the work, so that she could get Mom’s surgery done. He thinks if she sleeps again, then? He thinks to be in the room and lies down on the sofa. She tries to put thread in the needle. Purab gets up and helps her.

In the morning, Priyanka comes to Veena Devi and says my stuff was left with you, and I forgot to ask you last night. Veena Devi says you didn’t do cooking. Priyanka is about to tell that she made Thapki slept, just then they see Thapki delivering the embroided clothes to the company’s employee. The employee give her a cheque of 1 lakh Rs. Priyanka says if it was sleeping pill or tablet to be awake. Veena Devi thinks to make Thapki know, how she got this order. Thapki thanks Mata rani for her support and tells that one more order and her mother’s surgery will be done. Thapki asks Mata Rani to give credit to Purab to complete the order, and says he helped me and was awake all night with me. Veena Devi comes there and hears thapki telling that she will make food for Purab and will give him treat. Veena devi claps and says you have earned 1 lakh rs so soon. She asks how are you liking your hardwork’s fruit and says you got this due to someone’s favor. Thapki gets thinking. Veena Devi asks her to think, the country where is so much poverty, you can get the job so soon. Thapki says I didn’t understand what are you saying. Veena Devi says you got this money due to Purab and asks did you hear that a karigar got 1 lakh rs for one night’s work. She says be it charity or hard earned money, money is money. She goes. Thapki is teary eyes and recalls why Purab will do this. She sits shattered and upset. She cries.

Precap: Veena Devi is getting ready for her riyaz when a few men enter with sacks. Thapki informs Veena Devi that she got a job to grind masala/spices. She tells the men to take the sacks to her room. She closes her room door and grinds red chilies. Priyanka says Veena Devi’s room is across Thapki’s and she blows air under the door and spices go flying in air.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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