Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 49

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All were congratulating Arjun and Ragini. Ragini thanks them with fake smile. She doubles her fake smile seeing sanskar looking at her. Arjun saw this.

Arj: wat kind of pair is this? They love each other a lot, they can’t live without eachother but they’re only hurting eachother that too wantedly.

Rag: did u say something?

Arj: nothing. Let’s go to our place.

After some time sanskar calls Arjun.

Arj: sir here is the file u wanted.

San: thanku. Sit Arjun. I want to talk to u. Don’t hesitate, consider me as ur frnd only.

He sits.

San: don’t take me wrong. Just casually asking… (He stopped)

Arj: yes sir. U can ask.

San: everyone knows that Ragini has a son. Do u really love her? Does she love u?

Arjun smiled inside.

Arj: yes sir we both love eachother a lot. Satwik is like my son too.

San: do u know her husband?

Arj: (purposely) no sir. But I heard that he’s so selfish that he got married to other girl. He never loved her. He also has son from that wife.

San little loudly: he’s not selfish. He loves her a lot. How dare you to talk like that.

Arj: y r u getting angry sir? I told abt her hubby. U r telling as if I told u.

Sanskar realized.: Sry.. actually u can’t blame anyone without knowing abt him.

Arj: that too rite sir.

San: ok. It’s lunch time. U carry on.

Arj: thanku sir.

He comes out of his cabin.

Arj: strange pair.

Inside sanskar was moving here and there.

San: how can she love him? How anyone can tell that m selfish.


At home.

Nitya was making kids to eat food while they were playing. She was running behind them for each byte. In this sanskruti runs to closed room where Ragini’s memories kept. She was abt to open but nitya stopped her.

Sans: y did u stop? I want to see.

Nit: now first finish food then we will see.

She agreed but nitya made her forget in playing.


Nitya was getting ready.

San: where r u going?

Nit: with Ragini

Listening Ragini he got curious

San: y? Where? When she told u?

Nit: she had called me. She going for shopping of her wedding. She asked my company. So going.

San: Arjun is coming?

Nit: of course he’ll.

San: I’ll also come.

Nit looked at him: ok. Get ready.


All meet at mall. Ragini acted like ignoring sanskar. They went to saree shop. They started to select. Both ragsan remember there days spent in shop. She smiles remembering struggle of sanskar.

Nit: y r u smiling?

San: I think she remembers someone she loves.

Rag looking at him: of course. Arjun gifted me same saree last month.

Sanskar gets angry. Ragini took a saree for trial. She goes to trial room. Sanskar goes behind her. He holds her and pinned to wall. He was so close to her. They can hear Thier heart beats.

San: how dare u to Tel that m selfish.

Rag: no need to tell. U r selfish.

San: Ragini don’t check my patience. y r u doing this?

Rag: it’s my life. I can do anything.

She tried to free herself but his grip was so tight. They share an eyelock. Nitya comes there and sees both standing so close. She left from there. Ragsan dint knew that she saw them. They came to sense and left from there. Whole day in shopping nitya was observing ragsan without letting them know. After shopping they returned to home.


Mrng sanskar sitting in hall tells nitya for coffee who was just passing by there.

Nit: there are two servants in home. Tel any one of them.

She left from there.

San: wat happened to her.? May b got work stress.

Evng both kids were asking for snacks to nitya. She didn’t respond.

San: nitya they’re asking something.

Nit seriously: so wat? M not servant to work like machine.

Saying so she left from there. Sanskar was confused by her behaviour.


Ragini was walking on road. She felt like someone following her. She turned back but saw none. She keep walking. Suddenly someone kept hand on her shoulder. She got scared and turned back. Her eyes got teary seeing that person. She hugged him crying.

Per: m very happy to see u alive.

He too got teary eyed.

Rag: I missed u bhaiya.

It was Milan.

Mil: me too sis. Where were u till now? Y dint u contact me? Do u know how much I cried after hearing that u r more. As a sis u were only my family. Now I got my sis back. Don’t cry now.

He wiped her tears.

Mil: sis, where is our Golu? Satwik? I hope he remember me. Wil he recognise me? I want to meet him sis.

Rag: ok bhaiya. Come with me.

Both go to her home. Satwik was listening story from sharda.

Rag: maa.. see who came. Milan bhaiya. I had told u abt him na. He’s only that person who consider me as his family.

Mil: namaste aunty ji.

She nods.

Rag: bhaiya, this is my satwik.

Mil looks at him. Gets emotional. He hugs him.

Sat: mom, who’s he?

Rag: he’s ur mama beta.

Sat: where was he til now? Y dint he come before?

Mil: sis . He’s a question box.

Trio laugh.

Rag: beta he stays in other city. He didn’t knew we r here. He searched us and came to meet us. Specially u.

Sat: really mama? Thanku. Now I’ll Tel to my friends that I’ve mama too.

Saying so he ran out.

Rag: bhaiya, u sit, I’ll prepare something for u.

Mil: no sis. M ur PA. Don’t do…

Rag: pls bhaiya. U r my brother and m ur sis. That’s it. No more talk on this.

He just smiled. Ragini prepared food for him. Ragini called satwik for eating food. All started eating.

Mil: after a long time m eating ur hand made food. Feeling like……. Can’t even explain.

Just then Arjun entered.

Arj: all r enjoying without me ha?

Mil: sis, who’s he?

Sat: my new papa.

Sharda and Ragini looks at eo. Then Ragini looked at Milan who was already looking at her.

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