Thahaan-a new start (episode-37)

Soon after the deal was signed Manish was desperate to know about the truth of her name changing..but he thought this is not a place n time..he need to talk to her personally..he kept on staring at her constantly..VANI knew that his gaze was on her everytime..she felt uncomfortable by that.few past moments flashed n her eyes quickly gets filled by tears..she turns to the other side to hide her tears n there comes a worker showing few files to her..she quickly wipes her tears somehow..the worker goes away n she turns back to Manish..still he was gazing at her..
Vani(In mind):plzz don’t look at me like that Manish I will fall for u again..plzz don’t..I somehow managed to forget u n move on in life plzz don’t come In between again..I don’t love u Manish I don’t..
Manish(in mind):I know ur my Jigyasa..u changed urself In this modern look n changed ur name but still I know ur my Jigyasa..ur ignoring but u can’t hide ur identity from me for long..I love u n I will always love u..
Ishaan:u all sit down n talk I will bring sandwich for everyone from our canteen..everyone sits on the sofas n Ishaan goes out..later,Rahul gets up n excuses him self to go to washroom..soon after he left VANI started getting shivers in her whole body as now she was left alone with Manish..she tried to be normal..she somehow managed to take the magazine from the table..she quickly had a glance at him n then started reading the magazine..manish did not notice the change in her n started to read the magazine too..both were indulged in the magazine but VANI had a fear still.her hands were shaking n she started sweating..her hands became cold each time she thought about him or shared a glance at him..she could not managed to be normal anymore she wanted to cry now..but she cannot infront of him..
VANI:excuse me..I need to go..she quickly gets up..

Manish:kaha ja rahi ho Jigyasa..(where r u going Jigyasa..)VANI stops n gets shocked to hear that..he throws the magazine on the table n sees her..VANI turns towards him..she looks around every where..
VANI:r u taking to me..manish keeps quite..
VANI:because I don’t feel like there is any Jigyasa here I’m VANI.. VANI OBEROI..manish giggles at her..
VANI:excuse me..she makes a questioning face..manish gets up from his seat n starts taking little little steps towards her..his each step made her nervous n she took two step back when he took one..she saw his big foot coming closer..she found herself stuck with something n turned to see was wall..she was against the wall n he coming closer…VANI tried to me confident n normal.
VANI:mr Manish what r u doing..manish finally comes close to her n she tries to escape..he quickly blocks her way n stands holding his hands on the wall across her..she felt him soo close to her..their foots touched..she gets more nervous..
Manish:miss VANI y r u sweating..he wipes her forehead n she felt his touch..he takes out his handkerchief n wipes her cheeks gently..she kept starring at him n he doing his work..( hamari adhuri kahani song plays)..he trailed his hanky from her cheeks to her neck n she closed her eyes..
Manish:miss VANI ur sweating hard what happen r u scared of anything..VANI opened her eyes at ones n looked at him..
Manish:don’t worry I’m here with u..he moved closer to her..she gets tensed..she puts her hands on his chest n stops him from coming more closer..they see each other n had an eyelock..they heard the door opening n parted away quickly n stood far was both Rahul n Ishaan holding few trays of sandwich n coffee.
Ishaan:what happen u both r standing like this..
Manish:nothing I was seeing this beautiful painting n miss VANI was showing them to me..VANI sighs in relief..
VANI:u guys eat I need to go..she runs out quickly..manish looked at her direction..
Later Ishaan Rahul n Manish eats the sandwich n then both Rahul n Manish leaves the place to their hotel..

Over the night it was hard for Manish to sleep..each side he turned he found her n even if he closed his eyes n tried to sleep the new modern Jigyasa comes infront of him again.,he quickly opened his eyes n sat upright taking the support of the bed rest..he holds a pillow close to his chest hugging it..
Manish:u preoccupied my mind Jigyasa ..there r bags of question I need to ask u..y r u ignoring me??..see ur making me impatient..I’m not able to sleep too..he again recollects everything which happened today..
Manish:I’m not able to sleep with out u Jigyasa.come to me please..he gets a little emotional
Manish:but here the question is of her new identity..what was the need of changing the identity..VANI OBEROI is such a strong name for my delicate Jigyasa..he smiled..
Manish:anyways I’m not gonna go back to India with out u..I’m waiting Jigyasa.tomorrow I will somehow manage to spend a quality n personal time with u..n u can’t resist me then..

Next day..
Manish quickly wakes up n sees the time..
Manish:oh it’s 10 I should get ready n somehow plan to meet her..he quickly gets up takes bath n changes in his casuals..he goes out n Meets Rahul..they both had their breakfast n then they think of doing some work..they start going through the files n time passes by..

Soon it was evening n they were done with the files study..they think to get fresh n then go out somewhere to have dinner..they both left to their particular rooms..
Manish wanted to meet Jigyasa somehow..he contacts Ishaan..
Ishaan:hello Manish sir..
Manish:yeah hi..actually I wanted to speak to miss VANI I don’t have her number..can u give her number…
Ishaan:yeah but now her phone is with me she is in a meeting..
Manish:ok I’ll call her later u just give her number to me..Ishaan does so..
Ishaan:what is the need to speak on phone..why don’t u come to her house itself..she arranged a small ganpati puja today at her home..y don’t u come their..
Manish:ohh ur VANI maam is very religious I like that..
Ishaan:yes she r u coming..
Manish:yes I will come one should not say no for going to a puja..
Ishaan:great VANI maam will leave in few minutes..after an hour or two I will come to pick u both..
Manish:ok we will be waiting..he cuts the call.
Manish:this is more then what I expected thank u bappa..n now finally I’m going to her house..I can talk to her,meet her n I can see her house too..she might be staying alone here..but if I think this way I’m proud to see ur achievements Jigyasa..but ur real achievement is waiting for u..ur family..they r eager to see u Jigyasa..I know ur angry from me but I will manage to take ur forgiveness too..I will go back India with u only..
Manish informs about this to Rahul n asks him to get ready quickly..he too gets ready n comes out wearing his simple white kurta n salwar..Rahul came to his room n informed that Ishaan is waiting for them out of the hotel..manish was very excited to go but he managed to be professional..they come out of the hotel n Ishaan horned to call them..they see his car n comes to him..they drove to VANIs house..

VANIs house..
The house was perfectly designed..from the interior n exterior too..manish n Rahul widen their mouths to see the house like a royal palace…the big jhumar in the centre was flashing its golden light n giving the hall a festive feeling..Rahul kept looking around widening his eyes n Manish was feeling soo proud of his wife for achieving such great success in her life..
Ishaan:come sir there is VANI maam..lets greet her..manish nods n they follow him..there were few ladies near the Ganesh idol decoration n preparing for the puja n facing their back to Manish n everyone..
Ishaan:oh god soo many ladies who is VANI maam in this..he enquired n Rahul gave an “I don’t know” look..manish stared at everyone..most of them were in saree n few girls were wearing gowns n frocks..he then found a lady in the whole gathering..she was wearing a peach dress..a simple long cape with an open space near her belly n lehenga with small beautiful pearls on it..she was different from everyone..she looked elegant with her free fallen curled hairs..she herself was unique in style n she looked pretty today..manish pointed at her..
Manish:I think that one..Ishaan n Rahul saw the girl..
Ishaan:wait I’ll check..he moved towards the girl.someone pats manish’s shoulder n he turns to see the was his old business partner he had a professional chat with him n during that his mind was totally in Jigyasa..he wanted to see whether the girl he choosed is his Jigyasa or not..he kept eyeing at her side sometimes during his conversation..when the next time he turned her found his lady love in the arms of her PA Ishaan!!..he was shocked to see that..he had a lot of stuff going in his mind n he stopped hearing to the person..
Partner:ok Manish will talk to u later..manish sees him n smiles fakely..what he just saw was unexpected n unbearable to simply they hugged could she hug him..wait she was smiling..what is going on..he was puzzled n then he saw his love is the same girl whom he choosed..he smiled at that..
Ishaan:come VANI Manish n Rahul r here u should greet them..
VANI:what they r here but y..her quick question amazed him..VANIs world again turned upside down to hear that..her betrayer is here in her house..she gasped..
VANI:Ishaan I regard u as my friend so don’t poke ur nose in my matter y did u had to invite them..
Ishaan:what happen VANI since this deal is signed I see that u feel in secured everything ok..u never behaved like this..I was amazed that u did not invited them to the puja but then I thought that u forget I invited what’s wrong what happen??..
Vani: nothing but u don’t have to do things with out my permission..
Ishaan:but VANI u r not the same..I never had to ask ur permission before I do anything what happen to u..why r u behaving strange..VANI was tensed by his questions she bitted her lips n answered..
VANI:I said na nothing forget it..Ishaan was little upset as she hid things n scolded him too..VANI noticed it..
Ishaan:ok come on I will introduce u to Manish sir..

VANI:what is the need of it..we already introduced yesterday..
Ishaan:VANI they r ur guest u need to greet them..VANI did not wanted to go but if she said no for coming Ishaan would doubt on her..
VANI:ok let’s go..they both walked towards Manish n Rahul..VANI unwillingly walked n they greeted each other..
VANI:thank u for coming enjoy the function I’ll be back I have to greet the other guest too..saying so she goes away..later the puja started n everyone sang the aarti together..after the aarti Pandit ji gives prasad to VANI n she starts distributing to everyone herself..she came near Ishaan n Rahul n gave them a piece..she sees Manish n both had a small eye lock..VANI then moved towards him to give prasad..their eyes were meeting eachother..manish was filled with emotions where as VANI composed herself..she moved her hand to give prasad n so he did the same to take prasad..but then everyone heard an innocent,delicate,cheering voice..
“MAMMA,MAMMA… MAMMA”…VANI smiled as she heard the voice..she gave the prasad plate to Ishaan n ran few steps..manish kept staring at her..
A girl of around 4 years came inside running with her school Mickey Mouse bag hanged on her shoulders..she ran straight into the arms of VANI n VANI sat down on her knees to welcome her..the little girl cuddled her tightly n VANI smiled at her..
Manish was staring at both of them..the little one was super cute n white with soft cheeks n black straight hairs,..her eyes were big n super cute n her lips were adorable..she was adorable..she was in her pink jumpsuit n her baby cut hairs were combed nicely n pinned with few funky Barbie clips..manish passed a smile looking at her but he was still confused..
Little girl:Mamma I missed u SOOOOOO MUCHHHH..jigyasa smiled n cuddled her even more tighter n left Manish hell shocked..the others in the hall were smiling at the mother n daughter but he felt his heart skipped a beat..he felt like his world turned upside down n he lost everything again..he lost her again..he vision started getting blurred with his tears..he had no sense..he could not imagine what is right n what is wrong..jigyasa separated the little one..
VANI:Samaira I missed u too beta n where is aunt Mary…did u trouble her a lot..
Yes the little angel of Jigyasa is samaira (Shivika rishi from kasam tere pyaar ki)
Samaira came near VANI n whispered..
Samaira:I never irritate her she irritates me all the time..VANI giggled n samaira moved back..
Mary:I know u might be backbiting me infront of ur mom..samaira quickly hides behind VANI..VANI smiles..
Mary:oh god VANI she is a trouble she never p stays at one place..I have loosed 10kg running behind her in only 5 days..
Note:-Mary aunt is a fat lady..n caretaker of VANIs house n baby sitter of samaira..
Mary:she is very naughty..very naughty the things which I say her not to do she does that n she never listens to me VANI..fed up fed up of this girl..
Samaira:hey aunty why r u whingeing about me..stop it we should not fight infront of God..she turns to the god idol n joins her hands..aunt Mary was left with a wide mouth n everyone giggled..manish was very shocked with everything happening infront of his eyes..he had no clue of his surroundings he could just see the three of them his love,her daughter n that lady…when he realized his surroundings he quickly wiped his tears n then saw the Mother n daughter hugging again..he managed to hide his tears from everyone..VANI took both of them to the Ganesh idol n they took blessings n then samaira was taken to her room to get changed..later the guest starts leaving…
VANI was talking to the pandit ji n Manish approached her..he stood behind her n patted her shoulder..she turned back only to give a weird expression to see him behind..
Manish:actually I need to talk to u its urgent..VANI looked at the pandit ji..
VANI:mr Manish I’m busy with my house function..u might be having queries about the deal..u can clear everything from Ishaan he knows everything..if that still doesn’t work we will talk tomorrow in the office..I’m on a leave today..she excused herself n went away..manish got angry as she ignored was right to speak to her now itself he thought n he started following her everywhere..VANI knew that he was behind always..
Manish:VANI please u have time to speak to everyone but not me right please it’s very urgent we need to talk now..
VANI(in mind):I know what u have to talk about Manish..I already said aunt Mary to not bring samaira home today but samaira insisted to come..this may cause more trouble for Manish I won’t let u ruin my happiness again..everything of mine is of my little angels..I won’t let u come in between n take my happiness away..I’m living just because of samaira orelse I would have ended myself a very long ago..I won’t reveal my real identity..I don’t want u in my happy life with my daughter..
VANI:mr Manish I don’t know y u don’t understand I need to greet my guest I can’t talk to u right now..she huffed at him n went away again..manish’s patience was broke by then..he was furious n he quickly took few steps before she reached another guest he held her arm n she looked back at him…he held her arm tightly n dragged her away from everyone..
VANI:manish..she whooshed but he didn’t stopped he dragged her to the nearest room n left her hand making her stand in the middle of the room..he moved towards the door only to lock it before she escapes again..jigyasa turned very nervous as he did that..but then she managed to look confident..he came near her looking at her doubtfully..Jigyasa folds her hands near her chest n looks at him..
VANI:what was so urgent that u could not wait..manish kept staring at her

VANI:ok now as u brought me here we can talk but please say it quickly I don’t have time..she made a disinterested face n turned away..
Manish:I brought u here to show u the reality..jigyasa closed her eyes tightly
VANI:I knew Manish I knew it….but no I’m not going to loose..I won’t give up I hate u n u can’t come back in my life again..she opened her eyes n turned to Manish..
VANI:what u have any doubt,or u want to clear anything about our company..hey listen we work hard n honestly..
Manish:no not about the company…
VANI:then??..manish paused for a minute seeing the way she was ignoring everything..
Manish(in mind):how could she ignore me for such a long time.doesn’t she feels anything for me,why is she doing so,I have to speak to her about a very important matter n she is behaving like I’m nothing to her..VANI snapped her finger to bring him out of his thoughts..
VANI:what happen say what did u want to say I need to go..manish still did not say anything but kept staring at her..
VANI:hey man ur wasting my time I need to go sorry..she started leaving n he kept staring at her..she reached the door n was in the process of unlocking it when he rushed near her n held her hand,pushed her to the wall n held her hands up..they were very close..her heartbeats increased..he came closer to her n she turned her face
VANI:what r u doing Mr Manish move away from me…she tried to push him but his strength was more n she failed to push him..
VANI:Mr Manish Manish..she still kept trying n he wanted her to be quite n listen to him that’s it..
Manish:shhhhhhhhhhh….he was louder n scarier..she obeyed n stood quite..he left her hand n trailed his hand on her cheeks..its been a quite long he did that n she felt it..she closed her eyes to enjoy his touch..
Manish:JIGYASA….as soon as she heard her real identity from his mouth she opened her eyes n saw a pleading Manish standing infront of her..
VANI:jigyasa??.he smiled like a small kid n nodded n released few tears..
VANI:who is this Jigyasa u always mummer this name..he again felt uneasy..why is she ignoring me…he thought.he again got furious n reacted..
Manish:u r Jigyasa..he shouted..
Manish:ur Jigyasa my Jigyasa n I’m ur husband ur Manish..VANI huffed giving an emotionless smile..
VANI:r u can u be Jigyasa I’m VANI n ur my husband…she laughed..
VANI:please go n look at urself in the mirror I would never marry such person..she laughed continuesly..
Manish:jigyasa what happened to u..I’m Manish ur manish..he came near her n she stopped him..
VANI:don’t try to come close I’m not ur wife I’m VANI,VANI OBEROI n I met u first time yesterday..
Manish:jigyasa please stop this drama,u know what was going on me during this time..I was living a lifeless life with out u..I found u finally n I won’t let u go so easily..
VANI:hey what is ur story man I don’t understand it looks like an love story I would love to listen it..she said excitedly making her confused..
Manish:it’s just not my love story it’s our love story..VANI felt uneasy n it was hard for her to be infront of him for more time..
VANI:oh what ever I think u need a treatment but yes don’t forget the story I will listen any other time I need to go now..she started moving away from him only to hide those uncontrollable tears…manish held her hand again n took her too the wall n pinned her by it..
Manish:oh so u don’t remember anything,anything about our love story,anything about me,if ur not my Jigyasa but VANI then what is the meaning of these tears???..jigyasa looked at him shockingly with her wet eyes..he slides his hands up from her arm to her shoulder n she closes her eyes tightly..a little drop comes out of her eyes n he takes that on his finger..jigyasa opens her eyes n sees him..he takes his finger near his lips n kisses it..her heart skipped a beat to see that..she turned herself away from him..manish smiles..
Manish:I know ur my Jigyasa my love but I don’t y ur doing this..y r u ignoring me hiding things from me..jigyasa composes herself n again managed to look strong n confident..she turned towards him with a jerk n showed her index finger n moved nearer to her while he moved back..soon his back touched the wall n they were closer again..
VANI:look mister u look very flirty to me..but I hate these kind of people n now just for flirting stop calling me ur love..I don’t know u I’m not ur Jigyasa I’m VANI understand..manish takes out his wallet from his pocket n shows her picture in it..VANI keeps on looking at it..
Manish:my wife Jigyasa…how could two persons be of same faces..don’t lie ur my wife I know what happened then was wrong n ur angry but trust me I didn’t knew anything..plzz forgive me..he join his hands..jigyasa melts a little..
Manish:plzz don’t go away now u don’t know how my life changed without u..I love u I’m sorry for everything thing..atleast come back for the family..for ur family..what was their fault y did u leave them behind n started leaving here alone..u know how much they miss u..jigyasa was fully melted when she heard that her family misses her…she was about to give up but then she remembers her priority..her daughter..
VANI:what nonsense..hey I’m not ur wife listen..I don’t know how we match our faces but I’m not ur wife I’m VANI…. VANI OBEROI…manish angers raises as she refused to accept her identity he holds her by her hairs n pushes her to the wall..jigyasa hold his hand trying to free her hairs..
Manish:how many times I need to say ur my wife my wife jigyasa Manish goplani n I don’t need to proof it..ur mine u know that..
VANI:ahh ur hurting me leave my hairs..she struggled to free herself n he releases her hairs but keeps holding her shoulder tightly..
Manish:I won’t let u go now..he moves near her to give a kiss..VANI sees that n gets nervous she was loosing her control on her heart..she was loosing with life she decided to give to her daughter samaira..
VANI:don’t u dare come near me I’m married I have a daughters..she stated n Manish stopped n looking at her confused..VANI got relief as he was not coming closer now..she used her daughter as her weapon against Manish n played confidently..
VANI:look mister I feel like u were madly in love with ur wife n when she is not anymore u became totally mad..but that doesn’t mean that u see ur wife in any random person..I’m VANI I have a daughter n I’m married so u don’t…before she completes Manish bursts out laughing..jigyasa gets confused..
Manish:oh so ur married n u have a daughter too..jigyasa feels something fishy by his manner of speaking..but she tried hard to look confident..she held her dress tightly in her fist n gathered confidence..
VANI:yes u heard it right..,Manish laughed again..
Manish:oh oh so where is ur husband..jigyasa was shocked to hear the unexpected question..she looked here n there but ignored him..
Manish:what happen I m asking about ur husband with whom u had ur daughter samaira ..jigyasa gulped as she was loosing..
VANI:ah ac…actually my husband…yes he is he he is out..but again before she completes Manish with a speed of train moves closer to her n pushing her to the wall n she was left in shock..he was angrier this time…n she knew that..his fast n hot breath touched her soft cheeks n she felt the warmth..she closed her eyes as she felt his warn breath on them..he trails his hands on her making his way to her palm by which she held her dress In nervousness..he frees her hand n holds it tightly..
Manish:don’t lie if u can’t..he moves even more closer n kisses her cheek..she quickly opens her eyes n pushes her away..
VANI:what r u doing..don’t u understand I’m not ur wife I’m VANI n I..manish cuts her yet again..
Manish:n ur married n have a daughter right..ok I give u another chance prove it..who is ur husband..if he is not at home then u must be having any picture of him with u right..n this seems like it’s ur room..their r ur n samaira’s pictures hanged everywhere..but y don’t u have ur husbands picture anywhere..jigyasa did not expected this n now she had none other way..she had no answers of his questions..
Manish:what happen Jigyasa y can’t u answers..u know y..jigyasa sees him..
Manish:because ur mine ur mine n always will be mine..u can’t be of any one else..ur only mine..I love u n u love me..he moves few steps near her n Jigyasa sees that..
VANI:see don’t come near me.she tries to go before he comes near her but he holds her hand n pulls her back..he holds her waist tightly..
Manish:I won’t let u go away now..he hugs her n cries at her shoulder..
Manish:I missed u soo much I missed u everyday,everytime..he kept hugging her but she did not reciprocate the hug still she had feeling for him n her eyes turned wet again..he slowly moved his head down n gave a wet kiss on her shoulder n again she pushed him..
VANI:this is not a joke mr Manish u just can’t simply regard urself as my husband n come close to me..see I feel pity at ur state ur wife left u n ur madly searching her but that doesn’t mean I’m ur wife..we r business partners don’t forget that or else I can cancel the deal..
Manish:jigyasa enough u can’t hide this truth from me anymore I know everything about u..don’t pretend that u don’t know me n don’t love me..u can’t because I can see ur love for me in ur enough don’t go away we lived alone for a long time but not anymore come back..he holds her hands..VANI wanted to say something but he speaks before her..
Manish:I know again the same thing..ur married n u have a daughter right..VANI nods yes..manish smiles n touches her cheeks..
Manish:if u can’t lie then y do u even try to do so…
Manish:I know samaira is ur adopted daughter..u found her In a park when she was just 3 months n then u adopted her right..VANI gets shocked..she looks down..
Manish:jigyasa when I saw samaira with u I thought the same that u forgot me n moved on but I knew u can’t do that u love me n u can’t love anyone other then me..n I asked Ishaan about samaira n he said everything about her..
Manish:jigyasa see fours years ago what happened was very wrong..wrong with u,wrong with Aryan n wrong with ur family.but that time I did not knew anything..I would have listened to u once..u tried to say but I never gave a chance to u..
Manish:u don’t know how our families are living with out u..jigyasa Dima stays I’ll always n wants to see u. N Dadi..she always stays in the temple room praying to see u one day..she even sleeps their..she sometimes doesn’t eat n wished to see u..
Jigyasa I promised Dima n Dadi that I will bring u back home..since long I was searching u but…u don’t know what was going on us when u weren’t there..after a year u went I got to know about misha’s truth..she was speaking to her friend about thin n I over heard n I regret for believing her..I’m sorry I can’t repent for what I did but I will try to..u remember I slapped u that day..u slap me this time..slap to n take out all ur anger on me but forgive me..he holds her hands n slaps few times(ranjha naa plays.).Jigyasa cries n moves away from him..
Manish:I bad mouthed u that day I betrayed u n u suffered a lot..Dima thinks that I’m responsible for Adhiti masi,dhruv chachu n dada ji’s death n I feel the same..if I did not left u u would never be depressed n never left home n they come after u to search u but they lost their lives..I think God will punish me to death for this but plzz u don’t punish me I want to live with u Jigyasa plzzz plzzz.he holds her face in his hands n cries louder..jigyasa turns towards him n cries seeing his state..he raises his head to see her n she quickly composes herself..she turns her face away..manish feels bad to see that..
Manish:just once try to understand my state at that time Jigyasa..I was very protective to my sister that I never recognized the right I brother I was very concerned about my sisters live…I loved her truly but I did not knew that she was the game player here..u were also concerned about ur brother like me but u were right plzz forgive me for that..jigyasa started to go n Manish tried to stop her..
Manish:jigyasa plzz listen don’t go..jigyasa did not stop she was near the door when he shouted..
Manish:that was my love my concern for my sister jigyasa..I did not knew anything..everything was misha’s fault here then y r u punishing mee…jigyasa I…before he completes she turns towards him n comes near n this time she pushes him to the wall..she holds him against the wall holding his biceps n he was utter shocked..
Jigyasa:ur love for ur sister was ok but what about ur love for ur wife…what was ur wife’s fault here…u punished me Manish u punished me..n I happily accept this punishment to be away from u..I hate u..manish was shocked n a little happy too..finally she accepted that she is jigyasa..he puts his hands around her neck n she looks at him angrily.l
Manish:n finally u accepted that ur my love my Jigyasa..jigyasa remembers what she just did n felt defeated by him…she widely opens hers jaws n turns away..all these
years she was quite hiding her feeling inside her came out in just a second..
Manish: jigyasa if I knew a little about misha’s behavior I would have taken ur side but she played really well she tried hard to creat rift between us..she just wanted to live a free bird live which she was not able to live in pandey nivas but trust me when I got to knew the truth I myself threw her out of the house I promise she won’t come in our life again plzz come back to me..he holds her hand..
Jigyasa:after giving a lot of pain all these years now u came back to heal those untreated wounds..
Manish:jigyasa every disease can be treated either internal or external..n about ur heart wounds those will be treated by my love…
Jigyasa:yes love…that day u proved how much u loved me Manish..u n ur sister both wanted to get rid of this forced relation right n so u both planned this..
Manish:now ur taking me wrong…
Jigyasa:no I’m not, if u loved me u would have never slapped me n never never threw me out of ur live Manish..those words of u still ache in my ears Manish..if that day u remember the love between ur sister n u then what about our love…what about the love between u n me Manish…what is the meaning of those nights which we made together..what was the meaning that u always found ways to come near me..u forgot everything in that few minutes..everything our love,our promises,our nights,our days everything..I felt like I was USED Manish..manish feels bad when he hears those words from her..
Jigyasa:u remember that day u said that I can be nothing with out u,ur surname right…but see I’m everything today with out u n ur surname…u underestimated a women Manish she can do n be anything she wants..
Manish:jigyasa I know everything that happen was words,my behavior everything was wrong…but trust me I didn’t knew anything about misha I was blind in her love I regret for not trusting u that day n not listening to u once taking a foolish decision which turned my world completely down..I’m Jigyasa but I never used u I genuinely loved u with heart I loved u the most but the situations led us this..I remember everything Jigyasa.our nights our love everything but that time I could only see was my sisters happiness..jigyasa what would u do if u get a news that someone is torturing ur family members..I reacted the same way..I believed at the lie which misha intentionally wanted me to believe in..I’m sorry again n again n again for that..I really really love u please forgive me this time plzzz..he sits on both his knees n intervined both his hands together n looks at her giving a begging expression but she remained motionless now..she turned herself away n he was broken..he found his love after a quite long time but she is not agreeing to forgive him n move on together…jigyasa was now determined with the happiness she had a present her adopted daughter samaira..she tured away n started taking steps..she was just near the door again…he ran towards her,held his hand n pulled her closer…
Jigyasa:what r u doing..before she could speak more he sealed her mouth with his…she was stunned by his sudden move..she placed both her hands on his chest n tried to push him..he moved a little
Manish:not so soon Mrs Jigyasa goplani I got a chance to kiss u again after years I won’t leave this chance..jigyasa was stunned before she could react to his words he pushed her to the wall n he himself thrusted in her their bodies brushed n both felt current writhing eachother..he pressed himself on her body n she took all his weight too..
Jigyasa:manish this is wro..n again before she completes her incomplete sentence he does his work..he seals her mouth again by his lips on hers…he kissed her with all his passion this time..the passion he loosed four years ago..the love he loosed four years ago..he poured all the love in that just one kiss…she loosed everything of her in that one kiss…she felt like she is falling for that man again..she left herself in his muscular arms n allowed him to KISS…he moved his hands all over her back n she tightened her grip over his shoulder…he tasted heavenly..he tasted every corner of her mouth..subsequently he kept moving his hands over her back n tummy..he touched her bare belly n both were deeply indulged in the kiss…as he made an attempt of removing her cape she realized the happenings..until then Manish lifted the cape but she stopped him n pushed him strenuously n he moved back n keeps on looking at her..she quickly corrects her dress n looks at him angrily..but the next moment she cried out tears..she touched her lips n remembered the moment again..she covered herself by her hands n cried out loud…manish kept looking at her n then moved towards her to console her..he touches her shoulder..
Manish:jigyasa what happen to u?? y r u crying??..
Jigyasa:y am I crying???…yes I thought that there r no more tears in my life but u brought them again…why did u came n did this with me..I was happy with my life but u made m remember my past again..n…n u…n we..she stammered…
Jigyasa:we kissed again!!!!!!….
Manish:jigyasa if that’s a problem I’m sorry but what is wrong in this we r husband n wife..I just did that because I felt to do so..u were not accepting my apology n I was insecure with that..I’m sorry forgive me now plzz.he holds both his ears n she looks at his cute puppy face..she wanted to smile at his puppy face but she got up corrected her dress n makeup n rushed outside while he tried to stop her…

Precap-Manish n samaira converse amicably n soon they built a friendship relation..surprise??

Hey guys hope u enjoyed this part..then plzz do comment n share ur feedbacks..thank u for sooo sooo sooo motivative n emotional comments in the last part blessed to have u guys..n guys plzz stay tuned n excited with my story becoz many many many surprises coming ahead..n also romance(which I’m good at)????…plzz keep commenting love to each one of u..silent readers do introduce yourselves…love tc:-)Juveria…


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