Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi mad at Mahi for taking money

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Scene 1
Jogi sings bhajan in the jail. He recalls Mahi making the plans for him. He sings for her. The inspector makes his video. All of them gather around him. They are mesmerized by his voice. Jogi looks at them.

Mahi comes to the jail. She asks the constable where is the inspector? The person who filed the complaint is our neighbor. He sends goons to our place and troubles us. He didn’t do anything Constable says let inspector come. Mahi meets Jogi. She hugs him. The inspector says I inspected your case again and his case has become easier. There should be no problem with bail. But you have to pay 50k as a bond. They are shocked. Jogi says where will 50k come from? Mahi says we will. God has ways of showing blessing. Mahi pays. Inspector says never take law in your hand again. They thank him and leave. The inspector stosp Mahi and shows her the video. Mahi is shocked. He says these walls are dead but his voice filled life in them. Everyone got teary. His voice has God in it. He can’t be a criminal. I can identify criminals. That’s why I helped him. Mahi says can you send me this video? He sends her. Mahi is very happy.

Sene 2
Rupa massages Jogi’s head. Mahi gives food to everyone. Jogi says where did you arrange 50k from? Rupa says to eat your food first. He says it’s so good. Mahi says people get defamed in jail but our Jogi became a star. I uploaded his video and there are so many likes. Jogi says where did you arrange 50k from? Biji says you will earn 50 lacs now. Mahi says how do you have such a good voice. He says can’t self-praise. I am the chosen one. Mahi says I will find out your secret. When did he sing for the first time? Rupa says when his dad left us. When cried so much and then he sang. It still echoes in my ears. Jogi says boys in the street hit me and I was waiting for my dad so I can hit them with him. I was only taking his name. But he never came. They get teary. Biji says then? He says my bebe and biji hit them. Those boys cry. Rupa says a mother is always there to protect her child. Mahi says he’s grown up now. Mahi says and the second time? He says for God. Jogi asks about the money again. Mahi gets a call and Biji and Rupa pretend like they have work. Jogi says one minute.

Scene 3
Pappu is angry and says to Chanda you must be happy. He got the bail. Chanda says your plan failed again. If he stayed in jail Arjun would be so mad at me. Shalu says let me teach her. Renu says let them fight. Chanda says you were going to get him arrested, the police became his fans too. Pappu says they forgot my favors. Chanda says your plans are useless. Let’s celebrate now? She brings a cake. He smashes the cake on her face and says never misbehaves with me. Renu and Shalu laugh.

Scene 4
Jogi asks tell me where did you get 50k from? Kartik comes out and says brother thank God you’re out. He says bhabhi you are great. You said you will get him out and you did. He says we will do big Jagratas. Jogi says I will do but where did 50k come from? Kartika says it was your earned money. I had your payment for the jagrata. I gave it to Mahi when she asked. Jogi is shocked. He says 15k more for tomorrow’s jagrata. We have 5 more bookings. Your demand is crazy. We both brother will earn together. Jogi shoves him and says shut up. I don’t sell my faith. How do you do that? People like them don’t even deserve to pray. This isn’t a blessing. I knew you were greedy but you get paid for bhajan? Shame on you. Faith isn’t a business. He says mind your language Jogi and ask your wife. She asked for the money. Teach your family first. Mahi asks Kartik to leave. She says we will talk later.

Jogi drags Mahi to the room. Mahi says what are you doing? Jogi says why don’t you get it? Money isn’t everything. You give it to God don’t bring it in the house. Money like this can never bring blessing. Mahi says please listen.. He says I don’t have a key. I can’t sing when you play my keys. I can’t sing until there’s God’s blessing. Do you think I will have the blessing now. You have affected my relationship with God by taking money for it. You have insulted my song, talent, and faith. What were you think? Why would I agree to it? Why do you go crazy after money? The girl I call the most special becomes most ordinary when she sees the money? I am ashamed of this relationship and to call you my wife today. Mahi is shocked and in tears. Mahi says what are you saying? The money you’re disgusted by got you out of jail otherwise you would be in jail. You must be great but the world isn’t. The world values money and we have to live like a world because the world doesn’t work on your rules. It would be better if you understand that. Jogi says I don’t want to understand anything. I don’t want to change. If you try to sell my faith and put a price on my talent, I won’t sing ever again.

Episode ends.

Precap-It’s Mahi’s tiha’s festival. Mahi says but we celebrate it in the mother’s house. Jogi says I will handle everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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