Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi mad at Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahi is very happy. The wind is amazing, I wish Jogi was up. But he will win the world’s sleeping competition. Today will be very special. She watches the video again and smiles. Mahi goes to Jogi and kisses his cheek. Mahi says good morning. He doesn’t get up. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says get up. It’s 7. Get up. Jogi says leave me. Mahi says you don’t love me. You love your sleep more. Get up. Jogi says coming in 5 minutes.

Rupa gets ready. Mahi says bebe you? Rupa says Mahi I wanted to say something. I am sorry for what I said yesterday. I don’t even believe in all this. MIL’s relationship is like that. I made a mistake. Mahi says the mistake is apologizing to your child as a mother. It’s gone. Today will be very special. She says we will go. Jogi is leaving. The world will see Jogi’s magic. You will have to make your paneer that Jogi loves. Mahi comes upstairs and says Jogi get up. He says I kept waiting for you didn’t come. I slept at 6. Let me sleep. Mahi says I love you get up, please. He says let me sleep, please. Mahi says sleep today, it’s your day. You will do big things. Just promise me you will do what I ask. He says promise.

Scene 2
Akash shows Jogi’s video to Seema and says the likes are increasing so fast. Jogi will become a star and really rich. Seema says wow. I knew he will get his chance. The likes are increasing. Renu and Shalu look at them. Renu says our mom changes colors so fast. We have to stop her. Shalu says wow mummy you eat here and pray for them? Staying here and praying for their big house? When you are in need, I help you. Now you’re saying Jogi’s hardworking? Ever appreciate us too. We only get abuses. Mahi ruined my whole life. I hope she remains poor and begs. Akash says enough di.. She’s our sister. How can you be so negative. She won the competition to help us only. And Jogi is getting likes for his talent. Why are you saying all this? Jogi will get everything because he deserves it. He shows the video to Shalu. Shalu returns his phone and leaves.

Scene 3
Rupa and Mahi come home after distributing the milk. Jogi says welcome, the food is ready. Mahi says you do magic with everything. Like taking care of us, the cows, and serving food. There is another magic. I won’t let it waste. I have a plan that will make you famous and rich. I am talking about millions. Biji says what is she saying? Jogi asks what are you saying? Mahi says we will go as per my plan and you will get rich. All our problems would go away. Jogi says I am pretty rich. Mahi says it’s not enough. We need money to end our problems. He says we are already happy. Mahi says we will be happier with more money. Rupa says Mahi you think we aren’t enough? Jogi says why are you talking about money? Why are you talking about money? We are already happy. There must be richer people. There can’t be anyone richer than us in happiness. Mahi says see this.. She shows him his video. He’s shocked. Rupa and Biji smile. Mahi says so many people are liking and commenting it. People are giving you so much love. God has done it. This is just the beginning. Everyone will know you’re a diamond. It will solve all our problems and will get rich. The entire world will hear your peaceful voice. They will all listen to you. You go, get ready. We will record a new video. I will set up everything. Jogi leaves in anger. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says Jogi? What happened?

Scene 4
Chanda shows the video to Pappu. He says how many views so far? Chanda says 600k. It’s getting viral. Renu says what if he becomes a star? Pappu says that won’t happen. People will forget with another video. Chanda says it doesn’t look like it. People are ordering him world already. People are calling him next Mika. We have a recording company, contact us. People are demanding more songs. Shalu says you have so many contacts. Get it removed. Pappu says no one asked for your opinion. Small people like you shouldn’t talk. It all happened because of your msitake. If you shot the right person this won’t have happened. Get out. Shalu leaves. Chanda says we will think something. Pappu says what if we get it removed? Renu says how many places will we getting it removed? Pappu says he’s a useless man.

Scene 5
Mahi says what happened Jogi? He says did you forget what I said that night when you asked me to sing. I told you it’s my weakness. I can’t sing always. It’s not in my control. Mahi says I know that. That’s why I asked you to sing in front of Mata Rani and Bebe and Biji. You love them the most so you will have emotions in front of them. He says with a setting? I can’t have emotions for anything done for money. I feel like your emotions are only for money. Why are you talking so much about money. Mahi says you’re getting it wrong. He says you also wanted a rich man to marry, right? I thought you are different. But today I feel like you’re not different from your mom and Pappu. For them money is everything, and for you too it’s a big deal.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says when you need anything, money is needed. Jogi says do you think I am a gold making machine? What do we not have? A good life? Happiness? Rupa says did you see your house? The walls are cracking. And what do you need to fix it? Money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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