Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi tells Mahi about the dance competition

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Scene 1
Jogi pulls Mahi closer. It’s Biji. Jogi says you ruined my dream. Biji says Rupa and Mahi have gone together. Jogi says really? He says you’re a rockstar. Biji says I hope they don’t fight. Jogi says they will work together don’t worry. The jeweler comes to Dharam and says this is what Rai ordered. Your daughter is wearing it. You must have it. Return it or pay 10 lacs. Dharam is worried.

Pankaj calls Jogi. He says you want to help Mahi right? There’s a dance competition. The winner will get 5 lacs. You can win if you come with Mahi. Jogi says I will do it for my Mahi. Who won last time? He says Mr and Mrs. Pappu. Jogi says see how we beat them this time. Pankaj says get ready then. Jogi says how will I prepare Mahi.

Scene 2
Seema comes to Pappu. He says I was scared for this. We are paying for Mahi’s sins. But don’t worry. Your SIL is alive. I will stand between them and you. Seema hugs him and cries. He says you are my mother. Your tears are stones on my heart. Dharam says Mahi was taking care of many finances. What will I do to get 10 lacs. I know I have to return your 50 lacs already. Shalu says you have to help her. He says if I could I would give them anything but my factories are locked as well. I am also paying for being Mahi’s brother-in-law. This house is half Chanda’s. Dharam says can I get a loan against my house? Pappu smirks. He slaps himself. Seema says what are you doing? He says I am sorry you have to risk your house. But don’t worry I will get a loan. Chanda looks at them and laughs.

Seema and Dharam come in front of Mahi’s bike. Seema says you can hit us. Seema says mummy.. Seema says you tabela people look good with each other. Dharam takes her home. He says I am so happy to see you being responsible. He says take care of her Rupa. Rupa says what are you saying.. Mahi says is everything okay? Seema says let’s go. He leaves.

Rupa says Mahi come let’s do the calculation. Mahi calculates it. Rupa says I wish Jogi was like this. I mean.. Mahi says if my Mc21 was with me it would be easier. Rupa says where did it go? Mahi says had to sell it to pay papa’s debts. He was threatening papa so I gave him my car. Rupa gives her the money to keep safe.

Scene 3
Shalu order all servants to make diet food. She dances. Chanda dances with her. Chanda says why all this? Rupa says it’s dance. I will win the dance competition with my pappu ji. It’s so much fun being with my husband. You won’t understand. Chanda says I will win it the next time with Arjun. Shalu says you will marry the guy Mahi rejected? Chanda says I will decide what I do.

Rupa gives juice to Rupa and Mahi. He says there’s big news. He stands up in the excitement and then pretends to fall. Mahi holds him. Jogi says thank you. Mahi makes him sit. She asks what is it? He says new.. There’s a dance competition. I want you to take part in it with me. Mahi says I don’t have time for all this. He says the winning prize is 5 lacs. It can solve a lot of problems. Mahi stops.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I didn’t understand much of today’s episode cuz there’s so many mistakes with the names …..this pappy n party are so annoying

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