Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi goes to Pappu’s house

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Scene 1
Rupa is shocked. Mahi says when I would go out of the house I would take mummy’s blessings and I need yours today. Rupa gives her blessing. Jogi comes too. Jogi says you can be MIL to another son’s wife but be a mother to mine. He says let’s go. He says call me if Pappu tries to do anything. Take care of my wife. Mahi hugs him. She leaves.

Mahi comes to Pappu’s house and recalls she got shot. Seema hugs her and takes her inside. Akash live stream everything and Jogi watches it. Seema does Mahi’s arti. Chanda live streams and shoes to Arjun. Arjun sees Mahi’s face and recalls his wedding and how he was insulted by Jogi and Mahi. Chanda says our plan just started. Pappu says you have a big heart that you came. Why didn’t Jogi come? Mahi says he had work. He says your laxmi got Pappu work as well. Mahi hugs Shalu and Renu. Seema says pick your bangles and parandas. Mahi picks them. Seema hugs her. Shalu says we are also your daughter. Seema hugs all three of them.

Mahi asks Jogi what are you doing? Why are you walking around me? Shalu says yes. Akash says it’s not me her husband. He asked me to keep an eye on you. Renu says our husbands should train from Jogi. Mahi says Jogi are you crazy? Shalu says stop stalking her. They take Mahi. Jogi says Akash keep an eye. Biji prays for Mahi.

Scene 2
Shalu and Renu ask why Jogi loves her so much. What’s her trick. Mahi acts like shying. She says I am here to question not answer. They are shocked. Mahi says why both of you planned to kill my husband. Akash peeks in. He says we can’t hear but we can see. Mahi says why did you try to kill my husband? Renu says why didn’t Chanda text? Did she do what we asked. Mahi says answer me. I want to know why did you plan that. Mahi says you have to fill this wound. Jogi says Akash take care of her.

Scene 3
Pappu says their plan is useless. Arjun says we can harm them more when we are closer. You both have to become friends with Mahi and Jogi. Bring Jogi on your side too. Bring his mother and biji too. Chanda says I will speed up your plan. Chanda texts Shalu and Renu.

Pappu texts model ji to Shaly. Shalu says you want to know the truth? Because of you Pappu was going to divorce me. I was being kicked out of this house. I tried to kill myself. Renu says Pappu would insult Deepak and he would insult me. We were living on Pappu’s money. Mahi says but why? Shalu says our husbands aren’t like Jogi. They hurt us if we aren’t the way they want us to be. Renu says our minds were lost. So we picked the gun. Mahi says for whom? Renu says for you. Mahi is shocked. Renu says I was under this guilt all the time. If anything happened to you I would kill myself. You can hit me, slap me but please forgive me. Shalu says please forgive us Mahi. They cry. Mahi recalls Renu took Chanda’s name. Mahi says why did you say that bullet was for Jogi?

Renu says I was confused so I took Jogi’s name so you feel less bad. Mahi says how do I know what’s truth and what’s lie? Renu says our bond is trying to fix after so long. We don’t wanna ruin it again. Shalu says we have been with each other forever. Renu says it isn’t easy to forget what happened but at least try to recall our bond. They both extend their hands.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi dances. Jogi comes there. Mahi hugs him. Pappu says you are in a trap. No one would hear your screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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