Teri Laadli Mein 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Richa Tries To Reunite Bitti and Akshat

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Bitti notices Yash giving money to someone/Rajat jijaji and asking him to go away from there. She rushes out to find out who he is. Rajat leaves in auto before that. Yash shouts to open the cabin door or else he will break it. Bitti opens door. He yells at her and leaves cabin after he gets Akshat’s call. Bitti rushes in and tries to check his phone when she realizes it unlocks with Yash’s face. She searches for Yash’s photo and hides under table when Yash returns. Yash starts watching movie without noticing her and laughs. She picks orange peel from dustbin and splashes its juice in his eyes. He closes eyes due to burning. She unlocks his phone via his face and walks out hurriedly, but seeing Raju says she found this phone on floor and asks to return it to Yash. He agrees.

At home, Richa insists Vaishali to send her to her in-laws’ house. Akshat enters with Yash and asks what is happening. Vaishali says Richa wants to go to her in-laws’ house. Yash asks why she wants to go there. Richa says because he is not following his son’s duty, so she wants to follow her DIL’s duty at least. Vaishali says her health will deteriorate if she goes there. Richa says she can support her in-laws at least, which Yash doesn’t want to, so Akshat should let her go there. Akshat agrees and asks to call him if she faces any problem. She thinks she may not clear family’s problems, but will clear Akshat and Bitti’s differences.

Richa reaches Surendra’s house and takes Urmila and Daadi’s blessings. Daadi asks if Yash didn’t come. She nods no. Bitti walks in. She hugs Bitti happily and says she heard that she couldn’t arrange a lawyer yet, so she will take her to her friend’s lawyer. Bitti signals her. Urmila says Bitti wants to say that. Richa says she can understand Bitti and knows that she is worried for me and I am worried for you all. She leaves with Bitti and reaching a restaurant asks Bitti to sit while she makes a call to lawyer. Bitti hearing music reminisces Yash giving money to someone. Akshat reaches there and seeing her thinks what is she doing here. He sees a live wire falling towards her and shouts, but she doesn’t listen to him, hence he runs and rescues her on time. They both fall down. Tu Aati Hai Seene Me… song plays in the background. Their eyes lock, they reminisce their love for each other. He lifts her up and scolds where is her attention as she is risking her life often, what would have happened to her family without her and what would have happened to him without her. Khairiyath Pucho..song plays in the background next.

Richa walks in next and says when they love each other, why they don’t want to acknowledge it; anyone can notice their love for each other. She reveals that there was no electricity in wires and she did this to make them realize their love for each other. Akshat asks if she lied to him and called him here. Bitti signals if she lied about lawyer. Richa says says she spoke to lawyer and he will call her later. She insists Akshat to clear his differences if he loves her. She keeps their hands in each other’s hand and requests to speak to each other clearly for her sake and end their fight. Akshat reminisces Yash’s words that Bitti made painting and gave it to him to lure Richa. He says Richa is an emotional girl, but he will not reconcile with Bitti. He waves at Richa acting as reconciled with Bitti and leaves smiling at Bitti. Bitti stands emotional.

Bitti returns home and informs Urmila that she found a lawyer. Urmila gets happy hearing that. Gauri brings sweets and a god’s idol as gift for Daadi. Urmila says they just got a lawyer and case hasn’t finished yet. Daadi asks why did she give her god’s idol. Gauri signals Bitti that she is pregnant. Bitti informs them and hugs her happily. They both get very happy. Gauri says her husband is very happy with the news. Daadi goes in. Gauri informs Bitti that Rajat is hiding something for sure and watches something on mobile whole day. Bitit reminisces inebriated Rajat murmuring about some secret.

Precap: Yash lies in court that he saw Surendra pushing Pratap from building.

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