Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa doesn’t let Mahi enter the house

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Scene 1
Jogi says I am your husband and you’re my wife. That’s the truth. Mahi shoves him and says I hate you. You broke my trust. You killed me. Jogi says you can hit me, curse me but let’s go home first. I am not going to leave you alone here. Mahi says I don’t have a home. No family, no friend. I am all alone because of you. Jogi says I won’t step back from my responsibility of a husband. He picks her. Mahi says leave me. He takes her home.

Scene 2
Rupa comes home. She says what is all this Biji? You said everything is okay. What have you and Jogi done? Rupa says where is Jogi? What has happened? Tell me. Biji says do you want to know then listen.. Mahi got married but..

Scene 3
Chanda dances and celebrates. She’s drunk. She hugs Pappu and says our party is going on. This party will go on all night. Mahi couldn’t marry my Arjun. Pappu looks at Billu and says you are so useless. I sent you there to take Mahi with you. If you say a word now I will kill you. Chanda says God made their jodi. Pappu says neither did you marry Arjun, nor was Mahi’s life destroyed nor did these people leave the tabela. I thought I will make Mahi alone and weak. Now they are together. Chanda says don’t you see the benefit in it? You will rule your, in-laws, again. No one will take your place. And Jogi and Mahi aren’t together. Mahi won’t accept Jogi as her husband. She won’t even consider him her friend. They will never unite. Pappu hears Mahi’s voice. He takes her inside the house.

Mahi says why did you do all this? He says I tried and did everything. What would you do if I told you it was Billu in the sehra and you would go and marry Arjun. We all know what would happen to your life then. She says it was my life. You decided it for me. He says my bachelorhood is also over. But now I think it all happened because Mata Rani wanted it, because I love you. Mahi says when you love someone you respect the girl’s decision. This is force, not love. Your decision has ruined my life. Pappu looks at them. Mahi says I can live on a road but not in your house. Biji says our DIL will never live on a road. Biji says it’s a family matter, solve it inside the house. The neighbors are peeking. Bring her inside. Mahi says Biji you too? Mahi says you knew it all? Do you think what Jogi did was right? I didn’t expect this from you. Biji says he only wanted to stop your wedding. You two marrying is God’s will. Jogi doesn’t have an evil heart.

Biji puts a kalash in Mahi’s feet and says welcome in. Kick it in anger if not love. Mahi tries to leave.. Jogi stops her. Rupa comes and kicks the kalash. Rupa says I don’t accept her as the DIL of this house or your wife. We don’t have a place for her in this house. Rupa says go from here. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand. Rupa slaps him. Pappu and Chand are seeing. Rupa says a mother always forgives her kids. But you don’t deserve to be forgiven. Leave her hand. Jogi doesn’t. Rupa tries to part their hands. Rupa say don’t you hear, leave her hand. She’s a trouble and a curse. She has only brought bad things in your life. Does she want to kill us now? Mahi says Rupa aunty.. Rupa says I am dead. Jogi says don’t say that. Mahi says don’t say that, God give you long life. She says I would spit on such life. Go from here and don’t do this drama. This girl won’t enter the house. Mahi leaves Jogi’s hand but he doesn’t leave her hand. Mahi says Jogi leave my hand. Mahi says ask him to leave my hand. Jogi leaves the hand. Pappu says looks like she will stay on the footpath tonight. Rupa says my son left your hand. Go now. Mahi leaves.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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