You and me : thahaan part 23

Piu : thapki bhabhi thapki bhabhi……thapki bhabhi what r u doing open the door …plz….
Thapki wipes away her tears , ignoring piu standing at the door. She headed towards her washroom and splashed tapid water on her face washing away the black speckles tears left on her crystal face. She lifted her eyelashes up and gazed at her reflection and in a split sec the glass was laying on floor beneath her in shreds.
Thapki spoke through gritted teeths ,?

Thapki : i hate u……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….
This ffeeling iis f**king me up i i m useless ,good ffor nothing i cnt even sheild myself from that abominable creature………..ahhhhhhhhh hhow ddare he…….uhhhhhhhhh how dare he slapped raman, how dare he……kissed me……in front of eeveryone…….ahhhhh !!
Piu : thapki bhabhi……plz for god’s sake let me in….
Shradha : hey girl !! What the hell u think u r…stop behaving like an insane and let us come inside
Thapki : ahhhh !! These shitty girls they only knw how to console me but they r ttooooo worthless ,they never stand by my side that ddhruv crossed his limits today………nd they…they were just standing there like reticents.

Shradha : piu everything everything is happening bcz of that raman….i’ll kill him….
Piu : right di i guess we shud fire him….he shudnt have touched thapki bhabhi at first place….
Shradha : exactly….
Raj : i guess u both r wrong i mean blaming raman and thapki for dhruv ‘s wild behaviour is….
Sahir : is absolutely wrong..
Piu : see sahir u btr stay out of this nd u too mr ra……
Sahir grabbed piu ‘s arm and dragged her to a corner and pinned her to the wall and she whimpered as pain rushed through her wrist….
Piu : sahir u r hurting me…..

Sahir : oh  !! This hurts u lol ? seriously this hurts u…..
Piu : leave me u blo…
Sahir (roaring ) : shut up !! Just place ur finger on ur lips….rt now….
Piu frightendly followed his words.
Sahir bowed his head down and slowly abridged gap btwn her tender neck nd his shivering lips….piu felt disgusted and pushed him hard……
Piu : what the hell u think u were doing ?
Sahir : oh tears….?
Piu : u r an loathesome being….

Sahir twisted her left forearm as she cried in pain….
Sahir : when my hands , when my lips touched ur body u felt disgusted when i squeezed ur wrist u objected coz for u that was domestic violance right miss piu….? Then imagine how thapki wud have felt , when dhruv s*xually assaulted her…downstairs that too in front of everyone everyone……(in a low pitch ) – in front of bihaan bhai tooo….
Piu : le….ave me its hurting….
Sahir : really is it ? Huh !!
He pushed her hard away from his grip….
Piu : sahir, i wont sp….
Sahir : shut up !! Uh b*t*h…..u r abhorrent, u r appalling u r being ignorant after knowing ur brother’s deeds,  arnt u ? Last time i dint say anything but that dsnt mean u will take her for granted and keep torturing her with ur brother i wont bare this understand that…..infact u dnt deserve to b a woman….ahhh!! U r disgusting piu during the last few days i thought u were nice i mean u r a genuine kind of person but i was wrong utterly wrong ppl like u will never change…..just look at urself the way u r nd. shedding ur tears i mean i just twisted ur forearm and wrist and imagine about thapki who undergoes such kind of inhumanity a copule of million times….. which…which ripens her soul piu…..

I just touched u in an inappropriate way without ur consent and u felt impure and ur brother kissed her in front of everyone rt there (pointing his finger towards hall )
I have witnessed her dyng bcz of that filthy , ironhrtd man…..but u u r thickheaded , infact u r blind blind in ur sisterly affection for him , and that love has overshadowed ur senses ur humanity……..but i wont let thapki to go through this pain anymore understad that and make ur brother understand that too…..blo*dy cheapstrs….
Sahir left a broken piu there cryng her hrt out…..

He went strt cutting the darkness of pn towards thapki ‘s room….
Piu : u w….will nev…er understand what i m g…going through……m doing all t…this for my bhabhi…sahir……for her only….

Thapki ‘s room ,
Thapki : ahhhhh !! He k…issed me that bblo*dy creature i will kill him today i will surely kill him….he need to die….how dare he…….

Outside the room ,
Shradha : thaps ! Open the damned door….
Sahir : thapki come on u r raising our hrtbeats just let us check that u r alright…….

Thapki : i nneed someone yes i nneed someone…..someone to guide me to console me……..dadi where r u…..y u left me in this cruel world all alone…i need u dadi….pplz god hhelp me i nned some guidance someone to just caress my head and tell me what shud i do…..pplz god……???? pplzzz
wwait ha yes ik exactly who can hhelp me…….but where will i ffind her…..yyes piu….

Outside the room ,
Shradha: thap….

The door opened and sharadha quickly without wasting a sec encircled thapki in her arms and thapki detached herself and neglecting everyone ‘s presence hastened towards piu ‘s room , she without knocking barged in….only to b welcomed by a shattered piu sitting by the window goggling at moon with her blurry vision as a saline water surfaced her retina and iris….
Thapki transforming herslef into a cold blooded human , ignored her state and fired  questions at her….
Thapki : i want adress of that lady……
Piu wiped away the tiny drops trickling down…and turned around….and shot a blank look at thapki…..

Thapki : ahhh ! Ya the lady wwhom u disparaged at my engagement…..
Piu was taken aback by the sudden inquiry dawning on her…….she was astounded…..
Thapki : will u tell me plz…..ii dnt have time to waste….i request….pplz…
Piu : bb…u….
Thapki : no ifs nd buts plz….just ans mme….fine u dnt wnt to leave it….
But u ccud have simply denied me rather than frittering away my time….
Huh !!!
Piu poured her all love and care she felt towards thapki in one word and called behind her…..
Piu : bhabhi!!!!!?

Thapki felt herself melting and she tightened her eyelids as a fresh set of tears resurfaced ….
Piu rushed towards her and embraced from behind placing her head against thapki’s slender shldrs…….
Thapki ‘s hands overpassing her brain’s orders caressed piu ‘s hair…..
Both the girls hugged eachother pouring their hrt out in each other ‘s arms…..
After few mins, thapki broke the hug and cupped piu ‘s face….
Thapki : see ppiu its imp for me to meet that lady ur mother….kkindly give me her adress…..i bbeg u….
Piu : bhabhi plz dnt…..fine i will help u wait….
She penned down the adress and handed it to thapki….thapki smiled at piu and pecked her rosy cheeks and went out by the speed of lightening…
Dhruv simpered overhearing their conversation and went strt to his room….

Dhruv’s room,
Dhruv : manohar , is thapki there near the car ?
Manohar : yes sir…
Dhruv : stop her rt now from switching the engine on….yes nd dnt take my name…
Manohar : ok sir….wait…
Mam plz stop….

Thapki(irked) : what for…
Manohar : mam ac…tually vo…actually ha yes…vo kosi mam she she was calling you….
Thapki : uhhhh !! That lady is getting on mmy nerves now….
Thapki rushed inside..

Back to call,
Dhruv : good job dude , ohk now do as i say……
Manohar : ok sir…
Dhruv : look at me m standing here at my balcony. (He looks up) now m throwing this down hold it and……………………………do this…fast b4 she comes…
Manohar :  fine sir….

Thapki comes outside and sees manohar tampering with car…
Thapki : wth ! U were doing in there ?nd kosi mom wasnt calling me…
Manohar : noth..noth nothing mam i was just cleanig the seats…mam no shw was…
Thapki : do hell wwith it nd…r u sure ? Coz u r sstammering….
Manohar : vo to mam bcz of sore throat….
Thapki : well take care i ‘ll take ur leave….nd yes if dhruv asks anything tell him that i m out at my mom dad’s place….
Manohar : yes madam….

Dhruv’s room ,
Dhruv (smirking) : ahh !! Poor bihaan baby hahahahahahhah (laughing evilishly) who ‘s gona save u now ? ????? well , thapki and bihaan bihaan and thapki bhooom bhoom !! Finished…..???
He dials a no.,

Person : yes dhruv sir,
Dhruv : mission to b initiated….
Person : yes sir…
Dhruv hungs up and again laughs….
Dhruv take hold of thapki ‘s portarait hung on the wall facing him ,
Dhruv stroking the portrait gently yet negatively ,
Dhruv : sry baby but u r finished…

The phone rings…….
Dhruv : hello !! What ‘s the progress ?
Person : sir she’s not here till now…..
Dhruv :  ohk , do ur work nd yes keep me comnected via bluetooth…..
Person : sure sir….
Dhruv keeps the ph aside as a sharp knock on the door grasped his attention, he opened the door a bit and slightly bended his head out through the corner of the door without giving full sanction to the stranger standing at thr door but as soon as he realised who was it he pulled her in his room locking the door behind ,

Dhruv : now what ?….y u keep grating me……
Girl : listen , i discovered an important piece of info so just thought to tell u but now, if u dnt wnt to then leave it y shud i annoy u….right ?
Dhruv : ohk , wait so what’s the news ?

Girl : no no leave it i shud leave….bye..
Dhruv holds her forearm pulling her and pinning her to wall , imprisoning her,
Girl (seductively ) : if u wanted to kiss me then u cud have told me strt away know, well i dnt have any objection regarding that u r free to do that baby….
Dhruv : just shut up !! Nd tell me what u got to knw….rt now…

Girl (pushing him away ) : fine, she’s alive…….
Dhruv : what ? Wtf wtf whattttt the f**k….i mean how ‘s this possible , god damn it one by one everyone’s coming back from grave yard as if they went their for picnic first that blo*dy kabir and now this…..ahhh!! Gurlllll i ‘ll die…..where ‘s she ?
Girl :with bihaan’s mother….vasundhra but the good news is she’s in coma…
Dhruv : cool !! Thapki shudnt get to knw the truth otherwise……
Girl(muttering) :  that i’ll decide…
Dhruv : sry , did u say something…?
Grl : nope i ‘ll leave…..
Dhruv : ya that ‘s best at the moment….
She hisses and leaves.

Dhruv : yes
Person : sir she ‘s here…
Dhruv : great…ohk when she’ll leave then do as i have directed…nd yes make sure she shudnt die
Person : yes sir….
Dhruv : ahh!! Its time to talk to raman…
Manohar..  manohar….maohar….
Manohar : yes sir !!…
Dhruv : raman in my room in 5 minutes…
Manohar : as u say sir….

Sahaan’s room,
Bihaan : how dare he kissed my thapki i ‘ll break his face , i’ll slice off that shitty lips of his and he dared to slap me he slapped b for bihaan pandey ahhhhhh!! No way noway u gotta die…….mr dhruv pandey its high time now…first u tried to kill my brother and now u kissed her……goddddddd m useless m feeling digusted rt now how dare he touched her….
As aderanaline rushed in his vessesls
He lifted the table up and throwed it far way  followed by all the belongings of the room coming his way and being quarry of his frustation , jealousy accompanied by most vital ingredient of his energy his anger….
His thoughts and his me time was interrupted by the servant standing frightened at the door….
Manohar : s…sir dh….dhruv sir is call…calling u so i just came to tell u…b…bye sir…
Bihaan : dhruv calling me……god how will i handle my anger there……what will be fate of dhruv today….god help me……

Piu’s mansion,
Thapki : wow this iis…..indeed an empyrean….pure bliss it is to b here such a spacious bunglow it is with teracotta tile work one of my favourates…….and these ancient insides r so engaging….idk but there’s an unknown contentment m experiencing in this house a kind of amiable place it is…..
Thapki was completely mesmerised by the bunglow as if some kind of magic spell has been enchanted on her the girls attention was soon caught by a mid 30’s sweet voice with a south indian accent….
Mari : who r u miss ? Can i knw ur name plz….
Thapki : umm ya mm tthapki….

Mari : such a unique name , well what brings u here ?
Thapki : i wanted to see mrs vasundhra pandey…..
Mari : oh acha acha u r that thapki piu baby ‘s frnd….dhruv ‘s to b wife ?
Thapki : unfortunately yyes….can u call her plz its a bit urgent….
Mari : make urself cmfrtbl nd i ‘ll call her….

Vasundhra’s room ,
Mari : madam , thapki madam is here to meet u…
Vasundhra : thapki who thapki ?
Mari : are mam u told me na a girl saved ur pride at dhruv’s engagement i mean whom that blo*dy dhruv was getting married to…
Vasundhra : oh thapki r u crazy or what u r informing me now my daughter came nd u go and make preparations for dinner jldi idiot…
Mari : but madam she came now only…
Vasundhra :y dnt u admit u r lazy….stupid girl…now get going…she’ll b waiting for me…

Hall ,
Vasu poured all her motherly love in one word and uttered….
Vasu : thapki…..
Thapki : aunty…..
As soon as she got a glimpse of vasu she broke down and ran into her arms like a child meeting his mother after yrs and hiding face in his mother’s arms feeling protected , safe contended..thapki burried her head in her boss*m shedding tears while vasu gently and softly stroked her back in a downstream fashion and simultaneously caressed her hair….thapki found solace in her embrace and wished to b it immortal
Vasu : thapki shh shhh !! M here bacha with u….calm down come on…come with me sit here and now close ur eyes….
Thapki sheepishly followed her words ,
Vasu : close ur eyes and inhale in deeply and slowly and now exhake out…now open ur eyes soaking the peace , so how r u feeling now ?
Thapki for a minute rubbernecked the frail fig sitting in front of her , black locks gathered on right side of her forehead with a mix  of silver , resulting in a serene fig . Thapki embraced her in her skinny arms and she held vasu so tightly that she almost choked….vasu stroked her back slowly and gently  and gave her pats constantly after every regular interval of one min. whose sole ingredient was love…..
After 5 mins which was like an eternity for thapki who was feeling protected and safe in the arms which were enveloping her  she wanted to leave all her pains there only but she knew she cant….coz if she wanna survive she needs to face it….
Vasu detached herself…from her

Vasu : how did u came here i mean address ?
Thapki : vo actually i took it from piu ,she loves u alot….bbtw
Suddenly vasu ‘s eyes threatened to pour down….
Thapki squeezed her palm gently as a sign of comfort….

Thapki : dnt wry aunty i wwill ttalk to her everything will b alright…actually aunty i came here coz i dnt have anyone i mean any eelder to guide me in my trbls and i wanted to seek some help ffrom anyone more experienced rregarding this battle named life who has faced iit more than i did….nd wwhen i closed my eyes ur face was the first i saw and i without giving it a scnd thought came to u….hope u dddnt mind ?
Vasu ( cupping her face ) : obviously not in fact this pacified me….
Thapki : how ?

Vasu : leave that and tell me whats the problem trbling my bacha ?
Thapki (sighing): problems…..huh !! Its nnone other than my to b husband its dhruv he he’s a rascal he ‘s a wild animal i feel like m my self putting my life in his hands and asking him to ruin it….my helplessness is overtaking my willpower aunty i…i..i cnt bear him ttouching me than y shud i marry him….? Plz….help me guide me what shud i do ?
Vasu smiled at her and took hold of her hand and brought her to a room ,
(Bihaan’s room ) as soon as thapki stepped in room she felt as if the room itself is inviting her to come in and she cud feel herself drowning in this arena , a pleasing and fruity aroma reaching her nostrills intoxicating her…… she felt a strong connection to the room and her hrtbeat increased 2 folds the initial…and she started to behave wierd…

Vasu  : thapki this is my son’s y i brought u here ?
Thapki shooked her head….
Vasu brought bihaan ‘s childhood frame and handed it to thapki….thapki gazed at her and then at the frame confusingly….
Thapki : who’s he ?i feel like ik him…
Vasu : no u dnt….well he’s my son his childhood frame….uk he faced a bundles of problems nd what he used to do ?
Thapki : wwhat ?

Vasu : he beleives in one thing only never let a prob turn u  unsubstantial rather overlook it and move he always says ma this is human tendency to show themselves burdened with problems….nd i agree with him….
Thapki : m not understanding anything aunty…
Vasu : airheaded u r !! Ohk , y we humans always want to solve each and every problem y cnt we simply ignore them….and when u ‘ll start doing that u ‘ll never need guidance…thapki uk my son says y to  complicate already complicated situation when u can simply run away from them but not every coz some situations do need ur attention but not every…..sometimes its btr to run away i mean when we can simplify things then y to
Thapki : complicate tthem….
Vasu : I hope uk what i mean…

Thapki quickly hugged her and pecked her cheeks….
Thapki : tysm aunty ty ty ty ty ty….ik exactly what u mean….bye muahhh !!! ??
She was leaving and then suddenly rushed back and kissed vasu and thanked her while vasu smiled…
Thapki : ty…
Vasu (calling behind her back ) : thank my son….
Thapki : sure…..
Vasu : sometimes this bihaan can also come to use….i wish he never commited that mistake but it will only be a wish….today after so many yrs i came to this room its changed alot that too negatively just like him…..
Vasu was pulled from her thoughts by a sudden crash sound……
She went downstairs when…………………
Vasu : mariiiiiiiiiiiii !!! ???aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! Thapkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………

Next day ,
Sahir : raman….. raman….raman where r u ? If u can hear me then come fast….lots of work to do…
Raj : i searched everywhere…he ‘s not at home….
Piu : what happened u gyzzz look worried anything serious….
Raj : ya raman is missing….we r srchng him…
Piu : what…
Sahir :good news for u isnt it he was loathesome creature for u ?
Piu : is it imp to blame me for everything in fact when m not at fault…then also..u r….doing this….
Sahir : oh plz ik how much elated u will b right now….
Shradha and thapki : whats happening here ?

Sahir : nothing much just raman is missing….
Thapki was bolt from the blue…..and horror instead of blood flowed in her vessels……
Thapki : whatttttt ? He…r u sserious…
Thapki jumped down from the stairs grabbing sahir’s collars……r u crazy or what u r ssaying iits nothing find him iidk aanything plz sahir plz find him thapki pushed sahir towards the door….
Thapki : go y to wwaste time….
Tears uncontrollably flowed down her face….

Thapki (breaking voice ): go na raj u.. plz……rraj u….h…he..lp me find him….
Raj pulled thapki and placed his hands on her shldr….
Raj (cupping her face ) : thapki calm down thaps calm down thaps plz calm down….u need to b calmed…..we’ll find him…
Thapki (breaking down and hugging him ) : r….aj…..raman…i h..ope he’s safe…
Raj (caressing her hair ) :shhh !! Bas….

Dhruv :thapki maintain distance…
Thapki quickly separated from raj….
Dhruv : good u r my sweethrt….ohk ,now stop shedding these fake tears….
He all of a sudden throwed some documents on her face….
Shradha :dhruv this is not a way to behave kindly mind urself thapki its fine i apologise….
Piu : ya dhruv bhai respect women…
Dhruv : whatever, have a look at it thapkiiiiii…(stressing at her name )
Thapki looked at papers and a white pallor scattered on her face as reality dawned on her and she stood their plastered to floor as documents slipped from her tender hands…landing on floor
And tears trickled down her face without her notice she was standing their lifeless expressionless like a statue….

Piu : whats there in that..
Sahir : ha thapki y u so shocked..
Shradha : yes thapki what happened….
Raj : thapki answer us we r talking to u…
Everyone shaked her but not a single word came out from her mouth she stood their expressionless… a stone…and everyone was concerned regarding her state….only one word she uttered with a lone tear…

Thapki : nno…
Dhruv : its true thapki….theres no place for 2 in this game sweethrt and what no….its absolutely true baby HE RESIGNED…

Hello beauties reading this well well my xms r going on nd i somehow typed this but this is not the end its just the begining now storyline will b completely changed….
and this part wud have been very longer if i had typed all the things so i decided to split it into 2 halves….next half after september 25….

Title : the sangeet

Till then ~ sionara

              ?credit : simran ?


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