Tere jaisa yaar kaha – No friends are like you (Intro)


One relation that never ends,
are true friends.
For saving our friends we all have told lies,
But this friendship never dies
In a lemonade ,
friends are lemon.
They are the angels ,
even if we call them demon.
Friends are like salt in the food,
They always do our good…

– Pari

Hello everyone this is me Pari. I am introducing my new fan fiction to you all.

I have seen that there are fan fictions on love stories, family values, devils ,Demons ,horror, comedies but they are very less or no fanfictions on friendship.

so I decided to write a fan fiction which would be on friendship so this fan fiction is based on the movie Sonu ke Titu ki sweety .

fanfictions are usually written on old movies but this movie is not very old but I decided to write a fan fiction on friendship because true friends are a very important part of our life .

let me introduce you to the characters

This ff is on AnAn

So this ff is based on friendship

1. Anand – A buisnessman who belives the most in his best friend . Had a girlfriend .

2. Jigar – Anand’s best friend who protects him from every evil eye .( Here jigar is a positive character)

3. Anandi – Anand’s ex-girlfriend. Became ex because of jigar .

4. Disha – Anand’s to be wife .

  1. Jasminerahul

    I have not seen this movie.will enjoy your ff.nice to see jigar n anand as friends.i wonder why anandi became anand’s ex gf bcz of jigar.which actress plays disha?

  2. Pari19

    Anand Anandi’s separation will come . Disha is played by adaa khan

  3. Revu

    Wow so interesting , I haven’t seen this season of Balika vadhu, will read upcoming episodes too

    1. Pari19

      Thanks 😊

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