Tere Sheher Mein 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya saying she will get juice and drinks. She tells Rachita that she will get clean glass for her. Rachita and Jaz laugh on her Mr Right. Mantu looks for Uma and Amaya, where did they go. He hears Uma laughing and sees her. He is relieved seeing her and gets tensed seeing Amaya coming same way. He prays Lord to save him today. Uma and Amaya does not see each other. He sighs relief and bumps into some man. He says sorry. Dubey asks from whose side is he. Mantu says you did not identify me, you broke my heart and lies to him. He hugs him and stands to talk.

The man asks about his dad. Mantu says he is fine. The man says he had heart attack last month. Mantu says I mean he is resting at home. The man asks about his face changed, he has big moustache last year, where did it go. Mantu says he has shaven it. The man asks why, tell me. Dubey says leave it, have food. The man says first tell me, why did you shave it. Dubey says come along and goes.

Pushpa sees Amaya and tries to go. She sees Gajanand busy in talks and meets Amaya. She asks how is she, she looks pretty, even Sneha used to look like in her age, see my fate, I m meeting you by hiding, where is Sneha, did she not come along. Amaya says no. Pushpa asks is she fine and what is the problem, tell me. Amaya says we are fine, there is no problem, we will face it ourselves. Pushpa says I understand your annoyance, but don’t hide from me, I know Sneha is worried, she went to bank for home loan, tell her I will give her money. Amaya asks why will she help. Pushpa says you will know when you become a mother, just tell me what happened that she kept the home mortgaged. Amaya says its very late, Sneha has kept home mortgaged. Pushpa says what and worries. She says what will she do now. Amaya says we will not let anything happen to mum and our house, promise me, you won’t tell anyone, mum will not like this. Pushpa nods and blesses her. She leaves.

Rachita says where is Amaya, I will go and get the juice. Dimple says I will just come and goes to Amaya. She asks about Sneha, did hr reports come. Amaya asks how do you know. Dimple says I have seen you and Sneha there. Amaya says she is fine, she went to Mumbai for some work. Dimple asks is her reports normal. Amaya says mum has blood sugar. Dimple says diabetics, take care of her, I will not tell anyone. Gajanand asks Neeti about Pushpa. Neeti says she went to meet someone.

Rama sees Rachita at the juice stall. His friends come and ask about his govt job, its tough to get it. Rachita goes. Gajanand asks Pushpa to sit. She thinks Sneha kept house mortgaged, I could not do anything for her. Dimple thinks Sneha got diabetics in this young age. Rachita brings the drinks and even Amaya brings some. She says she is feeling hot, and goes near the fan. Rama looks for Rachita and falls down. His dad scolds him. He tells someone that my son always serves me, get up now.

Mantu sees Amaya near the fan and petals falling on her face. He is stunned seeing her and gets mesmerized. Dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana………….plays………… The pillar and the fan falls and he holds them, seeing her standing eyes closed and smiling. He comes in between to hold the fan. She opens her eyes and sees him. He turns and she says you….

She says Chiklu did not say you are coming here. He says Uma. She thinks he has come with his GF, they are couple. He says he will be leaving now. She says yes, you don’t have time for me, go from here, Uma will be waiting, you did not call me. He says I m very sorry, I wanted to call and slept being tired. She says I had to say sorry and called so many times, don’t know why I was quiet when Rudra called you outsider, I was worried for mum, we know you have helped us a lot, so sorry and thanks. He says no, whats there to thanks, if any problem comes on me, you will help me too, its my mistake, I misunderstood, I m sorry. She says no, it was my mistake. He says so friendship back on track and shakes hands. They smile.

Uma brings the bride. Amaya asks Jaz to come, they will meet her. He says no, have food first. He goes to stop her. The girls see the bride. Mantu comes in between and says I told you the line is big. She says not so. He tries to divert her and says we will have food first. Amaya says e will gift and come. He says give later. She says you move. He worries seeing Uma with the bride. She says he loves his GF a lot and is staring a lot. Jaz says Uma is not his GF, I will clear your doubt. He tells Mantu that she wants to ask him how much time will it take to go non stage. He says lots of time, lets go and have food. He thinks if Uma sees them, then he is gone.

Rama sits with his parents. His mum says the girl and her family did not come till now. Dubey sees Mantu with the girls. Mantu asks them to be here and goes to Dubey. Dubey asks him is he enjoying party. Mantu says yes. Dubey says your dad said you did not come to Banaras before. Mantu says yes, this is my first visit. Dubey asks how does he know the girls. Mantu says they are from Mumbai, and shifted here recently. Dubey asks him to call his dad. Mantu says yes, and tries. He says number is not connecting, its on roaming. He says fine, I m claling him, I will put it on speaker. Mantu worries. A man comes and greets Dubey. Mantu leaves and comes to Amaya.

He says sorry, he has called me. Amaya asks what happened. Mantu thinks what to tell her now. She asks why is he standing here, he does not have gift. He says I have shagun. He comes before her and hides Amaya. He sees Uma and prays Lord for some way.

Amaya says she is Rishi’s daughter. Dubey’s wife says it means she is Chobey’s grand daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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