Thapki to fall in love with Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the ongoing track of Colors serial ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’ we have seen that Pandey family is celebrating Valentines Day with some interesting drama and entertainment in store for the viewers.

In the last episode we saw, Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattacharya) and Shraddha (Monica Khanna) have asked Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) to welcome the guest by dressing up as a teddy bear and kiss the first person who shakes hands with her and failing to do so, she would have to leave Pandey Niwas forever.

Now in the upcoming episode we will see that Bihaan (Manish Goplani) will find out Thapki’s challenge and will come to her rescue. Bihaan too will dress up as a teddy bear to save Thapki from the embarrassment.

With this gentle act of Bihaan, Thapki will have a change of heart. Thapki will start to realize her feelings for Bihaan, who has always stood by her. Thapki will soon realize her love for Bihaan, forgetting the bitter past.

What happens next? How will Bihaan and Thapki express their love for each other?

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