Tere Sheher Mein 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a cute scene in Paris – Amaya’s last day at college and she is shown cycling. She looks a lively girl and greets everyone. She meets her friend Jennette and says says she is so excited to get the season’s new collection, before anyone gets it. Ritika joins them and Amaya asks why is she not ready for interview. Ritika says I m ready, its just book interview. Amaya raises her eyebrows and asks is she prepared, and takes her for a rapid fire round. She asks her some related to magazine and Ritika answers. Amaya says all wrong, and tells the right answers in details. Ritika disagrees and Amaya asks her to bet on it, and Ritika would be paying for her bills. Jennette checks for the answers and Ritika agrees as she is sure of her answers. Jennette says Ritika is right and Amaya says its all your clothes now, please wear it by love, its my fav designers clothes. Ritika gets glad and says thanks, I will wear this on my interview. She leaves.

Jennette understands what Amaya did, and she did this to pass her designer clothes for Ritika, making her look good for the interview. Amaya explains her move and says I know Ritika is surviving on her scholarship and she does not ask for an Euro from anyone, and about me, I have a superman. Jennette smiles. Amaya gets her dad’s call and says she will be studying for more two years in Paris and saus I love you. Rishi says fine, I m your father, we are happy with you, and asks did she check account balance. Amaya says no, you know I never check it, why is there any problem. Rishi says no, money is not a problem, money is to solve problem, I transferred a gift. Amaya says thanks, awesome, is mum not with you there. Her mum says I m with you, think and spend money, money does not grow on trees. Amaya says I love you, and asks about her sisters. She asks them to come soon, as she misses them a lot. Her mum says we will be there soon. Amaya says I m going for shopping and ends the call.

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Amaya goes for shopping with her friends. She looks for designer clothes and tries some. Tere Sheher Mein…… plays……….. She buys things for her sister and says Rachita is very particular about everything. Rachita’s entry scene is shown, as she asks the servant Rampal to fix the frame right, and wants it perfect. Amaya says once its was too much, and recalls in FB… Rachita says the carpets are not aligned perfectly. Amaya says please let it be. Rachita says fine and counts down. She says I can’t control and goes to the dancer. She corrects the carpet alignment and the dancer stops. Amaya says Rachita is my strength, she loves us a lot. She gifts her friend some clothes as a graduation gift. She swipes her card at many outlets.

Her friend shows a clutch for Jasmine/Jas, and Amaya says this one is not good for her. She buys many books for Jasmine/Jas and says books are her best friends. Jasmine is a sweet bookwork, the youngest daughter of Rishi Mathur. FB shows Jasmine’s being surrounded by books. Her mum asks her to come. Jasmine says just 200 pages left. Amaya’s friend says you three are so different. Amaya says we are same, we can’t live without each other. FB shows the sisters playing with hair strands while watching tv. Amaya tells friends about her mum and dad. The FB shows the family having dinner and some sweet moments between her parents. Rishi asks the girls to pack their bags with woolen clothes, as the temperature is very low in Switzerland. He sets side his imp meetings. The family gives him a happy hug. Amaya says my dad is a superman, he is just the best, he has solution for every problem.

Rishi is at his office in Mumbai and talks to his friend Hari, saying we will see about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. They drink wine, and Hari tells about Banaras, his native place. Rishi says you came Mumbai and still stuck in Banaras lanes, small hearted and small mindset. Hari says don’t tell anything about Banaras, you were born there and grew up here, you came here to work hard in Mumbai because of the necessities getting short in Banaras. Rishi asks him not to get emotional. Hari says you are emotional, having same thing in heart since 25 years. He says we have to go there in the end, and asks him to cancel his plans for Paris. Rishi says Amaya called me, and I can do anything for her, why does a man earn money, for family. They have a laugh. Hari says even I won’t let you break Amaya’s heart, pack the bags and go to her.

Amaya is stuck outside the pub, and her friend Elly wants to meet the DJ. Amaya asks her to chill. Amaya’s mum and sisters get ready and Hari asks them to tell Amaya that he misses her a lot. He gives her shagun money and says she is doing a lot of hardwork. Jasmine says she is studying disaster management, not much hardwork needed. Jasmine tells about Wikipedia makers and her plans to meet him. Rishi jokes on Jasmine. Hari asks them to leave as their flight will be late, get Amaya along.

Amaya gets inside and asks a guy Rishabh to allow them in the pub, as he can get rich, three tickets at any cost. She pays 1000 Euros for three tickets and takes her friends along. They enjoy and dance in the pub. Elly thanks Amaya. Amaya says its just money and life should be lived queen size. Rishabh brings a drink for her, and Amaya calls him funny to offer her drink by her money, and asks him to try his trick on someone else. Rishi and family are on the flight. He gets Hari’s call. Hari asks him what should I answer them. Rishi says relax, and jokes. Hari says they will not leave us, I m here and I have to manage, its just 7 days time. Rishi gets tensed and says don’t worry, I will come back and make everything fine.

Amaya shows her car. Her mum asks Rishi why did he not tell him before buying a gift for Amaya, she does not like wasting money. Rishi smiles. Amaya and Rishi spend some moments as she colors his nails, father-daughter cute moments. Rishi asks Amaya what if we don’t have things we had yesterday…. Amaya looks at him puzzled. Later on, Rishi is shocked as his cards get blocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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