Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi leaves Jogi’s house

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Scene 1
Rupa says go far away from my son.. So far that your shadow never gets to him. Mahi comes downstairs and sees Jogi asleep. She recalls her moments with him. Mahi cries. Mahi says I thought you’re a friend who will always be with me. I thought you’re different from other girls. You were the same. When I see your face I don’t see a friend anymore, I only see a stranger. And it doesn’t bother leaving a stranger. Bye. She leaves. The calf holds her pallu. Mahi thinks it’s Jogi. She turns back and caresses him. Mahi leaves. Pappu sees her, he says where will you go? They will also kick you out.

Scene 3
The next morning, Rupa wakes up Jogi.
Mahi comes to Chopra house. Akash opens the door. He says Mahi di.. Papa see.. Seema comes there. Mahi hugs her. She says maa I missed you so much. Are you mad at me? Will my mom ask me to go away? Seema says who are you calling mummy? Who are you> Mahi says you’re my mummy. Seema shoves her and says who mom? Mahi says you can hit me, be mad at me. Seema says I don’t know you. I have only two daughters, Shalu and Renu. Only they are my kids. Mahi says please mummy, I will die. Please mummy. Pappu and Shalu come there.

Pappu says what’s going on here? Seema says I don’t know her. Do you know? Mahi says maa, I am Mahi. Your Mahi. Seema says Mahi.. I heard this name yesterday. The one who ashamed her parents and family. You killed this relationship. Go to your husband, that is your house. She shoves Mahi. Mahi says this is my house maa. This is my family. Seema says don’t enter my house. Get out of here. You’re married to your lover. I only wanted you to marry a good man and you married that tabela guy. Go to your lover. Mahi says I want to live here. This is my house. Please.. nothing happened with my choice. Mahi cries. Seema says shut up.

Daar says enough. This is my house and I am saying Mahi will enter this house. This is my order. Seema says okay I will agree. But wait.. Seema brings a white sheet and wears it. She says step on my chest if you want to enter this house. I am a dead body. Consider me dead for you. Mahi cries.

Scene 3
Jogi says who broke the lock. He looks for Mahi. He looks for Mahi in the whole house. Bihi says what happened.. Jogi says did you see Mahi? She isn’t in her room. THe lock is broken. RUpa says I broke it. Jogi says why? She says because it is right. She has no place in this house. Jogi says where will she go? Her family won’t let her enter the house? Where will she go? What about the danger outside? Rupa says she’s the danger for everyone. Biji says are you crazy? Jogi says everyone is against her. Her parents won’t let her in.

Mahi cries on the door. She sits down crying. Mahi says okay mummy I will do what you want. Dar says you won’t go anywhere. What are you doing? Seema says she failed me as a mother. I can die now. Daar says enough now. Let her speak at least. We can’t let our daughter stay outside. Why can’t you see she’s our daughter. Get up Seema. Renu says because of you this house broke in two parts. Pappu says wow amazing over acting. Pappu says my MIL has to be on the floor. Mahi you killed her. Go from here. Mahi says if I have to walk on you to enter this house, I won’t ever come to this house. Everyone cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi says Mahi must have gone to her place. Rupa says if you step out you will see my dead face. Mahi cries and says I only wanted God for my family. She is in the temple. Mahi says you have to answer me Mata Rani or I will never come here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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