Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki gets a job

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab asking Thapki if anyone told her anything. Thapki recalls hearing Veena Devi’s words and says whatever I wanted to say, I said. He says sometimes it is difficult to understand you, and says your mom’s surgery is after 5 days and says nobody will give her 2 lakhs. She says I will see and goes. Sargam meets her friends in the restaurant. They ask why she didn’t invite them for Diwali party. Sargam says they celebrated Diwali with the family. She says this treat is from my side. She asks if Rohit haven’t come. Her friends ask her to see, Rohit is there. Rohit is with the girl and hugs her. He then comes to Sargam and pulls her cheeks. She calls waiter. Anshun is there as the waiter and calls her. Purab asks Ashok why did he return the cheque. Ashok says Thapki didn’t agree. Purab says it is very difficult to get 2 lakhs. Ashok says Thapki is very stubborn. Sudha talks to Thapki and tells that she will not give her FD or money. Purab asks Ashok to take the money silently and give to Thapki. Sudha asks him to accept her. Ashok refuses and tells Purab that he can’t lie to Thapki. Thapki hears him and tells Purab that she knows that he offered money to Mama ji. She says she will manage. He asks how? She says she will do a job.

Sargam asks Anchun to call her Sargam Maam. Rohit says he will have Russian salad and tells that he will not eat much. Sargam says she came to just sit, and is fasting. Anchun asks her to order and eat something. She gets up and faints. Anchun holds her and asks them to take her home. Rohit asks him to take her to her house, and asks his friends to come and enjoy drinks.

Thapki sees an advertisement and calls on that number. The number seems to be busy. She thinks to call later and till then, she will charge her battery. She goes. Purab sees her going. He picks the call and asks Purab if he wants to apply for job. He says yes. The guy on call and asks him to say the lines. Purab is shocked and says no such job. Thapki comes there and says it was interview call for me. Purab says you will not do this job. Thapki says I have less options and asks him to move. Purab says this is that job. Thapki says I will do this job only. She calls on the number and says I have called for interview. The guy asks her to give the formal test and asks her to say the lines. Thapki is shocked and says wrong number. Purab asks if you don’t want to do job. She says I will do, but not this. She says where my talent comes to right use. Purab smiles.

Anchun brings Sargam home, and tells Dadi that her car was not working and that’s why I brought her by auto. He tells Dadi that Sargam didn’t have the food and asks her to make her eat food when she gets up. Dadi says ok. Anchun goes. Purab keeps the pamphlet in the newspaper. Thapki comes there and dries the towel. The water droplets falls on him. He covers his face with newspaper. Thapki asks why is he hiding his face? Purab asks her to see the newspaper and says you might get the job. Thapki reads the advertisement that stitching job and the salary will be 25000 per month. She calls on that number. The guy asks her to send the sample. Thapki says I will give live demo. He asks her to send photos. Thapki says ok and checks for the garam patila handkerchief. She finds it in his shirt. She clicks the pic and thinks to ask Sargam and take the pics. The guy sees the designs sent by Thapki. Thapki prays to mata Rani and asks her to get job for her. She gets the call from the guy, who says your salary is fixed. He says your commission will be extra. Thapki asks him to send 100 pieces, I will work with all my efforts. She ends the call and jumps in guy. Purab asks what is she doing, and says you are half mad, and will be full mad. She asks him to have sweets and makes him eat. She tells that she will get incentives too and salary of 25000. He says good news. She says I thought to give 10000 to Mama ji after Maa’s surgery, and will keep 10000 in my piggy bank and keep some for my Pocket money and remaining money is yours, as I have broken your watches before. Purab asks if she will buy the whole in 25000 salary. She says I want to win the world and my job is the first step towards it. She says this is good news. Purab says yes. She goes to Vinod and touches his feet. She then makes him eat sweets. Vinod asks what is the matter, you are looking happy. She says I got the job. He says good. She turns and offers laddoo to Veena Devi. Veena Devi goes upset. Thapki goes to Sapna and Priyanka and give them sweets. Priyanka congrats her. Purab looks on. A guy comes there and says boss said that embroidery shall be done by evening. Veena Devi says what is this misbehavior? Do you know with whom you are talking too? Thapki says it is for me and apologizes to veena Devi. The guy stammers seeing Veena Devi and asks her to hit him with slipper. She goes from there. Thapki asks him to go. He gets his friend’s call, who tells that he gave her job on his saying and says you never asked me for any favor till today. Purab says it was for someone’s need and says Thapki shall not know, she is having self esteem. His friend asks what was the story behind the garam patila. Purab says he doesn’t know and ends the call. Veena Devi hears him and thinks Thapki is fooling Purab and thinks to snatch job from her, so that her truth comes out. Thapki prays to Mata Rani to give her strength to maintain her self esteem.

Precap: Thapki tells Priyanka that the food is ready in 1 hour. Priyanka asks her to keep all the food in the fridge and gives her the list to make food. Thapki wonders how to make it. She somehow makes the food. Some guests come to have food at Purab’s house. Purab hopes the clients like the food. Veena Devi says kadai patta in pasta. The clients start eating the food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    I watched season one and I know she will pass all the obstacles in her life
    Hoping for the best
    Veena ji , stop being heartless and make sure you don’t lose a sweet daughter in law like thapki and end up regretting everything when your world becomes upside down


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