Tere Sheher Mein 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode starts with the Sisters making food for Dinner. Sneha comes down and sees them preparing the food. She gets happy. She says, I’ll make but the Sisters stops her and makes her sit down and asks her to give them the instructions. Sneha wonders, if Amu told them the truth? She gives them the instructions about how to make a Khidchi and the food is made by the Sisters. They are really happy and Sneha says, I’m sure it looks good. It will taste good as well.

Scene shifts to the Mathurs on the table. Three of the Sisters are looking at Sneha. Sneha tells them to eat. Amu tells Sneha to have enough food as tomorrow they will be going to the lab for blood test. Sneha says, I don’t need all this. I’m fine and this all will cost a lot of expenses. Rachu says, health comes first and you need to do the test. So, that we can be assure that you are right. Rachu and Jas after finishing their food gets up and leaves. Amu is still having her food. Sneha asks Amu about the talk they did and she asks her if she told her Sisters? Amu says, don’t worry. I haven’t told them anything. Sneha is satisfied.

Scene shifts to Rama, he is sad and is reading his book. His Mom asks him not to study much and have the food. She made all his favourite dishes. Rama says, I know whenever you make my favourite food na. There is a rishta for me. His Mom smiles and tells him to look at the Photo. The girl is nice and is from a rich family. He says, no. I don’t want to get married right now. His Mom asks him why? You have been denying it since the past one year. Rama says, I want Sarkari Naukhri first. His Mom says, you can get married and then can look for the job afterwards. She further says, now its difficult for me to stop your Dad now. He too wants your marriage. Rama leaves. He goes inside the room and is remembering Rachita. (The RickShaw Scene) he wonders if he should say sorry? He sees the girls photo which is under the pillow. He imagines Rachu in that photo and then keeps it back.

Scene shifts to Sneha and Ammu in the Lab. Dimple sees them and wonders why are they here? Sneha gives her blood for the test. The nurse tells her to come after 2 hours for more test and tells her to have something to eat. Dimple is stalking them. She is about to go when she remebers her Husbands words and stops. She collects Gajendra medical reports and leaves, still wondering why are they here?

Scene shifts to Amu and Sneha in the cafe. Sneha says, Amu we can go back to home and have food why are we eating from outisde? It will cost a lot. Amu says, its okay. If we go back and come after 2 hours. It will cost the same. Sneha agrees. Amu goes to the food counter and gives the order for 2 veg sandwiches and 2 coffees. She asks about the bill. The waiter tells her its 280 rupees. Amu says, ok. Give 2 coffees with 1 veg sandwich. (loving this new Amu.) she asks about the bill and the waiter tells her its 180. She says, ok. Amu goes back to Sneha with the sandwich and coffee. Sneha asks why isn’t she having the sandwich. Amu says, she is not hungry. Amu says, Mom you told me that you will be happy without me? And there will be no tension. Is that true? Sneha says, whatever, I said was in anger. I cannot live without you three. Amu becomes happy.

Scene shifts to Rama, he is thinking about Rachu. He says, he will say sorry to her. He is standing infront of the Mirror and is practicing for sorry. He says, I Love You Rachita Ji. he corrects himself..

Scene shifts to Rachu, she too is thinking about Rama. She says, she will say sorry to him.

Scene shifts to Dimple thinking about Sneha. Pushpa asks her. Dimple wonders if she should tell Pushpa or not? As already she is worried for Sneha taking loan from the bank. Dimple says, first I’ll confirm myself then I’ll tell it to Ma Ji. Kripa comes and tells both the ladies that the neighbours came with Shagun ki meethai and told them to come to the reception.

Scene shifts to Rama in his shop and his Dad tells him to go and check the stock he has ordered. It is in the tempo. He sees Rachu coming. He leaves without saying anything. Rachu is shocked.

Scene shifts to the some neighbours coming to Sneha’s house. They give her the Shagun ki meethai and tells her to do come in the reception. They leave. Amu says to her Sisters and Sneha that they can’t go. Chaubey’s must be there too. She don’t want to face them. Sneha says, you can’t ignore them. You have to face them. Sneha says, she won’t go as she is not well. The Sisters will go.

Scene shifts to Amu coming to Rachu and is saying that make her CD too. She too wants a job now. Rachu says, okay. Amu says, did you talked to the Rama? Rachu says, no. She says, did you talked to Mantu? Amu says, no. He is angry with me when it was not my mistake. Rachu says, go and call. Amu calls Mantu but he misbehaves with her. He tells her that he is busy and will call only when he’ll remember.

-The End-

Precap: Mantu remebers Amu called him. He is going to dial her number but Uma stops him.

Update Credit to: Mehak

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