Hamari Bahu Silk 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s plan for Naksh’s photography competition

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Pakhi convince Baa that she had made all the calculations perfectly. Mosmi recalls how she got the calculations changed by Ketan. Pakhi asserts that she can’t be mistaken. Baa tells Pakhi to get her the money worth 10k. Pakhi replies she doesn’t have the money. Baa brings a diary to Pakhi and makes her sign a debt of 18k. Baa asks Pakhi if they aren’t using the consumables; Pakhi cannot leave without paying her all the money. And if they dare, she will go to Police and show this as a proof. Pakhi signs the diary with trembling hands. She sends Mamta and Mosmi away. Ayi cries out of tension. Pakhi apologizes Ayi as she had decided to give her Rs. 500 of donation for Aashram. Ayi says she is sure one day Pakhi will earn as much as to give any amount of money to her. Baa overhears this.


and the director comes to Natasha’s apartment. The director was appreciative of Pakhi’s voice and demands to call Pakhi on daily basis. Aakash asks how Pakhi can come over every day. Dubbing is always conduction after the film is shot. The director says there exists a concept of live dubbing as well, else everyone has heard Natasha’s voice; they would need constant retakes with her. Kapadia tells Aakash to get Pakhi’s dates, Natasha is free already; they will shoot on the days Pakhi confirms. After he leaves, Aakash asks Natasha what she would do now.

Rimjhim lay in Baa’s feet. Baa asks Mosmi if she would do this regularly. Mosmi drags Rimjhim to stand up. Rimjhim reads a learned poetry verse for Baa in her praise. Mosmi tells Baa that Rimjhim is impressed by Baa and only wants to be like her. Rimjhim now comes to Janki, considering her as a mother. Mosmi corrects her and takes her to Mamta. Baa tells Mosmi to show Rimjhim her room. Mosmi requests Naksh to bring the luggage upstairs. Afterwards, Naksh and Pakhi laugh together about where Naksh brought this girl.

Naksh speaks to a friend on phone that he took an off from Baa for his birthday, he wish to win the photography competition. Pakhi comes to the kitchen and wish his luck. Naksh leaves. Ayi comes to Pakhi and asks how she did that, she sent Rs. 2000 to the Ashram though they only contribute Rs. 500 annually. Pakhi understands at once. She comes to Baa’s room, touch her feet and thanks her for the money. Baa takes the gratitude casually and tells Pakhi that a team from Pest Control is coming for inspection. She wants Pakhi and Naksh to help them. Pakhi asks Baa to let go of Naksh, she will manage the pest control team. Baa says she placed a fine over Pakhi for the mistake she committed yesterday, because a boss and an employee can never be friends. Likewise, Pakhi is also a boss and must take work from Naksh. Baa wasn’t ready to argue. Baa and Pakhi come to the room. Baa stays outside, while Pakhi comes inside to inquire why Naksh is leaving. Naksh says Pakhi’s boss is still his Baa. Before he could speak, Baa comes inside and says work is more important for him, and it was her own mistake that she didn’t take permission from his boss. Pakhi leaves, while Naksh was curt.

Pinky speaks to Ayi on phone. Ayi tells Pinky that she wish to keep Pinky with herself, but her landlords are highly disciplined people, and they live under much strictness. Natasha overheard the conversation and think about a plan.
Pakhi comes to Baa’s room. Baa was asleep. She was happy that her plan can now be easily accomplished. In the hall, Pakhi tells Naksh to go for purchasing. Naksh wasn’t ready and argues he would now do the pest control only. Krishan convinces Naksh that he can go to his competition. Naksh was excited. Pakhi makes Naksh change the clothes, while Krishan comes in Naksh’s clothes. Pakhi says they were lucky but Baa calls from behind, how they were lucky.

PRECAP: Baa and others gather outside Naksh’s room door. Krishan walked inside and doesn’t reply. Baa goes outside to call someone break the door. Pakhi spots Naksh stuck on the balcony, half hung. Pakhi thinks she must pack her luggage now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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