Teri Laadli Mein 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yash’s Ruthless Behavior

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Yash requests Sakshi to give him 5 lakhs. She yells that she doesn’t have free money, he is going to office and should be happy with whatever he is getting, she will not give him even a penny. Yash goes into flashback where he identifies Gauri’s husband/jijaji as blackmailer and asks what is he is doing. Jijaji reminisces following Surendra and recording Yash pushing Pratap from building by mistake and shows video to him. Yash gets tensed. Jijaji says he has saved many copies of this video and demands 5 lakhs. Yash asks from where will he get so much money. Jijaji says he is a SIL of a rich family and can get 5 lakhs easily, if he doesn’t, he will go to jail. Out of flashback, he threatens Sakshi to give him 5 lakhs or else he will give evidence in favor of Surendra and reveal that Praap fell by himself. Sakshi says nobody will trust him. Yash says he will give evidence in court where judge will believe him, then Bitti will win Akshat and Sakshi will lose him.

Gauri sees Bitti not having food and asks her to have food as her worries will not bring papa back home, now even lawyer has backed off and without Yash’s evidence, papa won’t be out of jail. Urmila says Yash is not even picking call. Bitti calls Richa. Richa having breakfast with Akshat tries to pick call. Akshat asks her to sit and picks phone. Vaishali snatches phone and disconnects call saying she will not let Bitti and her family’s evil shadows fall on her daughter and her child. Richa asks whose phone was it. Vaishali says telecaller’s. Bitti calls back. Richa asks to give her phone as credit card company must have called regarding billing. Vaishali acts as slipping and drops phone in juice. Gauri says phone is switched off and asks Bitti what will they do now. Bitti signals that she will write a letter and give it to Richa. Gauri asks how will they send it to her. Sakshi gives Yash 5 lakhs and thinks don’t know what Richa saw in this cheap man.

Bitti reaches outside Richa’s house and tries to garner her attention by throwing a ball towards her, but stops seeing Akshat coming here with fruits. Richa says he is doing wrong with Bitti. He asks not to bother about it and have fruits. Bitti throws ball towards her once Akshat leaves. Akshat returns and picks it. Bitti signals at Richa to take ball from him. Richa takes ball from Akshat and once he leaves finds a note in it to send Yash back home somehow. Richa walks to Yash and requests him to bring back jewelry from his house as its worth lakhs. Yash thinks Dadi and maa may sell jewelry to bail out Surendra and says they will go now and bring back jewelry. Vaishali walks in and asks where are they going. Richa says she is having stomachache, so she is going to doctor with Yash. Vaishali says she will take her to doctor and goes to take out car. Richa asks Yash to bring jewelry from home alone.

Yash reaches home and demands jewelry saying he really doesn’t know what happened at construction site. Bitti shows video of Surendra boasting that his son will bail him out. Yash yells that he doesn’t want to see all that and needs Richa’s jewelry back as he thinks Daadi wants to sell them. Daadi angrily returns jewelry and requests him to save his father. He yells that this house is follow of sorrows as everyone cry here always and walks towards door. Urmila holds his feet. He asks what is she doing. She asks if he ever thought that any of the family member is thinking bad for him, his papa loved him most and if he could, he would have given him the whole world; Yash took papa’s name first instead of maa first, Surendra boasts about it even now. She continues pouring her heart out describing how much Surendra loves him and when Surendra needs him, he doesn’t want to help him, etc. She finally begs him holding her pallu to save his father.

Precap: Inebriated Gauri’s husband informs her that her brother is playing a big game. Bitti hears that and sees Yash giving 5 lakhs to him.

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