Teri Laadli Mein 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Blackmails Raju

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Gauri tells Bitti that Rajat is surely hiding from her and she is sure papa/Surendra told him something on accident day and he whole day watches something in his mobile. Daadi calls her for prayers and she joins daadi. Urmila informs Bitti that she saw Rajat when Surendra left home angrily and he followed Surendra. She says maybe Rajat spoke to Surendra, why is Rajat spending so much, she feels something is weird. Bitti reminisces Yash giving money to someone. Back to office, she draws a sketch and throws paper in Yash’s office. Yash enjoying juice receives it and gets tensed seeing sketch of him pushing Pratap from building and giving money to someone. He realizes Bitti made this sketch and fumes. Bitti walks to her. He asks what she wants. She signals that she knows his truth. He thinks if Rajat betrayed him even after taking money, then thinks if she knows truth, she would have slapped him and dragged him to police station. He asks what truth she is talking about, he was not at the construction site when accident happened, so she should stop troubling him and get out of his cabin. Bitti walks away. Sakshi notices Bitti and thinks of doing something before her plan spoils.

Vaishali hears Richa speaking to Urmila over phone and asking her not worry about her and take care of Daadi. She angrily breaks juice glass. Richa asks if she is hurt. Vaishali says she is not bothered about her feelings. Richa asks what happened. Vaishali says she is supporting the people who harmed them. Richa says relationships cannot be broken easily, it is not proved yet that Surendra pushed Pratap from building. Vaishali walks away fuming.

Sakshi calls peon Raju and orders him something. He looking tensed nods yes. Bitti returns home and cries marking date. Urmila notices her and asks why is she crying. Dadi walks to them coughing and asks why are they crying. Bitti signals that only 4 days are left before Navdurga festival starts and she didn’t yet bailed out papa. Urmila says she knows, but Yash is denying to give evidence in Surendra’s favor and now all doors are shut. She signals that father considers son as throne and daughter as footwear. Urmila says she is right, but father forgets that footwear protects them and not crown; she is sure that Bitti will bail out Surendra and will gain the respect which she deserves. Daadi says just like she realized that Bitti is her pride, Surendra will also realize it once and will keep her inside home as his proud daughter.

Bitti offers money to lawyer. Lawyer assures that he will try his best. Bitti marks one more day on wall, walks to office and tries to convince Yash showing his and Surendra’s pics, but Yash pushes her and walks away. Akshat notices that. Back home, she falls asleep on floor when she dreams about Surendra’s torture by police, wakes up and marks one more day on wall. In the morning, she performs pooja and plays shank. Urmila tells Daadi that Bitti can sacrifice anything to bail out her papa from jail. Daadi prays god to listen to Bitti’s prayers and bail out Surendra. On the other side, Akshat with whole prays god that truth should be out today and Pratap gets justice.

Inspector brings Surendra to court and says its time for him going to jail. Surendra boasts that his son will free him and take him from here. Court hearing starts. Pratap’s lawyer says judge didn’t pronounce judgement during last session, so he has brought 2 evidences today. Yash thinks if Rajat will give evidence. Rajat thinks why will he. Lawyer says his first evidence is Raju and calls him in dias. Raju walks into dias. Lawyer asks him to tell what happened that day. Raju reminisces Sakshi blackmailing him to kick him out of job if he doesn’t give fake evidence against Surendra. He says Surendra had come to office searching Pratap, he told him that Pratap went to construction site, Surendra left angrily murmuring he will kill Pratap today.

Precap: Yash lies in court that Surendra pushed Pratap from building. Surendra angrily holds his collar. Lawyer says when Surendra can threaten his son, it is proved that Surendra is culprit.

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