Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir asking Thapki why she is asking him to act to marry her. Thapki offers him money. Kabir asks her not to try and give money to him, as he is so rich that she couldn’t think. He asks her what price she wants to let him go. Thapki requests him to help her. Kabir tells that he will stay for some days, but can’t marry her. Shraddha tells Thapki that Kabir can fool her and elope. Kabir tells that he will elope the moment he will get chance, and tells that he is not interested to fool them. Shraddha says he was listening to us, and says he is after our money. Kabir says every one here talk about money. He asks do you have much money? Shraddha brings money and keeps infront of him asking did he see money this much money in life. Kabir takes out match stick and is about to burn it. Shraddha stops him. He says 500 and 1000 notes are demonetized. Thapki says our PM didn’t ask us to burn the money rather deposit money in our accounts till 30th Dec. Kabir shows his online account and says he has many bank accounts. Shraddha is shocked to see 15 crores in one of his account.

Aditi comes to Thapki and says once you said that I can think of you as my sister. Thapki hugs her and says Maa Papa would have been happy seeing you happy. Aditi gets thinking. Thapki realizes what she has just said. Thapki asks her not to feel alone and says I am sure Dhruv will keep you happy. Shraddha thinks if you are alive then only you will get happiness. She says I am not Thapki, lets see what I do with you.

Bihaan comes to Kabir and says I heard that you agreed to marry Vani yesterday. He shows the cards and ticket, asking him to choose or take the ticket and leave. Thapki comes and selects the card asking Kabir to finalize it. Bihaan says it is Kabir’s marriage too, let him finalize it too. Kabir gets up and selects the card. Thapki asks do you want to say anything more. Bihaan goes. Kabir says I was silent as I had promised you. I will leave in some time, and thanks her for taking good care of him.

Kabir is taking on phone and tells that he is coming. Bihaan hears him and thinks Thapki will not marry him as she is his. Dhruv asks Thapki, what she will do if Kabir leaves. Thapki says Kabir will not go anywhere and asks him to spend time with Aditi. Dhruv says you haven’t changed even now and still cares about everyone.

Vasu tells Aditi about first rasoi. She says few family members in the house are allergic to few things. Suman comes and says I will tell her. Vasu says okay and goes. Suman asks her to make Aloo ki sabzi and tells that even Thapki made this for her first rasoi. Aditi nods in a yes. Shraddha thinks to spoil her food. Dhruv comes there and romances with Aditi. Aditi asks him to go and smiles. Shraddha comes inside and says not bad…looking at the food. She says you are like Thapki and you both know how to win people’s heart. Aditi looks on.

Vasu tells Aditi that she made food for everyone in such a short time just like Thapki. Bihaan asks Kabir to come and sit for breakfast and asks what you are going to wear for marriage. He asks shall I get something for you. Thapki says Kabir don’t need your favor. Bihaan asks why she is speaking on his behalf. Kabir says if I speak then all questions will end. Dhruv asks him to eat food and praise his wife. Shraddha eats it and pretends to cough and choke. Kabir says may be she is allergic to something. Vasu makes Shraddha drink water. Shraddha asks Aditi, why you are doing this with me, first snatched my husband from me and then trying to kill me.

Thapki blackmails Kabir and asks him to help her if he wants to get some property which she brought. Kabir looks on. Bihaan saves Thapki from falling down and asks her to accept that she is Thapki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha is doing the same with aditi as she did with thapki so that everyone thinks bad of her.

  2. Writer please make bihan and thapki togather again; no marriage with kabir or sankara. Because bihan and thapki are husband and wife.not good if they have another love.please

  3. Manish Goplani happy birthday .. All the best for you. God bless you. Amen

  4. It just an OK episode….hello,Garima,reshal,any,vino,santhosh Bhai…

  5. My heartiest congratulations to the entire team of TPK for their successful completion of the 500 episodes…

  6. I don’t like current thapki story. It’s too far away plotting separate thapki and bihaan. Now i just read the update but didn’t want to see the serial. I want to see thapki and bihaan happy.

    Even you writter can make their happy moment long time and will still get better audience than today. We watch television to see happiness story. Not complicated story which make our live more complicated

  7. Utna kas nahi hai epi …!

  8. This show is becoming boring.
    When Thapki was thrown out of the house for “attempting” to kill Kosi then why is the divorced Shraddha still living in Pandey house despite admitting to trying to kill Aditi?
    Why is Sankar still still living in Pandey house when her engagement to Bihaan became null and void when he became engaged to Vani?
    Why is Vani even considering marrying someone else just to prove that she is not Thapki?
    The same way Vani says that Bihaan threw Thapki out of the house, then she can also tell him about kicking his pregnant wife out of the house and hear his response to that.
    What is the revenge she will get by him marrying Sankar?
    Will she then say ” ha ha ha I am Thapki but too late u are married to Sankar!” ?
    Do the writers even have a revenge plan?

  9. congratulations to thapki pyaar ki for completing 500 episodes

  10. I agree with winda,…it is simple problem but they made it so complicated.thapki just ask bihaan why he is throw thapki even he knows that she is pregnant?.watch this TPK makes us can a woman give her husband to another girl?even an animal would not do it….bad story,I just read the update but I don’t want to see the series….

  11. Happy birthday to Manish

  12. Still sucks episode…so bored!!!

  13. Where is dadi ma? Suddenly she disappeared again when it is the best time to tell about the past regarding kosi and chacha.
    And same questions as julie, why are the people not related are still living in the house, esp shraddha who admitted of killing aditi.

  14. Hello pooja bihaan birthday on which date.

  15. Bored very very bored

  16. Manish ki deewani

    Hi garima yesterday was his birthday on 19

  17. Manish ki deewani

    Congaratulation to tpk team 4 the completion of 500 episode
    Hello pooja garima santhosh Bhai shruti vino hw r u guys

  18. Hello manish ki divani and hello my dear friend pooja vino anu welcome.

  19. Dezine

    congratulations tpk for 500 episodes.. sad to tell that only the 150 episodes in the beginning were good and the other episodes are just illogical.. i hope as soon as possible this drama comes to an end

  20. boring only thapki and dhruv llove story is so intrested other than all episodes are boring iiritating . at 6:30 my mom is watching tv so that i also watch tpk it makes my blood to boil. by the way i love u dhruv

  21. Feel sad to watch the movies. Thapki previously expected to describe human behaviour is good and should be a role model now no longer even as ruthless as others. No positive value to watch thiis movies. Author please be restored thapki behavior.

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