Teri meri love story (#PRAVEER) ss by NiVa Niya Vany – Prologue

A cute love story of a young guy. He thought he would never fall in love until a girl enters his life and she becomes his inspiration. He will then find himself falling in love with that girl!!

A cute love story of a girl, for whom life has always been a roller coaster ride accepting every truth, and thats what is being Practical in Life!! She develops a crush on her roommate but little she will knoe that her roommate has fallen in love with her!!

So, all in all its a cute love story of two individuals who yet had same path but they had different notions of their lives!! How will these two individuals end up together?

Teri Meri Love Story : SS By NiVa a.k.a Niya And Vany ❤

Prolouge :

A big bunglow made of Marble, labelled as “Yadav House”.


A cute young girl packing her bags hurriedly….!!

“Papa I’m leaving!! I’m getting late!! But kasam se if my driver gets late today na I’ll dump his head inside the dustbin!!” – a voice echoed in the big Bunglow, it came from the bed room.

Its our Pragya who was packing her bags. Today, she was going to shift in Veer’s house for the purpose of pursuing her medical career. She will be staying in his home as the college was nearer to Veer’s house and both can go to the college together. Well, she was scared to get late because, she had a soft corner i.e crush on Veer, which she could never tell him!! Because she knew that, Veer was someone with whom she could never even think of being with….

Its because, yet their paths were the same, but their aims of their lives are much different! They are contrasting personalities of each other.

But she only minded to become a successful doctor ahead and nothing else.

Styling her hairs in a graceful way and wearing a red jumpsuit she was all set to leave her room with her luggages, all set to leave!!

(Living Room)

She took the blessings of her Dad Alok Yadav and hugged him. Then she went and hugged her sister Isha. They were the only people in her world, and she loved them more than anything.

Alok : Beta, why are you saying that now you dont want the driver? You can still think, its not too late…

Pragya : (excited) Just leave it Dad, I’ll go with my scooter… And looking other way round, I need my scooter for going to college, isnt it? Not everytime Veer will offer me a lift!

Isha (teasing, smiling) : Hmm Hmm!! Dont tell me you are planning to make Veer sit at your back while you’ll ride the scooter!! (Winked)

Pragya (gasped angrily) : Isha Ki bachchii!! Next time aane ke baad dekhlungi tujhe!!!

Alok : Haha!! Stop fighting u both. Pragu, once u reach dont forget to call us, okay?

Pragya : Yes dad! I wont forget.

Isha : And call us time to time!!

Pragya : Ha na meri Maa…(she hugged Isha again) Miss u both!! (Again hugged Alok)

Alok : We miss u too, bachcha! Afterall, this house is going to be nothing without you!!

Pragya : Yeah!! I love u both.

Just then to their surprise the driver had arrived. Pragya noticed it and sighed sadly.

Pragya : Okk, so bye bye scooty!! I’ve got to go!! But I wont forget you too!!

She waved a final goodbye to Alok and Isha before leaving from there carrying her luggages.

Precap : Veer’s Dhamakedaar Entry!!
Tune maari entry orr dil mein baji ghantiyaan…Tang tang?

↔Character’s sketch↔

Veer malhotra: Age 23 a medical student full of life he believes life is beautiful enjoy it he’s a big prankster every girl’s dream but haven’t got his love yet he’s just waiting for his miss perfect love’s his mom dad and sister’s alot he love’s his little siss aayat alot but never shows…

Pragya yadav:Age 22 a lady dabbang very serious also a medical student had a crush on veer loves her father and sister alot for her they are her world as she lost her mom in a very young age

Gayatri Malhotra:Mother of veer a cool Modern mom wants veer to make a gf loves her kid’s alot a house wife..

Dr.Anand Malhotra:A very good doctor owner of savitri devi college and hospital a idol dad love’s his kid’s and wife alot veer’s bestie ..

Aayat Malhotra:age 15 a cool naughty girl love’s her brother veer the most but thinks he dont cares for her..her jiju sanket is her best friend she shares everything with him

Priya sharma:age26 veer’s elder sister happily marriade with her love sanket she’s love’s her brother mom dad sister alot ..

Sanket sharma:age26 a well known advocate a idol jamai love’s bestie of aayat love’s his in laws nd wife alot..

Alok yadav: Pragya’s dad a politician but a very good human loves his daughter’s alot.

Isha yadav:age20 Pragya’s sister her bestie a cool girl wants to become an actress ..

Ria utreja:age 23 veer’s childhood bestie a love gure but still single

Kabir titoria:age 28 Pragya’s family friend obsessed about Pragya but pragya hates him.


  1. niva…….superb storyline………so, there’s no sanchi in this update…is it??????? or r u going to add it in future??????? whatever may be, we loved it a lot……..

    1. NiVa

      Thanku dear but sorry their is no sanchi in our ss ☺

  2. Character s is just awesome .surf miss sanchi.keep it up yaar????

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  3. Richa1496

    It’s different… Finally….got to read story other than kanchi and sanveer…. Waiting for next one…But there is a request don’t show kabir obsessed with pragya….. And pragya hating him…. I know its praveer story but pls don’t show kabir like this….

    1. NiVa

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  4. Loved it….plz update next episode asap

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  5. It’s different nice story but plss don’t make kaabir bad please or in and saanchi and make her come fast in this ff but it’s u r wish but don’t kabir bad it’s request you

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  6. Hey I love pragya and veer together but plz don’t show kabir as a bad person

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  7. I too love pragya and veers chemistry a different storyline an awesome update do write soon

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    Superb ur concept is too different nd that’s what makes this fabulous

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    Hey NiVa its good concept thanks for keep saanchi aside.update soon

  10. I personally want praveer as the pair but also like sanveer and kanchi . U fulfilled my wish of praveer and I m so glad to see that I m not the only praveer fan . Plz continue and if u don’t mind than plz don’t show kabir as a negative . And I love u and ur work

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