Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi agrees to Thapki’s condition

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veena Devi telling Vinod that she will announce infront of media and relatives that Purab and Thapki will be marrying, and says until then nobody shall tell anything to anyone. Thapki thinks to keep her condition, before the cards gets published. She gets up and says Veena Devi ji…Dadi asks her not to hesitate and tells whaever is in her heart. Sudha asks Thapki not to worry and tell, everyone is waiting. Thapki says Veena ji, I want to tell important thing to you. Just then the temple bells rings by the Pandits. Veena Devi doesn’t hear her stammering and asks her to come to music room and talk.

In the music room, a Servant stammers and apologizes to Veena Devi. Veena says I believe that whoever stammer, has their heart bad. She says if I had known that you stammer then I wouldn’t have hired you. Thapki comes there and says your riyaaz room. Veena Devi says we both will practice here, and I will teach music to my heir. Pandit ji comes there and the sindoor from the plate falls and goes in Thapki’s mouth. Veena Devi scolds Pandit ji, and gets warm water for Thapki. She asks her to take care of her throat being a singer and asks her to come out.

An employee tells that Veena Devi has fired music director and says how Navratri songs will be ready now. He asks her to make the list of directors, he will talk to Mom. He is upset that she has fixed his alliance without asking her. He asks him to give bonus to the employees for the festival.

Tai ji makes a video call to Purab and asks him to come home. Purab says no, I will not come and will not fight with Mom. Tai ji shows him Thapki’s relatives, and says our relatives have come, and media also came. Purab asks who are these relatives? Tai ji asks him to come and see, tells that she can’t tell anything being afraid of his mom. Her bahu comes there and asks Tai ji why she is doing this? Tai ji says I will make Thapki as my bahu. Bahu thinks she is trying to get my sautan, what to do.

Veena devi does aarti of Mata Rani and sings bhajan, while everyone is standing behind her. Thapki thinks if she announces then how I will keep my condition. She writes the letter in which she thanks her for accepting her with her stammering problem, people call her illegitimate. She says my mother have done much struggle for me, and that’s why after narriage, I don’t want to stay as other bahus. She writes that she wants to see her mother happy and wants to keep her happy always. She says I hope you will understand me. She walks towards Veena Devi holding the letter. The letter falls down from her hand. She tries to get the letter.

Purab is in the car. Hansika calls him and says you didn’t meet me since yesterday. Purab says he was busy. Hansika says I want to meet you. Purab says ok, I will pick you and then we will go to my house. Tai ji’s bahu tells that she will commit suicide and will not let her get her bahu. Thapki comes and sees letter on Tai ji. Tai ji’s bahu also sees and is about to get the letter, but it flies away. Tai ji says I am not bringing your saut. Thapki finds the letter fallen on Sagar. Sagar keeps it on the table. The photographer takes it and wipes his camera. Thapki snatches it from his hand. She comes to Veena Devi and touches her feet. She gives the letter to Veena Devi. Veena Devi opens and reads. Sudha says she is very clever and wrote her condition in the paper. The paper is half torn. Veena Devi reads the letter. Dadi asks what is written in it. Veena Devi holds Thapki’s hand and takes her from there. Everyone looks shocked.

Purab and Hansika come home. Dadi comes to Veena Devi and asks what is going on? Why you brought Thapki here from infront of media. Dadi hears the half torn letter. Thapki is about to go. Veena Devi says I didn’t ask you to go. She tells Amma that Thapki’s soul is also innocent, not only her voice. She says your mother is great to give birth to you, who are we to separate you from your mother, and says I agree to your condition.

Tai ji asks Purab if he is looking for Veena. Purab goes to meet her. Dadi appreciates Veena for finding a diamond for Purab and fulfilling her wish. Dadi does Veena Devi’s tilak, and asks her to tie mauli to Thapki’s hand and make her wear chunari. Veena Devi ties her mauli and makes her wear chunari. She says you was hidden from us since so many years, now I will introduce you to the world. She says it is your responsibility now to take my legacy forward, I am happy that I got bahu also for my son. She covers chunari on her head. Purab comes and hears Veena Devi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. i hope makers do not do the same which they did with dharu.. i want purab and thapki as couple,, i really like their couple.. they are nice and cute with each other .

  2. But purab don’t like thapki
    And I’m wondering with whom tai ji want thapki to get married??
    I think purab and thapki will not be lead couple

  3. I think they are.if you watched season 1 Bihaan and Thapki also did not each other at first and always argumented with each other so I guess Thapki and Purab will get married and will fall in love with each other.

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